Weekly Update August 20th

The month is just flying by! I feel like we’re starting to settle into our routines.

4th Grade t-shirt order forms were due Friday 8/17, however I am going to extend that deadline. If your child would still like to order a shirt, feel free to send the form and $8 in with them next week by Wednesday 8/22. If you need a new form, please e-mail me to let me know and I will send one home with your student!

Picture Day is Tuesday August 21st. Our time is at 11:59 am. Because of this, we will move our recess to later in the afternoon so students aren’t too sweaty in their picture!

Here’s what’s coming up this week:

Science- We are finishing our Ecosystems unit this week. The test will be Thursday August 23rd. There are websites on the science page of my blog. Students also have a notes page in their binder and are welcome to take home their science book to review. There is a review “test” in their book at the end of the chapter that they can do to help them study. We will be going over this review on Thursday right before we take the test, too!

Math- We are starting our 2nd unit, comparing, writing, and rounding numbers. The math page has updated standards and videos. I will not be assigning Khan Academy assignments until Monday, so students should not do their homework over the weekend. Reminder, it is 30 minutes a week in one sitting. The unit 2 math test is tentatively scheduled for Friday August 31st.

Reading- We started our Sign of the Beaver novel study this week! Please check out the reading page for the schedule. Students also have the schedule in their Literary Reading folder. Chapters 1-5 are due Wednesday 8/22. We will also be working on inferences and main idea with informational texts.

Grammar- We are focusing on complete sentences, as well as recognizing and fixing run-ons and fragments.

Writing- We are working on how to form paragraphs correctly in our writing.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Update August 13th

I love seeing parents at Open House last night! Here is the presentation if you would like to look over it again:

Open House Presentation

Students will need recorders for music next week. Group C has music Monday and group D has music Tuesday.

T-shirt order forms are due next Friday.

Let’s see what we are working on in class this week:

Science– We are continuing our ecosystems unit. This week students will learn about decomposers, producers, and consumers, as well as food chains and food webs. The test date has been changed to Thursday August 23rd.

Math– We are finishing unit 1 this week. Students have learned about place value for numbers, including decimals up to thousandths. Students should understand how to multiply and divide by 10, 100, 1000. Students are also working on multiplying by 10 to a certain power (exponents). The test for unit 1 is Friday August 17th. 30 minutes on Khan Academy is due Friday 8/17 as well.

Reading– We will start our novel study unit, Sign of the Beaver, this week. Please see the schedule for homework.

Grammar and Writing– Students will be working on how to write complete sentences. They will be graded on parts of speech on Thursday August 16th.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

Weekly Update August 6th

Happy Friday! I can’t believe school has begun. I enjoyed getting to know all of my students this week! While we focused on procedures and getting to know you activities this week, next week is when we dive into learning. Here’s what’s to come:

Science- We are starting our ecosystems unit next week. We will be focusing on what ecosystems, populations, communities, and habitats are and how they are affected from organism and environmental interference. Check out the science page for standards and websites. The tentative date for the unit test is Wednesday August 22nd.

Math- Unit 1 for math is place value. Please check out the math page for the standards and videos on Khan Academy that help explain the concepts. Students will need to work on Khan Academy lessons for 30 minutes a week as their homework. All math homework is due by Friday and the 30 minutes must be completed in one sitting. Students will receive their logins on Monday. The test date is tentatively set for Friday August 17th.

Reading- This week we will be working on theme, main idea, summaries, character traits, inferences, and using text evidence to answer questions. Our Sign of the Beaver novel study will begin next week. I will provide a copy of the book to each student to borrow. We are also taking our RI on Thursday of this week.

Grammar- Our focus will be on parts of speech and complete sentence review.

Writing- We will focus on writing prompt expectations, as well as practicing.

If you have not already filled out the online student information form, please do so ASAP. The link can be found in the previous post.

I can’t wait to see all parents at Open House on Thursday August 9th at 6:30 pm! Please always feel free to email me with questions.

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Welcome back to school! I am so excited to be your teacher this year. It is going to be an exciting year with some advanced content happening in our classroom.

Go ahead and check out the blog to know what some of the first things we will be working on are. Can’t wait to meet all of you at Meet & Greet!

Parents, this year’s beginning of the year informational form can be found online. Feel free to fill it out before Meet & Greet!

Student Information Form