April 10

HMRM:  Milestone Testing Day 1;  Get ready for the day (Blocks 1,2,3 only)

No WU today.

Blocks 1,3:  video

Block 2:  STEM Activity

HMWK:  Barometer and webquest due Wed. – turn in folder and your block on the counter in homeroom

April 9

HMRM:  Get ready for the week:)  Milestone Testing begins Tuesday and goes through Friday:)  This test is computerized this year:)

WU:  p. 462  How are weather patterns determined on Earth?

ALL Blocks:  finish notes on weather and fronts; read information on severe weather; video

HMWK:  webquest and barometer due on Wed.

March 30

HMRM:  Don’t forget to purchase your yearbook if you have not!!  Spring Break is all of next week:)  Get ready for the day:)

WU:  See Mrs. Ruda for today’s warm up question…

All Blocks:  3- webquest_wind_and_weather-2b749h3

HMWK:  Webquest due on Wednesday, April 11; Barometer due on the same day.  

NOTE:  You do not have to work on these during Spring Break.  They are due three days after we return from Spring Break:)  There is plenty of time and these are very easy:)

March 29

HMRM:  Get ready for the day…

WU:  p. 490-492  What is the difference between an air mass and a front?

ALL BLOCKS:  Video and video quiz.  (fronts and air masses)

HMWK:  study notes; finish quiz if not finished in class


March 28

HMRM:  Last day to purchase Olympic t-shirts $7; get ready for the day…

WU:  Why is weather considered a “system?”  (Definition of a system:  a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole, in particular.)

ALL Blocks:  pretest on weather; ppt on air masses (notes)

HMWK:  study notes

March 27

HMRM:  $7 Olympic T-shirts; Get ready for the day…

WU:  p.463  What causes mountain and valley breezes?

ALL Blocks:  quiz on global winds; pretest on weather; word find

HMWK:  none

March 26

HMRM:  $7 Olympic T-shirt Go Australia!  Get ready for the day…

WU:  p. 462 What causes land breezes?  sea breezes?

ALL Blocks:  15-3 review; Quiz.izz or Kahoot

HMWK:  study for quiz Tuesday

March 23

HMRM:  $7 Olympic t-shirts; Froyo!!; Get ready for the day…

WU:  p.461 Why were the doldrums and horse latitudes given their names?

ALL Blocks:  Discuss global winds sheet; Coriolis effect; ppt

HMWK:  study for Tuesday’s quiz; Quizizz.com number on board 🙂

https://join.quizizz.com     727104

March 22

HMRM:  Olympic t-shirts $7 – We are Australia!  Get ready for the day!

WU:  p. 461 Draw and label the Earth showing the wind belts and degrees latitude as well as the direction of wind they blow.

ALL Blocks:  doodle check; notes and video on global winds

HMWK:  finish global winds sheet; quiz Tuesday