August 8, 2018 Newsletter

August 9, 2018


Dear Parents:


We are now in full swing of the school year.  Please make sure that your child is completing ALL homework EVERY evening!  I check homework and incomplete assignments will cause clips to fall L  THIS INCLUDES HAVING CLASS NEWSLETTERS AND STUDY GUIDES SIGNED.  Look at the homework checklist so that you know what is due the following day. 


Your child has a sight word list in his/her Take Home Folder.  Your child should read this list to you each evening.  Reading these sight words quickly without thinking about them or sounding them out will free up your child’s brain to enable COMPREHENSION.  This list will change as your child masters each list. 


What are we doing in school? 


Math:  Place value; ones, tens, hundreds.   Skip Counting.

Writing: We have created our heart maps and are preparing to write some amazing personal narratives.

Reading:  We are learning about the habits of good readers.  A.R. should be up and running soon and then your child will be reading EVERY night and preparing to take AR tests

Science: matter

Language Arts/Phonics: nouns