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Updates (9/6/17) & Challenge


Good afternoon!  I just wanted to send a quick update about our progress and tell you about a challenge we’ve been offered.  Progress reports, unfortunately didn’t make it home today.  I worked tirelessly with Mrs. Bristow, one of our Assistant Principals, and we couldn’t figure out how to make it print correctly.  Finally, after school, we were able to make an adjustment and make it print, so progress reports will be coming home tomorrow in your child’s graded paper folder.  I realize this is a different day than our normal Friday delivery, but I thought if I was going to send progress reports, I might as well send folders as well.  Please be sure to check your students folder tomorrow night and sign/return their folders on Friday.

I have noticed that many students have not completed the expected pages for our Entrepreneur Day, which is coming up on 9/22.  We had a paper that should have been completed and turned in on Friday, 9/1 that is below.  If your child hasn’t completed this form and returned it, because they “can’t find it” or  they “weren’t given one,” please feel free to download another copy here. 

.  We also have two papers due tomorrow (9/7) that some students have completed and returned, but a majority of the students have not.  In case your child “can’t find it” or “wasn’t given one”, please feel free to download another copy here. 

Now, on to the fun part – The challenge – Ms. Stanley has provided us with a chance to read a new, exciting book called Mayday by Karen Harrington.  I will be reading this to the class once we finish Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper.  While we’re reading this exciting story, Ms. Stanley has challenged us to complete the following tasks listed below by Friday, 11/3/17.  She mentioned that there are numerous rewards in the end, but wouldn’t tell us what those rewards would be, but that we didn’t want to miss it.  I’m always up for a challenge, so I’m going to list the tasks below.  Since we don’t have “homework” each night other than to read for 30 minutes, I’m hoping that some brave soul will help with the challenge and do some research for us either at home or at school in our free time.  Below, you will find the tasks.  Please let me know if I can help in any way.

  1. How many soldiers are buried in Arlington National Cemetery, and what are the requirements for a solider to be buried there?
  2. Where did the land come from that we know as Arlington National Cemetery?
  3. Why are flags folded into a triangle with the stars on top?
  4. If something happens to a flag that is given to a family, can it be replaced?
  5. Why did Wayne’s mom unbuckle her seat belt when the plane was going down?
  6. Why is Wayne’s grandfather so hard on him?
  7. Wayne’s grandfather gave him a piece of advice, “Before you go taking the bull by the horns, make sure it’s your bull.”  What did he mean?
  8. Why did Wayne study facts, and how did this affect him when he could not speak?
  9. What was the “Find the Flag” project?
  10. What does the phrase, “there’s an elephant in the room” mean, and what was the “elephant” in Mayday?

Bonus:  Discover as much as you can about a solider that is buried in Arlington National Cemetery and give a report about their life.  What contributions did they make to our United States history?  How can they best be remembered?

What can you do as a class to honor the veterans on Veteran’s Day?

What is the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, and how do we honor them?

As you work on these tasks, remember to write them down, so that I can take them and pass them along to Ms. Stanley.  I’m looking forward to some kind of party!?!   Be sure to help us out!  I would love for us all to participate!  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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