Week of 10/2-10/6/17

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It’s so hard to believe that it’s already October!  This year is flying by!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break and was able to get some rest and relaxation and is ready to hit the ground running.  This is the last week of the quarter.  The end of the quarter is Friday, 10/6 with report cards coming home the week of conferences.  Please be sure to check your child’s folder on Monday for your scheduled conference day and time.  I’ll be holding conferences late on Monday and Tuesday, October 15th and 16th.  Now, on to what we have on our agenda for this week.

Math – we will begin our unit on subtracting larger numbers.  We will start our week with using the laptops to work on Conceptuamath.  Hopefully, after the conceptual views of working with subtraction, the students will have a better understanding.  Please help your student with realizing when they regroup from the tens, hundreds, thousands, ten-thousands, etc. that they are regrouping ten (10) of each – for example, if your student is trying to solve an equation such as 54 – 28, they would need to regroup 10 ones from the tens column to make the 50 in 54 a 40 and then, the 10 ones would be added to the four to make 14 ones.  Then, they can subtract eight ones from the 14 ones and get six ones.  Then, they would move to the tens column and now that they have four tens, they can subtract two tens to be left with 2 tens and six ones, so the difference between 54-28 is 26.  We will continue to work on this standard all week.

Writing – we are continuing to work on our narrative unit.  The students will begin to revise and edit their realistic fiction stories and prepare to type their stories using the laptops.  This week, in particular, we will be looking at our stories through various different “lenses” as we reread what we have written to make sure we are thinking about the audience that we’re writing for.  We will be rereading our stories to make sure we have included a lead that is connected to the importance of the story and write scenes with description and detail.  We will also be focusing on making sure our words are spelled correctly and that the usage is correct – we don’t want to have subjects and predicates that don’t agree.

Social Studies – we will complete our unit on European explorers.  We will be discussing the European explorers that came to the “New World” in search of riches such as gold, spices, etc.  We will also be discussing the obstacles that they encountered on their journeys to the “New World.”  Some of these obstacles include:  (a) Native Americans who weren’t friendly, (b) weather, and (c) disease to name a few.

Spelling – we will be continuing with the sort that we started last week (prior to the break).  You can find the spelling contract and the spelling words below.


Grammar – we will be continuing with our mentor sentences.  This week’s focus will be on conjunctions in compound sentences.  Please be sure to discuss with your students what they are learning about conjunctions – they know what the conjunctions are, but I’m not sure they totally understand the purpose of conjunctions, especially when we are talking about compound sentences.  We’re so used to writing simple sentences, it’s rather difficult to begin to use compound sentences, but this will be very important as we get prepared for the GA Milestones test in the spring.

Reading – we will continue reading Love that Dog, a novel to find out how Jack feels about poetry.  We will also continue working on writing summary statements and using text evidence to help support my thoughts and summaries from the book.  We will be taking a mid-unit assessment to see how much the students have learned about writing summary statements and using text evidence.  This assessment will help me know what we need to continue to focus on in our mini-lessons and individual conferencing.  The students have really come a long way.  I’m more and more impressed with their ability each and every day.

October 2 – Conference forms to come home – please sign and return on Tuesday
October 11 – Picture retakes for students who were absent
October 13 – Country Western Day – Pull out those cowboy boots and dress up with us!

October 16-20 – Conference week – Early release at 12:15 each day.
October 28 – Pitner’s Fall Jamboree 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
October 30- November 3 – Scholastic Fall Book Fair
November 7 – Teacher Workday – no school for students
November 10 – Pitner Spirit Night at Jumping World
November 16 – 2nd 4 1/2 week progress reports sent home
November 20-24 – Thanksgiving Break – No school for students or teachers


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