October 30-November 3

What happened to fall!!! Bring your coats because we will go outside tomorrow.

Our learning focus:          

Reading- This week we will continue focus on Author’s Point of View and Details.  In guided reading we will read about the Creek and Cherokee Indians. Please help your children remember to read their AR books and take their test. They have to have a 70% comprehension or higher to pass.  Many children are quickly reading a book and taking a test without comprehending it.  They end up making a low comprehension grade which effects their total comprehension score.

Social Studies- We will read about the Creek and Cherokee Indians and compare their lives to Georgians today. They will be tested on Friday.

Spelling/Phonics: Contractions. The words and homework will come home on Monday.

Grammar: Contractions

Math– This week we will learn 2 digit subtraction with regrouping.  We will also start working on word problems this 2 digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping.


What else is going on?

  • Blast Off was sent home on Friday and is due this Friday. Don’t forget to use MobyMax-Fact Fluency as a way of practice.
  • The STEM Lab is looking for empty cereal boxes (please remove the bag and any crumbs inside). There will be a basket outside the STEM Lab for the boxes. We will be using them later this year for some designing challenges. Thank you ~ Ms. Marchelle.
  • Science lab on Thursday.
  • Library on Wednesday.

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