Weather Related Updates!

I can’t believe we are on our THIRD day off in a row! Better safe than sorry, so I’m okay with it! Because of this, I have some updates below that will give you information as well as some online opportunities for students to keep us from getting too far behind. Please read!

Math- We are still testing on Thursday 1/25. It will be the only test that day since the S.S. test will be moved. With that in mind, here are some things to do at home to practice equivalent fractions and preview comparing fractions:

-Watch the videos on the math page

-Practice equivalent fractions on Khan Academy (assigned, and will count toward math HW) or IXL

-Participate in the Equivalent Fractions QuizIzz to see how you are doing, as well as for me to see how you are doing: Get there from our Sites We Use page and enter code 512109

Students can also work on the assigned math sections on Moby Max to review previous standards.

Social Studies: Westward Expansion Test will be moved to Friday 1/26. Look over your notes on the following topics: Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, War of 1812, Texas Independence and Mexican-American War. You can also read up on these topics, as well as The Oregon Trail, on the site on our Social Studies page. Study Guides will go home on Monday.

Grammar- Practice sites for punctuating dialogue can be found on on the ELA page. You can also take a QuizIzz to see how you are doing with this code: 645254

Don’t forget, we have a field trip on Monday! We also have P.E. so wear sneakers.

100th Day of School will be moved to Friday 1/26! Dress up as a 100-year-old the 26th instead of the 23rd!

Please e-mail me if you have any questions!!!

Weekly Update January 16th

Math- We are working on equivalent fractions and comparing fractions this week and next week. The test is scheduled for Thursday 1/25.

Reading- We are learning about elements of poetry this week (verse, stanza, rhyme scheme, etc.). Students should continue to work on their narrative book project at home.

Writing- We are finishing our final copies for the Animal and Ecosystems Book.

Grammar- Continuing to work on using quotations to punctuate dialogue.

Social Studies- Continuing our Westward Expansion unit. This week we will focus on the Oregon Trail, California Gold Rush, the Trail of Tears, and the Battle of Little Big Horn. Our Westward Expansion test is scheduled for Thursday 1/25.

***We have 2 tests scheduled for Thursday 1/25. Because Wednesday is our Target day, students will have the option to take one of the tests Wednesday morning before leaving for Target so that they do not have to take 2 tests in one day. Students will have the choice of 1 of the following scenarios:

S.S. test Wednesday 1/24, Math test Thursday 1/25

Math test Wednesday 1/24, S.S. test Thursday 1/25

Both tests Thursday 1/25

Update January 4th

Good Morning and Welcome Back! I was so happy to see everyone’s happy faces this morning as they returned to school. Hopefully having a 2 day week to start will help ease us in to the swing of things.

Special Announcements:

Our Atlanta Falcons have made it to the playoffs! Tomorrow 1/5 will be Falcons Friday. Students are encouraged to wear Falcons gear, if they have it, as well as the band we are sending home today. Tattoos will also be sent home for students to wear. Please put them on at home in the morning with your child. You may choose if they wear them on their face, hand, or arm.

More importantly though… THE GEORGIA BULLDOGS ARE IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!! Monday 1/8 will be Dawg/Tide Day at Timber Ridge. If you are a fan of either team, come decked out in your team’s gear! I will be in red and black!

I will be out Tuesday and Friday next week. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case you try to contact me.

This update will serve us through next Friday 1/12.

Math- This week we are starting our 10th unit of the year: Adding and Subtracting Fractions and Mixed Numbers. Please check out the math page for resources on this standard. The classwork grade will be Tuesday 1/9 and the test will be Friday 1/12. Homework will be due Friday 1/12, and students may start working on Dreambox or Khan Academy today.

Reading- This week we are working on point of view. Students will be able to identify and compare and contrast the different points of view in a story. Next week we will be working on primary and secondary sources with nonfiction reading. Students will be able to identify primary and secondary sources, as well as compare and contrast the two. Students received a 3rd nine weeks narrative book report project today. Please look at it with them. It is due March 8th.

Writing- We are revising and editing our Animal Informational Writings from the beginning of the school year. Once we have done this, students will write them on the forms for our classroom book. More information on that to come soon.

Grammar- Our next grammar standard is punctuating dialogue. This is a difficult standard for some students to grasp, so extra practice at home is encourage. Check out the ELA page for that information.

Social Studies- We are starting our Westward Expansion unit tomorrow. This includes topics such as the Louisiana Purchase, Lewis and Clark Expedition, War of 1812, Oregon Trail, Gold Rush, Trail of Tears, Battle at the Alamo, and Battle of Little Big Horn. The test for this unit is tentatively scheduled for Friday 1/19.

Weekly Update December 4th

Updated Calendar Below!

December Calendar-1n3bnj6

Math- Area and perimeter unit. Test is Friday 12/15

Reading- Wonder test is Thursday and vocab grade is Wednesday.

Writing- Opinion Writing

Grammar- Relative adverbs and pronouns

Science- Simple Machines and Force and Motion- There will not be a test for this unit. Students will be participating in experiments. They will have to identify which simple machine certain household items are on Tuesday.

Can’t wait to see those of you who are attending the Wonder viewing with us Wednesday afternoon at 4:15 pm!

Weekly Update November 27th

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving Break. There are only 18 (now 17) days until Winter Break. Can you believe it?! I have updated the calendar below.

November December Calendar-2ep2zng

Wonder viewing- It looks like the most students can attend on Wednesday December 6th! Put it on your calendar. More info to come!

Math- We are working on our Patterns unit this week. The test will be Friday, then we will start our Area and Perimeter unit.

Reading- We are finishing up Wonder within the next week. We are also reading informational texts on simple machines to introduce that science unit.

Writing- Opinion papers

Grammar- Relative adverbs and pronouns. Grade will not be until next week.

Science- We are working on our light and sound unit this week. There will not be a test, and  there will be an end of unit poster performance task in class.

Weekly Update November 13th


I just got back from the NAGC National Convention this weekend. It was amazing! I learned so many great strategies and lessons to use with our class and can’t wait to implement them in the classroom. Thank you to the Timber Ridge Foundation for providing this professional development opportunity for me!

One week until Thanksgiving Break! This is a busy week!

Math- Division unit will end on Friday with our test.

Reading- We are working through our Wonder unit. The kids are loving it so much they are reading ahead! The movie comes out this upcoming week, which is very exciting! If you can hold off on seeing it, I am trying to put together a class outing after school one day to see the movie, once we finish the book. More coming your way on that soon!

Writing- Working on our opinion piece.

Social Studies- We are finishing up our New Nation unit. Students will get their study guide tomorrow for the test on Wednesday 11/15.

November December Calendar-2eobncm

Weekly Update November 6th

We have a busy 2 weeks coming up. I have updated the calendar through 12/8. Please note all dates are tentative and subject to change. I will let you know ASAP if there is a date change.

November December Calendar-2enztyu

Math- We are starting our division unit this week. The test will be Friday November 17th. Check out the math page for specific standards and videos.

Reading- Our informational focus this week is text structures and how to identify them (chronological, cause/effect, problem/solution, description, and compare/contrast). We are also continuing our Wonder novel study.

Grammar- No new grammar standard until after Thanksgiving break. Review prepositions.

Writing- This week we are coming up with our thesis for our opinion unit.

Social Studies- New Nation unit. We are learning about how our government was created. The test for this is Wednesday 11/15.

Weekly Update October 30th


3 weeks until Thanksgiving Break… ahhh! Crazy! I have updated the calendar below:

October November Calendar-2fbogsk

Big things this week:

Tuesday- American Revolution Test

Thursday- Multiplication Test, 4th Grade Performance

Friday- Field Trip

***We are asking students to wear jeans and their 4th grade t-shirt for the performance on Thursday night. We are also asking them to wear the 4th grade t-shirt for the field trip Friday. They do not need to wear the shirt to school on Thursday since they are wearing it for the performance and Friday for the field trip.

What are we working on in class this week:

Math- Finishing up our multiplication unit with the test on Thursday 11/2. We will start our division unit on Friday 11/3.

Reading- Check out our Wonder schedule on the reading page. We will also be working on text structures in informational reading passages.

Grammar- Our preposition grade will be taken on Friday. They will need to be able to identify prepositions and prepositional phrases.

Writing- We are working on our opinion unit.

Social Studies- We take our American Revolution test on Tuesday. Please go over the study guide. We will start our New Nation unit next.

Weekly Update October 23rd

We are nearing the end of October already! Can you believe that?? These next 4 weeks until Thanksgiving Break are going to fly by! I have put together a calendar view of upcoming things to help keep everyone on track, myself included!

October November Calendar-2fbbqma

Math- Multi-digit multiplication and decimal multiplication. Check out the math page for the standards and info on the unit. The test will be Thursday November 2nd.

Reading- I love our Wonder novel study! Check out the reading page with the due dates for that unit. We will be reading articles related to Wonder to work on informational skills as well.

Grammar- We are starting our preposition unit this week.

Writing- We will be starting our opinion writing unit this week.

Social Studies- We are continuing our American Revolution unit. Check out the Social Studies page for some websites. The test for this unit will be Tuesday October 31st.

Weekly Update October 9th

Hope you are all staying dry on this rainy day. Here is what’s going on in our class this  week:

Math- Order of Operations test is Tuesday 10/10. Thursday we will start our 1st unit of the 2nd nine weeks with factors, multiples, prime, and composite numbers. Check out the math page later in the week for videos for that unit. Math homework is 30 minutes on Khan Academy or Dreambox by Friday 10/13.

Reading- We are working on synthesizing information from multiple sources this week. We are also starting our new novel study, Wonder. Check out the reading page later this week for an update on the schedule. This week will just focus on pre-reading activities.

Writing- We will be working on writing prompts and how to edit and revise effectively.

Social Studies- We are starting our American Revolution unit this week! I can’t wait for this unit. The test for this unit is tentatively scheduled for 10/31. More to come on that. There will be resources available on the social studies page.

Don’t forget, Thursday is an early release day. Students will be dismissed at 12:20 pm.

Please let me know if you have any questions!