Happy New Year

Happy New Year Parents of Ms Rownd’s Class! We are off to a great start. Here are somethings you should know over the next 2 weeks.

1/11 Cinderella performance at Pitner. Please wear Class Purple Shirt
1/15 Tellus Science Museum (away Field trip) Please pack a lunch in a disposable bag or plan on buying a school bagged lunch for that day to take with us. WEAR COATS as we will be eating outside. Also, wear class purple shirts.
*Theme, Plot, Setting
*Comparing Text for similarities and differences
*Quotation Marks in dialogue
*Verbs: Present, Past, future

*Opinion writing
*Organization of a writing piece
*Transition words and signal words to be more detailed
*Conventions: Capitals, punctuation, sentence structure, spelling of common words……

*Fractions: identify
*Comparing fractions
*practice and review of multiplication/division fact fluency

Science/Social Studies:
*Ga Regions
*Habitats in Ga Regions
As usual, I will update as needed over the next 2 weeks. Thank you for ALL my wonderful Christmas presents. I am still in the process of writing thank you notes. I loved everything and thank you for thinking of me during the holidays. I felt so cared about!!!!!!

Welcome Back

Welcome back parents and students! I hope you all had a restful Thanksgiving. I truly enjoyed the time with my family. We have 20 class days left ’til December break. Lets make every moment count. Remember to read daily, do homework and STAY ON YOUR BEDTIME SCHEDULE! Most importantly…. come to school! Thank you.

My Thanksgiving picture of my family! LOL

Things to know:
12/7 Dinner with Santa: 5pm-8pm (Please send in your $5 cash donation to help fill our class fundraiser basket that will be raffled off during the dinner)
12/20 and 12/21: EARLY DISMISSAL
12/24: Break begins….NO SCHOOL until 2019

PS: I am sorry to say I had a phone malfunction over the break and ALL my pie day pictures were deleted. I am so sorry they will not be posted to the blog. 😞

*Subjects and predicates
*Answering comprehension questions using the RACE strategy
*Identifying details, main idea, and inferencing when reading
*Continue writing informational pieces to include definitions, details and organizing our writing pieces to have paragraphs with related details in each
*Revising and editing writing (looking for capitals, punctuation and correct grammar)

*Division and strategies to solve
*Fact Families
*Multiplication and division word problems
*Multiplication fact fluency
*2 step word problem with in 1,000

Social Studies:
*Native American Regions
*How location effects NA way of living


Thank you for your continuous support! Have a great 2 weeks.




Parents of Ms Rownd’s Class:
Here is your E-News. Thank you for coming to Parent Teacher Conferences last week. It was a pleasure to talk to you about your wonderful child. This E-News will cover the next 2 weeks.

Friday: WEAR YOUR PURPLE SHIRT for our assembly this Friday.
Book Fair: Next week at Pitner. This is a great fundraiser for our library. Please make time to shop.
October 31st: No Costumes please. It will be a day full of fun learning lessons but please leave the CANDY at home unless you are planning on DONATING it to my treat box. All donations welcome after Halloween!!!!
November 6th: NO SCHOOL for STUDENTS (teacher training day)

Language Arts:
*Reading: Finding text evidence, citing text, text features and main idea
*Grammar: Verbs (linking verbs, verb tenses, and irregular verbs)
*Writing: Informational and explanatory text (planning, organizing, creating categories in our text, citing text and revising and editing)

*Multiplication and division strategies and fact fluency
*Word problems with multiplication and division
*Factors and number patterns

*Erosion and weathering of rocks and soil




Hi Parents:
Here is some updates you should know:

****FRIDAY: CAPE DAY for a $1 BE A HERO!
Wear your cape to school on Friday for $1. The money will be donated to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

****RED RIBBON WEEK: Next week
All students and staff will receive a red ribbon to wear all week.
K-2nd grade students will also receive a special pencil with the theme.
3rd – 5th grade students will receive a bracelet with the theme.

Spirit Days
Monday-Red-y to Live a Drug Free Life/ Wear Red
Tuesday-We Can Live Drug Free & Peace Out to Bullying/ Can Good Drive & Wear Tie dye Shirts
Wednesday- Team Up Against Bullying and Drugs/ Wear your Favorite Team Shirt
Thursday- Hats Off to Being Bully & Drug Free/ Wear Favorite or Crazy Hat
Friday- Show your Pride Bully & Drug Free/ Wear Pitner Shirt

Proud Teacher Alert

12 of my 21 students entered the PTSA Reflections contest. We had three winners in our classroom. First place went to Leah in literature, second place went to Maleya in literature, and Kelsey came in third place also in literature. Way to go students for all your hard work. I am so very proud of each and everyone of you.