November 6-10

Don’t forget we do not have school on Tuesday.

As a class, we are working on following direction.  Our class has had problems in their enrichment classes, Science Lab, and during Library lessons following directions from other teachers. Please encourage your children to respect all teachers and follow their directions so they are able to enjoy and learn from other classes.

Our learning focus:          

Reading/Social Studies- This week we will read and learn about Sequoyah. He was a Cherokee Indian who lived in Georgia and created the Cherokee alphabet. The children will still be responsible for reading 2 AR books this week.

Spelling/Phonics: We will not have spelling this week because of the short week.

Grammar: Pronouns

Math– We will continue to practice addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, Measurement will be introduced.

We have 3 birthdays in November: Sophia, Emally, and Carter. Happy Birthday!!!

 What else is going on?

  • Blast Off was sent home on Friday and is due this Friday. Don’t forget to use MobyMax-Fact Fluency as a way of practice.
  • Library on Wednesday and we will have a lesson on Thursday.

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