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Week of 8/27-9/1


Well, we’ve made it through the first 3 weeks of school.  The grades have been updated and will continue to be updated each week.  Please remember that every other week, we will have a spelling test and the students are expected to complete 8 spelling activities during the two week period they have the spelling words.  There were very few students that completed all 8 activities this past week.  I promise, if your child is completing all 8 activities, they will do much better on the spelling test.  The spelling words for this week can be found below in last week’s blog entry.  If you need another copy of the spelling contract (aka activities), please email me and I’ll be glad to send another copy home with your child.

We have a busy week ahead, so please be sure to continue reading all the way through this blog entry to stay abreast of what we are covering.

Math – we are going to begin working on addition/subtraction of larger numbers.  I realize this seems to be a menial task, but you would be surprised how many students still have difficulty with the regrouping in addition and subtraction.  We will be talking about various ways we can add and subtract.  The students will be able to choose their favorite strategy.  The important thing is that the students learn how to add and subtract, not that they follow a set formula to get the same answer as everyone else.  I will be putting some videos on the math page that you are welcome to watch to see what we’re doing in class.

Writing – we are still working on writing a narrative.  A narrative is just basically a story.  We started out by writing personal narratives (small moment stories about them) and then we will be moving into writing realistic fiction/fictional stories.  This week, our focus will be creating a story mountain, where the students are focusing on the story plot.  Please be sure to ask your students about the story mountain activity.  We will then go from plotting our story to actually writing our story.

Science – we are finishing up our unit on water and the water cycle.  We will be reviewing for our upcoming test this week.  A study guide was sent home on Friday.  Our test will be on Friday, 9/1.  If your child didn’t get his/her study guide home, you can download another copy here.  

Language Arts – we will be focusing on a mentor sentence from Patricia Polacco’s book, When Lightning Comes in a Jar.  This week’s focus will be using vivid verbs.  This will be helpful when we begin to write our stories.  The students will be expected  to add vivid verbs into their writing, once we talk about vivid verbs through our mentor sentences.

Reading – we are continuing our unit on Analyzing Characters – we are reading The Tiger Rising by Katie DiCamillo to analyze the main characters, Rob and Sistine.  Each day, after we analyze them as characters, the students are working on their independent reading and analyzing the characters in their independent reading books.  Please encourage your  students to choose “just right” books and actually read.  The best way for students to improve their reading is to read and understand their reading daily.  When your students are reading at home, please ask them questions regarding what their reading.  I know it’s difficult to read everything they read, but if you could ask them basic questions such as 1) who are the main characters, 2) what is the setting of the chapter(s) you’re reading, and 3) how have the characters changed through their story.

Important Events for this week:

Wednesday – Early Release – dismissal at 12:15
Friday – Science test on Water/Water Cycle and Spelling Test
Thursday, 9/7 – Class T-shirt orders and money are due.  Need a form?  You can download another form right here.  T-shirt_order_form-1ndxdey

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at any time.  I have enjoyed getting to know your students and looking forward to working with them the rest of this year!


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