Weekly Update October 23rd

We are nearing the end of October already! Can you believe that?? These next 4 weeks until Thanksgiving Break are going to fly by! I have put together a calendar view of upcoming things to help keep everyone on track, myself included!

October November Calendar-2fbbqma

Math- Multi-digit multiplication and decimal multiplication. Check out the math page for the standards and info on the unit. The test will be Thursday November 2nd.

Reading- I love our Wonder novel study! Check out the reading page with the due dates for that unit. We will be reading articles related to Wonder to work on informational skills as well.

Grammar- We are starting our preposition unit this week.

Writing- We will be starting our opinion writing unit this week.

Social Studies- We are continuing our American Revolution unit. Check out the Social Studies page for some websites. The test for this unit will be Tuesday October 31st.

Weekly Update October 9th

Hope you are all staying dry on this rainy day. Here is what’s going on in our class this  week:

Math- Order of Operations test is Tuesday 10/10. Thursday we will start our 1st unit of the 2nd nine weeks with factors, multiples, prime, and composite numbers. Check out the math page later in the week for videos for that unit. Math homework is 30 minutes on Khan Academy or Dreambox by Friday 10/13.

Reading- We are working on synthesizing information from multiple sources this week. We are also starting our new novel study, Wonder. Check out the reading page later this week for an update on the schedule. This week will just focus on pre-reading activities.

Writing- We will be working on writing prompts and how to edit and revise effectively.

Social Studies- We are starting our American Revolution unit this week! I can’t wait for this unit. The test for this unit is tentatively scheduled for 10/31. More to come on that. There will be resources available on the social studies page.

Don’t forget, Thursday is an early release day. Students will be dismissed at 12:20 pm.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Update October 1st

Can you believe it is October already?! I hope you all enjoyed your fall break, even though it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet! I am looking forward to meeting with parents during conference week in 2 weeks.

Thank you to everyone who sent in food for the 4th grade Potlatch before break! I think it was a success! Thank you to our room moms, Heather Prymak and Lara Francis, for being their to help set-up, serve, and clean-up.

The Maps in a Month are amazing!!! We are almost finished sharing them all and hanging them up!

We have Super Specials our first day back to school on Monday 10/2. Students need to wear their sneakers and bring recorders!

Math- Our final unit of the 1st nine weeks will focus on Order of Operations and expressions. The math page has been updated with the standards and videos that go along with the standards. Sections have been assigned on Khan Academy and Dreambox. Students may choose to work on one or the other for their homework. 30 minutes on at least one of the sites in one sitting by Friday morning! We will not have math on Monday 10/2 due to Super Specials. Keeping this in mind, you may want to either wait until Tuesday or later to start your math homework, or work on Dreambox instead of Khan Academy if you need to get your homework done before Tuesday afternoon. The test for this unit will be Tuesday 10/10.

Reading- We are working on The Sign of the Beaver projects in class this week as we also prepare to take a test on the book on Friday 10/6. We will review in class all week and students will receive a study guide. Our last vocab grade for this book will be on Wednesday 10/4. Students have the words highlighted or starred in their vocab spiral. Our next novel study is Wonder! I am asking that all students have a copy of that book in school by October 16th.

Grammar- This week we will be learning about progressive verb tenses (will be running, was running, is running, etc.). Students will get a reference page on Monday and will be working on practice sheets all week. A grammar grade will be taken on progressive verb tenses on Friday.

Writing- We are finishing up our animal informational pieces this week, if they are not already finished.

Social Studies- This week will be a quick unit on Colonies. Next week we start our big American Revolution unit! I love teaching this unit and am really looking forward to it.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Update September 18th

Math- This week students are working on a performance task. We will start our final math unit of the 1st nine weeks after the fall break. Math homework this week is 30 minutes on Dreambox instead of Khan Academy.

Reading- We finished up The Sign of the Beaver last week. This week we are creating a body biography on one of the characters from the book.

Writing- Students are working on their rough drafts, as well as editing and revising, of their animal informational piece.

Social Studies- Quick explorers unit! Students will be working on an in class project to learn about 6 explorers.

Friday is our Potlatch!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Updated Schedule Due to Weather Days

Wednesday 9/13- Target all day instead of half-day

Friday 9/15- Sign of the Beaver ch. 22-25 questions and vocab due, Addition and Subtraction Test, Math HW due, Fall Carnival

Tuesday 9/19- Sign on the Beaver Vocab Grade 2

Friday 9/22- Map in a Month due, Math HW due

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Update September 5th

Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend. I can’t believe it’s only 3 weeks until Fall Break. Here’s what we are working on this week:

Math- Addition and subtraction of multi-digit whole numbers and decimals. The test for this unit will be on Tuesday September 12th.

Reading- We are nearing the end of The Sign of the Beaver! Chapters 17 & 18 are due Thursday 9/7. We are also working on main idea and supporting details in our informational reading lessons.

Writing- Starting our rough draft of our animal writing this week.

Grammar- Homophones: words that sound the same, but are spelled differently and have different meanings.

Social Studies- We are finishing our geography unit with a group map assessment. Students need to know where all the physical features found in are standards can be found on a map. They have a study map in their binder.

Important Information:

Wednesday 9/6: Half-day Target. Students will not get picked up until around 11:00 am due to testing in other grade levels.

Thursday 9/7: Beaver chapters 17 & 18 due. Progress reports sent home in Thursday folders. I only need this signed and returned, if your child made a C or lower in any subject area.

Friday 9/8: Math HW due. Lounge Day- students are allowed to bring in a blanket and pillow OR stuffed animal to lounge on while we work on the floor. All materials must fit in your book bag with your binder and anything else you are bringing to school that day. The only thing you may carry is your lunchbox and water bottle. This is to prevent items from being too large. If blankets are larger than a beach towel, students will have to fold them to the appropriate size anyway to ensure we have enough room on the floor for everyone.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me!


There are many assignments/projects going on right now. I wanted to post the assignments in due date order to organize that information a little more!

Tuesday August 29th- Chapters 10, 11, 12 in Sign of the Beaver DUE                                                                            Unit 2 Math Test (Writing numbers in different forms,                                                                                        comparing, and rounding)

Thursday August 31st- Sign on the Beaver vocab grade

Friday September 1st- Chapters 14 and 15 in Sign of the Beaver DUE                                                                            Khan Academy 30 minutes DUE

Thursday September 7th- Chapters 17 and 18 in Sign of the Beaver DUE

Friday September 8th- Khan Academy 30 minutes DUE

****Students should be working on Map in a Month as often as possible at home. It is due September 22nd or earlier.

Weekly Update August 28th

I cannot believe we are starting our 5th week of school already! This week marks the halfway point for the 1st nine weeks. Next week you will get to see a progress report. However, if you already have access to ParentVue, you are one step ahead of the game and can see grades at any point during the school year! Please reach out if you need access and I will point you in the right direction.

Just a reminder that Wednesday is an Early Release Day and students will be dismissed at 12:20 pm. Our lunch time is 11:11 on these days.

Math: Tuesday will be our 2nd math test of the year. Then we will being our addition and subtraction unit. I will post the standards and videos for unit 3 before Thursday.

Reading: We are continuing with our Sign of the Beaver novel study and working on main idea in our informational unit. Thursday will be the first vocabulary grade of the year. Students have the words starred in their vocab spiral or on their vocab list.

Writing/Grammar: We are starting our first long writing piece with an informational paper. Students will research an animal to tie in with our Ecosystems unit we just finished.

Social Studies: We started our geography unit. Check out the social studies page for the standards and helpful sites.

Weekly Update August 21st

Happy Eclipse Day to all! We are really looking forward to a fun afternoon of learning about and experiencing the Solar Eclipse.

This Week:

Math- We are in our 2nd math unit. This unit focuses on writing different forms of numbers, comparing numbers, and rounding numbers. Please check out the math page for videos. The test is scheduled for Tuesday August 29th. Students should complete at least 30 minutes on Khan Academy by Friday August 25th.

Reading- We are working on our Sign of the Beaver novel study, as well as animal defenses informational unit.

Writing and Grammar- We are currently working on how to write complete sentences and form a paragraph. This will help us with our first informational writing piece coming up next week. Students should focus on providing appropriate punctuation at the end of sentences and capitalizing the first word of a sentence.

Science- We are finishing our Ecosystems unit this week with a test on Thursday August 24th.

Social Studies- After our Ecosystems test, we will begin our geography unit.

Weekly Update August 14th

The Eclipse Glasses have arrived!!! We are good to go for the Eclipse next week. Be sure to turn in your permission form if you would like to allow your child outside during the Eclipse. Again, if you are not going to be present on August 21st, or are planning to leave early, please e-mail me and let me know as soon as possible!

4th grade t-shirt order forms are due by Friday!

Picture Day is Thursday August 17th. Our pictures are scheduled for 11:35 am, which is after recess. Thankfully we are on the blacktop that day, so they shouldn’t get too dirty!

Students need to have recorders at school with them on Wednesday! They will need them every day we have music for specials.

Let’s see what is going on in class this week…

Math- We are finishing Unit 1 with our test on Tuesday. Thursday we start unit 2. Check the math page on Tuesday for our upcoming standards. Students need to complete 30 minutes on Khan Academy by Friday. You must connect to our class so that I can see your work and progress!

Reading- The Sign of the Beaver novel study is our focus through September. Be sure to check the reading page for a schedule of chapters that need to be completed for homework. We are reading about animal defense mechanisms to work on inferences and main idea this week.

Writing/Grammar- How to write a paragraph. Focus will be on complete sentences, indenting, topic sentences, relevant details, transitions, and closing sentences.

Science- We are continuing our ecosystems unit. The test is scheduled for August 24th. A study guide will go home later this week.