February 16

HMRM:  Fun Friday!…Get ready for the day…

WU:  p. 310  Describe the difference between a watershed and a divide.

SCIENCE STUDENTS:  We need empty, clean 2 liter soda bottles for an experiment.  Please bring them in when you return from break:)

Blocks 1,2,5: prequiz; water cycle discussion and notes

HMWK:  none

Blocks 3,4:  Ch. 13 test; read 11-1

HMWK:  none

February 15

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…

SCIENCE STUDENTS:  clean and empty 2 liter plastic bottles, antibacterial wipes, and bandaids needed:)  Thank you:)

WU:  p.309 What is percolation?

Blocks 1,2,5:  Ch. 13 test; read 11-1

HMWK:  none

Blocks 3,4:  kahoots; study partners

HMWK:  study for test

February 14

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…Happy Valentine’s Day:)

Science Classes:  We need some EMPTY (CLEAN) 2 Liter Plastic Bottles for an experiment.  Would you bring some?  Also:  antibacterial wipes and bandaids as we are out:)  Thank you!

WU:  p. 403 How can we prevent oil spills?

Blocks 1,2,5:  13-5 review; Kahoots; partner study

HMKW:  study for ch. 13 test

Blocks 3,4:  finish chapter review

HMWK:  study for test;  kahoots Thursday

February 13

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…

WU:  p. 400-401 Give 2 examples each of point source pollution and nonpoint source pollution.

Blocks 1,2,5:  13-4 sheet check; complete 13-5 sheet

HMWK:  study for ch.13 test for Thursday; bring device for Wed.’s kahoot:)

Blocks 3,4:  review ch. 13 notes

HMWK:  study notes and ocean floor drawing for test Friday; bring device for Thursday

February 12

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…

WU:  New Sheet – p.399 Why would wave energy be a good alternative energy resource?

Make up work is your responsibility when you miss class.  I will help you, but you have to do your part:)

Blocks 1,2,5:  13-4 review sheet; read 13-5; 13-5 notes

HMWK:  study notes and ocean drawing; test is Thursday

Blocks 3,4:  ch. 13 notes; filled in ocean drawing

HMWK:  study notes; read 13-3,4,5; Test is Friday


February 9

HMRM:  Froyo Friday; Get ready for the day…Student Teacher Volleyball Game during PE/Connections

WU:  p.389 and 392 Describe the difference between the Benthic environment and the Pelagic environment.

Blocks 1,2,5:  WU check; review 13-3 and vocabulary sheet; read 13-4; 13-4 notes

HMWK:  study notes; Ch. 13 test is next week

Blocks 3,4:  finish presentations; 13-1 and 13-2 review sheets HOLD; 13-1 notes; WU check

HMWK:  13-3 and 13-4 read

February 8

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…

WU:  p. 388 Explain the 3 groups of marine life.

Blocks 1,2,5:  complete 13-3 sheet and vocabulary sheet

HMWK:  study ocean labeling sheet as well as  finish classwork; WU check Friday

Blocks 3,4:  Complete 13-1 and 13-2 review sheets

HMWK:  finish classwork; WU check Friday

February 7

HMRM:  Spring Pictures today (Have your money:)  Get ready for the day…

WU: p.386-387 Explain the use of Alvin and Deep Flight; and Jason II and Medea.

Blocks 1,2,5: 13-2 review sheet check; read 13-3; 13-3 notes

HMWK:  study notes and quizlet; 

Blocks 3,4:  finish presentations; ch. 13-1 notes

HMWK:  study notes and quizlet

February 6

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…Spring Pictures on Wednesday (must bring money to have them taken)

Note:  If you are absent, please make certain you get the work you miss:)  You are responsible.  I will help, but you need to do your part as well:)

WU:  p. 384-385 How long is the longest mountain chain in the world?  What are the subdivisions of the continental margins?

Blocks 1,2,5:  finish labeling ocean floor; 13-2 review sheet; IAN check

HMWK: study notes and quizlet; WU check Friday

Blocks 3,4:  presentations; continue ch. 13

HMWK:  WU check Friday