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Week of 11/6-11/10/17


Only nine more wake-ups until the Thanksgiving holiday break is upon us.  I really don’t know where the time is going.  It seems like just yesterday that we started school!  Wow!  Here’s what we have going on this week.  It’s a relatively calm week, just no school for students Tuesday, due to a teacher work day.  Below, you will find all the exciting things that are planned for this week. Math – let the fun begin.  We have begun the exciting time of learning a variety of ways to multiply larger numbers, as well as 2 digits by 2 digits.  We started last week by introducing them all, but now we are getting into practicing with each of the strategies.  We will be starting with the traditional algorithm and working toward the “box” method.  Please feel free to check out the blog to see all the videos to help you better understand each strategy.

Writing – We are continuing on our unit of persuasive writing.  We have been focusing on writing claims and now, we’re working to provide evidence to go along with each of our claims.  We will continue working on persuasive writing throughout the entire quarter.  Over the next few days, we will be focusing on evaluating our reasons with an audience in mind, how to use boxes and bullets to help organize our writing, and how to choose convincing evidence from research and paraphrasing.  This will be great, because we are talking about paraphrasing with Ms. Stanley this week.

Social Studies – This week we have moved from Science into Social Studies.  We have begun our unit on the original 13 colonies.  We unfortunately have so much to cover this year in social studies, so we will be moving very fast through this unit.  We will color a map of the 13 colonies, create a map key to go along with our colors on our map.  We will also be discussing quite a bit of vocabulary with this unit.   As we progress through the unit, we will be comparing/contrasting the three regions (southern, middle, and new England colonies).  We will be talking about the jobs, as well as growing season among the regions.

Spelling – the students will receive their new spelling list this week.  Please notice that I have “amped up” the expectation this week.  I would like for the kids to complete at least 6 activities over the next two weeks.  I’m attaching the contract and the spelling lists below.  Students don’t need to return all their spelling activities, if you as a parent signs the contract saying they have actually done what they were supposed to have done.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  We will be having our next spelling test on Friday, 11/17, which is the last day prior to the Thanksgiving holiday break.  

Reading – We are finishing up our unit on inferences, and we will be moving into point of view (Point of View).  This task is not nearly as difficult as the inference skill.  We will be able to read a passage/book/novel and determine what the point of view is.  This can be first person or third person.  First person would mean that the narrator is there and in the middle of the action.  Third person would mean that the narrator is “looking through a window” to explain what they are seeing happen. With third person POV, the narrator will use terms like “he/she,” “his/hers,” etc.  When you are reading with your child, or as soon as your child is finished reading, please ask him/her what POV they feel the book was written in.  Don’t forget your Fiction Book Reports – they’re due on Wednesday or Thursday, 11/15 and 11/16.  Please see the attachments below.  


Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, 11/7 – No School for students – teacher work day.
Wednesday, 11/8 – Media Center for lesson and check-0ut – be sure to bring back your library books.
Friday, 11/10 – Fall Jamboree at Pitner 5-8 p.m.  Come out and enjoy the fun.  There will be food trucks, Kona Ice, colored hair spray, jumpies, etc.
Wednesday, 11/15 and Thursday. 11/16 – Fiction Book Reports due.
Friday, 11/17 – Spelling Test for Sort 7

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