Please visit this in preparation for the Milestone coming up in a couple weeks! Continue to work on IXL math website too. We have solved over 20,000 questions. Keep up the good work.

Milestone website:

Pitner has added a Milestone page on the website for parents and students. I attached a link to the page below.


News you want to know

Greeting Parents:
We are on the countdown to spring break. Two more wake ups before we have a week off to refuel to make it to the end of the year. REMEMBER: SLEEP, EATING HEALTHY and ATTENDING school is VERY important to push through the rest of the year. Please help me make the rest of the year a success by following those reminders. Thank you.

3/28 Pitner Art Show at Pitner (Your child’s frame art is for sale during this time, come support us)
4/16, 4/17 and 4/18 Milestone Testing: Language Arts
4/24-4/25 Milestone Testing: Math
4/25 Science Fair Projects are due at Pitner (No projects will be accepted LATE)

Language Arts
• Comparing and contrasting like text
• Character traits
• Beginning, Middle, End
• Main idea
• Finding text evidence
• Review parts of speech
• Sentence structure
• Prefixes/Suffix
• All genre from this year: Narrative, Informational, opinion/persuasive
• Mechanics: capitals, punctuation, spelling, verb tenses….

• Multiplication and division fluency
• Geometry: attributes of shapes
• Measurement: Perimeter of shapes, volume,
• 2 step word problems

Social Studies
• Finishing up economics
• Begin Colonial America

Thank you for your continuous support! Have a great Spring Break.


Welcome to March Parents:

WE are on the countdown to wrapping up the year, testing, and fun end of the year activities. Stay tuned for updates and notices. As always, it is very important that our children are staying on schedule and getting lots of sleep.


This weekend: Spring forward in time Saturday night.

3/13: Early Release Day, dismissal at 12:15



Language Arts:

  • Understanding details and inferencing (we will be using RACE strategy to answer comprehension questions about reading)
  • Character Traits
  • Opinion writing and review the different types of writing (Narratives, Informational, and opinion/persuasive)
  • Mechanics of writing
  • Continue figurative language
  • Grammar review (parts of speech)


  • 2 step word problems
  • Perimeter
  • Multiplication fluency
  • Telling time to the minute
  • please continue to practice math skills at home on this program

Social Studies:

  • Map skills
  • Economics (human and natural resources)

Thank you always for your continuous support and have a great 2 weeks. I will send updates information to parents as I know about it.




News from Ms Rownd

Welcome back! I hope everyone had a great break. Five weeks to Spring Break. We have a lot to cover in 5 weeks. Please make sure we are getting plenty of rest and eating well to stay healthy. School attendance is VERY important. Thank you.
Welcome our new student Ellis

• Context Clues to support comprehension
• Inferencing
• Continue Plot, theme, and setting
• Using Comparative and Superlative Adverbs and adjectives
• Literal and nonliteral language

• Opinion writing
• Comparing text while expressing our opinion and using text evidence to support our opinion
• Mechanics: paragraphs, punctuation, capitalization, complete sentence and thoughts

• Multiplication Fact Fluency
• Finishing comparing equivalent fractions
• Measurement: inches, centimeters

Social Studies:
• European explorers
Thank you and have a great two weeks.