2017-2018 School Year


1st Vocational Training

  • PAES Lab with Ms. Rossi
  • Coffee Cafe with Ms. Poteet

**Friday we cook in PAES lab**

Homerooms (Monday/Tuesday/Friday)

  • students go out to individual homerooms

Hoya Block (Wednesday/Thursday)

  • Future teachers with Ms. Garcia and Ms. Rossi
  • Adaptive PE with Coach Fiacco and Coach Petersen

2nd: Social Studies/Science with Ms. Poteet

  • with Ms. Poteet’s class

Lunch- A block

  • with Ms. Garcia’s class

3rd: Math/ELA

*Tuesdays we have speech with Mr. Greco

  • N2Y
  • individual goals/objectives

4th: Adaptive PE

*Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Students may bring a water bottle

  • with Ms. Garcia’s class


  • Coach Black comes Tuesday/Thursday






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