Week of 10/8-10/12/18

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A super “Thank you!” goes out to Mrs. Allison Edwards, our assistant principal, for being our “queen” on Friday.  We had a great time having you visit our class.  We think the students really understand how the colonist felt during the reign of King George III, prior to the American Revolution.  As you may know, King George III placed several taxes on the colonists that were unfair and then, the colonists revolted, which is what started the American Revolution.  While Mrs. Edwards, aka Queen Edwards, was in the room, “parliament” would read the “tax” and the students, aka colonists, had to pay their taxes with skittles.  The students were outraged, much like the colonists.  We had several funny quotes from the kids.  Please be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this entry to see a short video that we took in class.  Well, that’s enough about last week, let’s move on to what we’ve got coming up this week.

If you have not already done so, please return the conference forms that were sent home last week.  Thank you to those who have already returned their forms.  If you aren’t able to meet at the time scheduled, please let me know so that I can make other arrangements.  I really would like to meet with each and everyone of you.

Math – We will be finishing our county mandated touchstone test and then we will continue working on finding the perimeter of various shapes using a new “game” called Bloxels.  With Bloxels, the students will have an opportunity to create a character with various colored blocks.  Once the students have created their character, they can upload the character into the Bloxels app and begin creating their own video game. It’s really cool.  Hopefully, the students will enjoy creating their characters and playing the games.

Reading – This week, we will be focusing on Point of View.  The Point of View or the perspective, is who is telling the story.  For example, with first person point of view, the narrator is generally a character in the story, if not the main character and they are telling the story from their perspective.  There is also third person point of view, which is when the character or the narrator is not necessarily a character in the story, but is telling the story by looking in on what is happening.  We will be working with our independent reading books, as well as reading various passages to determine the point of view.  As your students read at night, please be sure to ask them what the point of view of the book is.

Writing – The students have been working very hard to create their first “masterpiece” and I hope that you will take the time to read them when you come in for conferences next week.  They are very creative.  This week we will be writing another “narrative masterpiece,” but this time, we will be using Bloxels again to work on character creation, as well as the setting.  The students will have a chance to create their settings and really get the reader into the world of their story.  Hopefully, by taking the time to create their characters and the setting with Bloxels, they will enjoy writing even more.

Spelling – We will be taking the Sort 4 Spelling test on Friday.  Please be sure that the students are working on their contracts and studying their spelling words.  If you need another copy of the spelling list, you can download it below.  

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Language Arts – This week, we will be focusing on the story How Spider Got a Thin Waist by Anansi.  The grammar focus will be on compound predicates.  Much like a compound word, a compound predicate is when there are two or more verbs or verb phrases that share the same subject and are joined with a conjunction.  Examples of compound predicates are:  “Adam lives in Bangor and speaks Welsh,” or “The telegram was late but contained exciting news.”

Social Studies – we will be continuing with our study on the American Revolution.  This week’s focus will be on the influence of key individuals and groups during the American Revolution.  We will also be having our monthly guidance lesson with our counselor, Mrs. Whitton on Tuesday.




We have a lot going on this week.   Please be sure you stay up to date by checking your students’ agenda each day.  Here are our upcoming events.

Thursday, 10/11/18 – Early Release Day – 12:30 dismissal
Monday – Friday, 10/15-18/18 – Conference Week – 12:30 dismissal
Tuesday, 10/16/18 – Fall Picture Retakes (if you’ve already purchased your pictures, you will need to return that set to get another set).
Monday – Friday, 10/22-26/18 – Red Ribbon Week
Monday, 10/22/18 – Special Guest coming to Media Center
Friday, 10/26/18 – Fall Book Fair Kick-off and Red Ribbon Week Assembly
Monday, 10/29 – Field trip to Cobb County Youth Museum for most of class.
Tuesday, 10/30 – Field trip to Cobb County Youth Museum for rest of class.
Thursday, 11/1 – Field Trip to see Willy Wonka at South Cobb High School

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