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Week of 9/4-9/8/17


I hope everyone had a great three-day weekend.  I know I enjoyed mine.  I loved being able to spend time with the family and just hang out.  Well, it was fun while it lasted.  It’s time to get back down to business.  Below, you will find information regarding our upcoming  week.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]

Math – we will be focusing on subtracting with larger numbers with and without regrouping.  This is always a daunting task for the students, but hopefully we’ll make it through.  Please encourage your students to show how they are regrouping in their problems.  We will go step by step and hopefully, it won’t be such a daunting task for them and it will actually begin to make sense.  We will be actually regrouping from each of the places, so that they see how when you regroup a ten, you are actually regrouping ten (10) ones, rather than just regrouping a “1” and making the number one less.  Boy, I wish I had learned to regroup the way I teach it now.  It would have made so much more sense.  Oh well, hopefully this will help.

Writing – we are continuing our unit on Realistic fiction.  This week, we will be talking about good leads, and stepping into the story as an actor who is playing in the “movie” of our writing.  The students have made great progress with their realistic fiction.  I’ve enjoyed reading some of their stories and look forward to reading many more.

Spelling/Grammar – we are working with personification this week – this means that you are giving inanimate objects personal characteristics – such as, but not limited to:  The chair just kicked me.  The chair has legs, but it’s not able to kick anything.  That would be personification.  Also, the students received their new spelling list.  I’m attaching it here, in case they don’t bring their list home.  Also, on the Spelling page, on the right hand side of this blog, you can find the activities for the Spelling Contract that I sent home the first week of spelling.  I’ve been very disappointed in the number of spelling homework that is being turned in each week.  We don’t have homework, other than the spelling contract and it’s only due the second Friday.  I think in the last 4 weeks, I’ve only had a handful of students turn in all 8 assignments.  I don’t think one small spelling activity each night is too much to ask.  If it’s easier to do the spelling activity one night and turn it in the next day, then please do so.  

Social Studies – we are moving in to Social Studies this week.  This week, we will be focusing on some economic terms to help prepare us for Entrepreneur Day, which is coming up on 9/22.  Along with the economic terms and activities, we will be working on some map skills.  We will have a test on our map skills next Friday, (9/15).  I’ll be sending home the study guide for the map skills test tomorrow (Tuesday), but you can also download it here, in case your student doesn’t bring it home. 

Reading – we are going to begin focusing our attention on Poetry, Drama, and Prose beginning this week.  We will start reading a new book called Love that Dog.  It’s a great little book about a young boy who doesn’t like poetry, but then comes to love poetry.  I’m looking forward to using some new strategies to get the students interested in reading poetry, as well as getting to know the major difference between poetry, drama (plays), and prose (typical reading/text).

Important Upcoming Dates:

Wednesday, 9/6/17 – 4 1/2 Week Progress Reports come home – Please sign and return them on Thursday.
Thursday, 9/7/17 – Class T-shirt order forms and money due & Second set of Entrepreneur worksheets due

Friday, 9/15/17 – Test on Map Skills – See above for copy of study guide.

Thursday, 9/21/17 – Ticket sales for Entrepreneur Day – $1.00/ticket or $5.00/6 tickets
Friday, 8/22/17 – Entrepreneur Day – projects due by 8:00 a.m.

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