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Week of 10/23-10/27


Thank you to everyone who made it to conferences last week.  I greatly appreciate you taking the time to invest in your child’s education.  If you have any questions regarding the conference, please don’t hesitate to email me and we can discuss any of your concerns or questions.  I hope everyone is enjoying this nice fall weather.  Please forgive me in my delay to get the blog updated this week.  Life has just gotten in the way.  Here’s what we have going on this week.

Math – we are working on multiplicative comparison.  Basically what this means is that we are looking at a number sentence in which we are multiplying.  For example, 35 is 7 times greater than 5 or 56 is 8 times greater than 7.  This will help with word problems.  We will working on this skill as we compare the areas of rectangles.  Therefore, we will be “killing two birds with one stone.”  Please continue to work with your students on rounding.  This is such a difficult skill, but I have confidence that they will get it.

Writing – We have just finished our unit on narrative writing.  We are moving on to opinion writing.  Please understand that this is not necessarily “persuasive,” where you are trying to get someone to think the same way they do, they are just trying to provide their opinion on a topic.  The students will be able to come up with their own topics, so it may be something like “Chocolate ice cream is my favorite,” or “Halloween is the best holiday ever.”

Spelling and Grammar – This week, we are working on similes in grammar.  This is where you compare two things using like or as.  For example, his eyes were as bright as diamonds, or his skin is like an alligator’s.  Our mentor sentence for this week comes from a book called The Spider and the Fly.  It’s a rather creepy tale, perfect for the week prior to Halloween.  Please continue to work with your students on adjectives and predicates.  Predicates are basically what the subject (who or what – noun) is doing in the sentence.  We had a very difficult time finding the two adjectives and the two predicates last week.  Sort 6 words and contract can be downloaded below.

Science – we are working on Force, Motion, and Simple Machines.  We will be having a test next Friday, 11/3.  Below, you will find a copy of the study guide that the students will receive this week.  They are going to be using their resources to complete the study guide, but in case they lose it, I wanted them to have a completed copy that you can download.  Please find the completed study guide here.

Reading – We are working on fact and opinions, to go along with our opinion writing.  We will also be working on completing DRAs (Developmental Reading Assessments) to see how much the students have improved.  Please encourage your students to do their best and continue to read each day.  Don’t forget that beginning this month, every student that has completed his/her monthly reading log will receive a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut from Book It. Also, your child should be bringing home a Six Flags Reading Log and Parent letter in which they can earn a free ticket to Six Flags just by reading.  I’m also including a copy of the letter and reading log, in case your child doesn’t remember to bring it home.

10/26/17 – Cobb Water In-house STEM field trip
10/28/17 – Fall Jamboree – Here at Pitner 10a.m. – 2 p.m.
10/30-11/3 – Fall Book Fair
11/7 – Election Day – Teacher Workday – no school for students.


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