September 18-22

What a beautiful weekend!

Our learning focus: 

Reading- This week we will be back to our guided reading and language arts centers.  Please remind your children to read their library books during the week and take AR test on or before Friday. Many children are reading books Friday morning and taking their test.  They are to read during the week and try and have the test taken by Friday. Thanks for your help!!!

Spelling/Phonics: The lesson on long o diagraphs will be introduced on Monday and the words and homework will come home.  The children will have a test on Friday.

Grammar: Collective Nouns

Written Expression– Narrative writing about an adventure with a friend will be completed this week.

Math: Strategies will be completed and we will move into money. The focus is on pennies, nickels, and dimes but we will also touch on quarters.

Social Studies: On Monday, we will complete our study guide on government and send it home. The class will have a test on Wednesday. On Thursday. The children will work in groups to create their own country with rules and laws.

What else is going on?

  • Blast Off is due Friday.
  • 2 AR quizzes should be taken by Friday.
  • Our schedule will remain this way through Tuesday with lunch being 11:30-12:00 and specials 1:20-1:40.
  • Thank you to Ari’s parents for inviting the police officers to the class to talk about rules and laws.
  • Conference letters go out after fall break for the week of October 16. If you know a time that you would like please let me know ASAP.


I hope everyone stayed safe during our encounter with Irma!!

Our learning focus: 

Reading- We will continue to work with our book It’s Justin Time, Amber Brown.   We will discuss the story elements, vocabulary, and asking questions, along with character responses to problems.

Spelling/Phonics: We will not have spelling this week however we will talk about our vowel diagraphs for next with the long sound of o.

Grammar: This week we will introduce collective nouns.  These are deck of cards, heard of cows, flock of birds, etc.

Written Expression– Narrative writing about an adventure with a friend.

Math: We will review our strategies to learn our basic addition and subtraction facts; counting on, doubles and doubles plus one; fact families; making ten. Keep practicing basic facts on Mobymax and using flash cards.

Social Studies: Who are and what does the Mayor, Governor, and President do?

What else is going on?

  • Blast Off is due Friday.
  • Our lunch will be 11:30-12:00 and specials 1:20-1:40 for the remainder of this week. I’m not sure about next week.
  • Thank you for sending in dry erase markers!!!!!
  • Don’t forget AR books!!!

September 5-8

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend!!!!

Our learning focus:

Reading- This week our shared reading is It’s Justin Time, Amber Brown. It’s a book about a birthday and friendship.  We will discuss the story elements, vocabulary, and asking questions.

Each child in second grade is required to read and take 2 AR test each week. Please help you child remember to do this and not wait until Friday to complete this assignment.  The children had time to read each morning before school and time during the school day. More than half the class waited until Friday to take their test. This week let’s take at least one test by Thursday.

Spelling/Phonics: This week we will focus on long a words.  The spelling words will come home Tuesday. Spelling homework will be Wednesday night. Please study these words with your child.  We will have a test on Friday.

Grammar: Irregular plural nouns

Written Expression-This week, we will write a story about our about an experience with their best friend.

Math: The children are skip counting, renaming numbers, and more practice with basic facts. It is so important that the children learn their basic facts.  Don’t forget about MobyMax to help with practicing their facts. Fact Fluency is the program they need to use for practice.

Social Studies This week we will discuss rules and laws.  We will begin learning about the duties of the President, Governor, and Mayor.

What else is going on?

  • Blast Off will be completed in class this week.
  • We will have Guidance on Thursday.
  • Our schedule will change on Wednesday, 9/6 to 9/15. Our lunch will be 11:30-12:00 and specials 1:20-1:40.
  • Parents-please send in dry erase markers. We use these marks all the time during math time. The children lose them and they dry out.  Thank you!!!