May 23

HMRM:  Stay calm…It’s the LAST DAY OF 6th GRADE!!!!!

ALL BLOCKS:  Sign yearbooks ….

HMWK:  You MUST do some of the following:  relax, sleep late, stay up late, eat cake or ice cream or both, dream of what you want to be when you grow up, do kind things for each of your family members whether they thank you or not, make a paper airplane and fly it and make another one to see what changes you can do to it to make it fly differently, try something new to eat that you have never had before, make a new friend or at least speak to someone in a group that you normally would not because you never had before, try to go a day without technology and reflect on how things have changed with technology, think about how 7th grade is going to be for you in life science – you are going to LOVE it…if you need help with it – the counselors know how to reach me:)  Love you guys and I will miss you:)  Reach your goals and remember:  one bad grade never breaks you; breathe; ask for help; there are people who love you and are there for you…BIG HUG!!  Mrs. Ruda    Pirates Rule…..Frogs, too!

May 22

HMRM:  No book bags…only pen/pencil and lunch in a sack or lunch money;  Tomorrow (Wed.) is your yearbook signing so if you did not purchase one, you can bring a t-shirt to sign (not wear while signing).

ALL Blocks:  science activity


May 21

HMRM:  Last full day of school this year:)  Get ready for the day…Bring only something to write with and if you are turning something in Tuesday. 

ALL Blocks:  final


May 18

HMRM:  Go Australia!  Last day for the Olympics!  Get ready for the day…

No WU.

ALL Blocks:  finish project and turn it in.  NO LATE PROJECTS ACCEPTED!

HMWK:  Bring IANs Monday and a #2 pencil for your final:)  It is a practice one for later on in school life:)

May 17

HMRM:  Let’s go, Australia!!!  Get ready for the day…

No WU.

ALL Blocks:  Last FULL day to work on A,B,C Book of Earth Science.

HMWK:  Project Book due by the middle of class on Friday –

No Late Projects will be accepted!; Final on Monday (bring #2 pencil on Monday)

May 16

HMRM:  Way to go Australia!  Get ready for the day…Clean out your lockers this morning in homeroom:)  Take everything out and it goes home:)

No WU:)

ALL Blocks:  continue working on your project; final on 5/21

HMWK:  work on your project (due Friday); final on 5/21

May 15

HMRM:  Australia!  Australia!  Way to go Australia!  Get ready for the day!

No WU!

All Blocks:  WU check today;  work on project which is due Friday; bring both IANs and colored pencils with a blue or black ink pen

HMWK:  study for final (5/21) by looking through your IANs; project due Friday at the end of class


May 14


HMRM:  Get ready for the day…Wear your Olympic t-shirt or dark blue shirt for Australia:)

No WU:)

All Blocks:  You need both IANs this week to complete your project:  ABCs of Earth Science as a review for the final 5/21;  you will need a blue or black ink pen and colored pencils as well.  (I will show you a few examples:))

HMWK:  project due Friday before you leave class; final 5/21.


May 11

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…Remember all of next week is Olympcis!  Go Australia!  Wear dark dark blue or your Olympic t-shirt every day!

WU:  Why do objects not hit Earth when flying in space?  In other words, if a meteor were coming into Earth’s atmosphere why does it not hit our land or water?

ALL Blocks:  finish ch. 21 notes and review all

HMWK:  Bring both IANS all next week; bring colored pencils and a blue or black pen all next week:)

Science Final 5/21

May 10

HMRM:  Australia left over sign up for events?  See Mrs. Forester…Get ready for the day…

WU:  21-2  Why are the inner planets called the Terrestrial Planets?

All Blocks:  Read the rest of chapter 21 (sections 3,4,5) and finish the notes (sections 3,4,5)

HMWK:  none; Final on 5/21; Bring your IANs to class all of next week as well as your colored pencils.