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Week of 9/11-9/15


I hope everyone has been safe and sound from the weather this weekend.  I’m so glad it wasn’t as bad for us as many people thought it was going to be.  Due to school closures, we will have a very busy week the rest of the week.  Here’s what we have on our agenda for the week.

Math – we will continue working on addition and begin subtraction.  We will start off tomorrow with the properties of addition and move into subtracting fluently.  The addition properties that we will be discussing tomorrow include the property of zero – meaning anything you add to zero, equals that number; commutative property – meaning it doesn’t matter which addend you add first, you will still get the same number; and finally associative property – meaning when you have three numbers that you are adding with parenthesis, the addends in the parenthesis must be added first, but the addends don’t matter what is in the parenthesis – example:  (567+932) + 321 = 567 + (932+321).

Writing – We are continuing to work on our realistic fiction stories by revising and editing, hoping to get them completed very soon.  This week, we are working on writing a good lead to get the reader into the story and working on a good ending to get away from saying ‘The End” and making sure that the struggle is resolved.

Social Studies – We will begin our unit on Native Americans.  With this unit, we will be talking about the various locations where you would find these tribes and how their areas helped them to survive (Pacific Northwest (Kwakitutl), Artic (Inuit), The Great Plains (Nez Perce/Pawnee), The Atlantic Coastal Plains (Seminole), and the Southwest (Hopi).

Spelling – We will be working on the list that we received last week.  We will have our test on Friday for the list that was sent home last Monday.  Please remember that spelling homework is due on Friday.  There was a new contract that went home last week as well.

Reading – we will be working on the differences between poetry, prose, and dramas.  We are reading a novel called Love that Dog by Sharon Creech.  The students are reading along with me in a copy of their book and then, they are going to be summarizing what they read and providing evidence from the text.

Upcoming events:

Wednesday afternoon, Sept. 13 – I will be out due to dentist appointments, so please encourage your students to be on their very best behavior.
Thursday, Sept. 14 – we will have guidance with Ms. Perry
Friday, Sept. 15 – we will have our map skills test – Study guide was sent home with students last week, and can be found on last week’s blog. 
Thursday, Sept. 21 – Entrepreneur Day ticket sales – $1.00 per ticket/6 tickets for $5.00.
Friday, Sept. 22 – Entrepreneur Day – please plan on having your items ready to sell!

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