Week of 11/26/18

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I hope everyone had a wonderful, restful Thanksgiving Break that was filled with time to spend with family and friends.  I know I enjoyed mine!  It was great to hang out with my family and spend time with friends I don’t get to spend a lot of time with.  Now that we’re back in the full swing of things we only have a short 19 more days together before we’re out for the winter holidays break.  Only 19 more days before the end of the grading period and we’ll be half way to being fifth graders!  Where on earth has the time gone.  It seems like it’s flying!  Oh well, with the 19 short days left, let’s move on to what we’ve got going on this week.  Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the blog for other important information and flyers.

Math – we will be working with multiplicative comparison by creating bar diagrams and solving word problems.  An example of multiplicative comparison would be to say something like, “Mrs. Poulos has 2 pets, but Mrs. Homer has 4 times as many pets as Mrs. Poulos.  How many pets does Mrs. Homer have?”  Well, we would take the 2 pets that Mrs. Poulos has and multiply that by 4 to get 8.  Therefore, Mrs. Homer has 8 pets and that is 4 times as many as Mrs. Poulos.  We will be continuing this strategy/skill all week long.  We will be incorporating some of our larger number multiplication as well.  Please continue to encourage your students to show their work when solving math equations.  Mrs. Homer and I don’t care what strategy they use, they just need to show their work, so that we can see where they may have a misunderstanding.

Reading – we are continuing to work on summarizing our nonfiction reading by using boxes and bullets.  In the “box” the students should be writing the main idea of the passage their reading and then next to the “bullets” they should be incorporating details from the passage, in their own words, that support the main idea.  We’re working to make our summaries short and sweet, not doing a retelling, in which we give away all of the events from the beginning, middle and end.  We will also begin to incorporate some first and second hand accounts with our nonfiction reading.  A first hand account would be a page from a diary, or a photograph.  Someone was actually there and is providing the information.  An example of a second hand account would be a text book or an encyclopedia entry.  The person writing the textbook or encyclopedia entry was probably not there and is using other research to provide us with information.

Writing – we are working hard on our opinion masterpieces.  This week, we will be focusing on taking into account opposing opinions, using examples in our writing to help “drive home the opinion,” as well as formatting of a good opinion essay.  I’m looking forward to reading their final drafts.  Hopefully, once we’ve got them complete, they will share them with you through Office 365.

Spelling – We will have our unit 7 sort test on Friday of this week.  You can find a copy of the contract below.

Grammar – due to unforeseen circumstances last week, we were not able to complete our mentor sentence from the book In November, by Cynthia Rylant.  Therefore, we will be working with that text this week.  Our focus is on figurative language (metaphors) and identifying if a sentence is complete or a fragment.

Science – We have a many things going on this week that will be taking the place of most of our science.  We will be having guidance on Tuesday and we had a visit from the Watershed Management yesterday.  We will be finishing up and presenting our ecosystem presentations during the rest of this week.  We will try to post some of the presentations on the blog.

Dinner with Santa Raffle Basket – please see the attached flyer for information regarding our raffle basket.



Friday, 11/30 – Dinner with Santa reservations due.
Monday, 12/2 – Wellstar Presentation
Friday, 12/7 – Dinner with Santa
Monday, 12/2 – Friday, 12/14 – PTSA Holiday Shop
Monday, 12/17 – Holiday Character Day
Tuesday, 12/18 – Funny Holiday Sweater Day
Wednesday, 12/19 – Holiday Hat Day
Thursday, 12/20 – Early Release Day – 12:30 dismissal, Candy Stripe Day, our Holiday Party
Friday, 12/21 – Early Release Day – 12:30 dismissal, Holiday sing-a-long, Holiday PJ Day

Week of 11/12 – 11/16/18

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Well, we’ve made it!  Only 5 short days until our Thanksgiving Break.  I hope everyone has a chance to spend some time with family and friends next week, as well as get some rest.  I’m extremely thankful to have such a great group of students this year.  I have really enjoyed getting to know each and everyone of them, as well as seeing how much they’ve grown so far this school year.  I look forward to seeing them continuing to grow.  We have also been very blessed to have Melissa Kohlhagen with us this quarter.  She is a student at KSU and I’m sure she will be an excellent teacher.  Unfortunately, this is her last week with us.  She will truly be missed.  Oh well, that’s enough sappiness, let’s move on to what we have coming up this week.

Math – We are extremely fortunate to have Miss Melissa teaching us a lesson this week. Miss Melissa will be teaching us how to multiply 2 digits by 2 digits.  We have been working hard to learn a variety of ways to multiply up to 4 digits by 1 digit and we are making huge progress.  Please continue working with your students on memorizing their multiplication facts.  This will become imperative as we move further and further into our units of multiplication and division. We will be having a test on up to 1 by 4 digit multiplication this week.

Reading – we will be continuing to work on finding the main idea and summarizing non-fiction texts.  We will also be continuing to determine the text structure of non-fiction texts.  There are five different text structures.  They are:  1) description, 2) cause and effect, 3) problem and solution, 4) compare and contrast, and finally 5) sequence.  The students will be expected to read various passages and decide what the text structure is.  Typically, when determining the text structure of a description passage, the author is providing information about the topic.  For cause and effect, the author is giving reasons (causes) and outcomes (effects) for a certain topic.  For problem and solution, the author will give information on a topic, such as air pollution, and then provide several solutions on how to fix the topic.  For compare and contrast, the author will take two topics and write about how they are the same and how they are different.  Finally, for the text structure of sequence, the author uses dates and such to tell the information in a certain, logical order.

Writing – we will be continuing to work on our opinion pieces.  This week, we will be focusing on writing strong leads, as well as making sure our reasons support our opinions and that we even consider mentioning opposing views and why those views are wrong.  This helps to make your reasons even stronger.

Spelling – we will be receiving our contract for unit seven this week.  The contract will not be due until the Friday after Thanksgiving Break (11/30/18).  I’m including the list and contract here, in case your student doesn’t happen to bring it home or in case your student loses his/her contract between now and then.  

Grammar – this week, we will be using the mentor text  In November, by Cynthia Rylant.  The grammar focus for this week is metaphors.  We’ve covered similes and metaphors previously, but this week, our focus is only metaphors.  Metaphors are similar to similes, but unlike similes, we do not use “like” or “as” to compare the two objects.  Some examples of metaphors would be:  1) you’re the apple of my eye, 2) you were a star in the performance this week.  We will be taking our “Invitation to Edit” on Friday.

Science – we will be continuing to work on Ecosystems.  We will also have the opportunity to do some stop motion videos and possibly some green screen videos to share our newly gained knowledge of ecosystems.  It should be lots of fun and hopefully, Ms. Dean, our STEAM coordinator, will be hand to help out with using this brand new technology.


Original Works

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Good afternoon.  Mrs. Hardesty just sent a reminder that if you would like to order your child’s Original Works art work, the orders were due today, but she has extended it until tomorrow.  If you would like to order the Original Works art work, please be sure to return the envelope by tomorrow.

Week of 11/5-11/9/18

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We have two weeks until Thanksgiving Break.  We had a very busy week last week, with the field trips, Mystery Readers, Ms. Melissa’s great lesson on moon phases and all.  Thank you for your patience and understanding when the field trip to South Cobb fell through.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to attend it later.  I was really looking forward to attending.  Oh well, no reason to focus on the past that can’t be changed, let’s move on to what we’re covering this week.

Math – This week in math, we will be working on multiplying multi-digits by 1 digit using base-ten blocks, as well as the traditional algorithm.  Please be sure to check out the videos that have been posted here on the blog.  If you go to the top of the blog, you should see a tab that says “Math How To” videos, you’ll need to scroll down toward the bottom and you will find all the Cobb County videos.  Under the heading of  multiplication, you will see various other videos that I have found and use in my classroom.  If you have any questions or would like to come in to learn how to help your child with these various strategies, please let me know.  Please understand that these are strategies that I must teach, because the county says I have to.  However, after I have taught the strategies, the students will have a choice in the strategy that they use on a regular basis.

Reading – This week, we will be discussing the various text structures of informational text.  These text structures include description, compare/contrast, sequence, problem and solution, and cause and effect.  We will be watching a Flocabulary video that will hopefully help the students understand the various text structures.  

Writing – We will be continuing our unit on opinion writing.  This week, we will be focusing on writing good, strong leads, as well as reasons to support their opinion.  The students will have an opportunity to “rehearse” their writing with their writing partner prior to writing.  I’m looking forward to seeing/reading what the students come up with.

Spelling – This week, we will continue with Sort #6.  We will be taking our test on Friday, 11/9/18.  Please be sure you are completing your contract and turning it in on Friday.

Grammar – Due to the crazy week we had last week, we weren’t able to get to our mentor sentence.  Therefore, we will be working with the mentor text from Water Dance by Thomas Locker.  This week’s focus will be exactly what it was last week.  We will be working on personification.  Personification is when someone gives personal characteristics to in animate objects.  An example of personification would be “Clouds dance across the sky.”  The personification is that clouds can’t dance, but people do.

Science – this week, Mrs. Homer will be teaching Science.  We will be focusing on Ecosystems.  We have some really cool activities planned.  Please be sure to talk to your students about what we’re covering.




Tuesday, 11/6/18 – Teacher Workday – No school for Students
Friday, 11/9/18 – PTSA Movie Night
Wednesday, 11/15/18 – Chick-fil-A Night
Monday, 11/19 – Friday, 11/23 – Thanksgiving Break – No School
Monday, 12/17/18 – Holiday Character Dress-up Day
Tuesday, 12/18/18 – Candy Cane Day
Wednesday, 12/19/18 – Fourth Grade Holiday Party/Holiday Hat Day
Thursday, 12/20/18 – Early Release (12:30 p.m.)/Ugly Sweater Day
Friday, 12/21/18 – Early Release (12:30 p.m.)/Holiday Sing-a-long/Holiday PJ Day