Week of 12/10/18

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Well, I guess being a little late in posting this week is paying off.  If you don’t know, we are delayed two hours tomorrow due to the possibility of black ice and yucky roads tomorrow morning.  Please understand that the first bell will be ringing at 9:15 and the tardy bell will be ringing at 9:45.  Please continue to watch/listen for updates on school closings/delays.  Well, with that being said, let’s move on to what we’re going to be doing this week.

Math – we will be taking the CCSD Touchstone on Wednesday.  This will be covering all the standards we have been covering this quarter. We have not gone over many of the division standards yet, so this might be a challenge for the students.  Please understand that we will be going over these standards after the winter break.  Students should know how to multiple larger numbers, as well as factors, multiples, area and perimeter.  We have been working hard on area and perimeter.  This week, we are including irregular rectilinear shapes. These are basically two shapes (rectangles/squares) put together to make an irregular shape.  Then, to find the area, you would have to pretend that there is a “line” between two of them, find the area of the two shapes and add it together to get the area of the rectilinear shapes.

Reading – we are also taking the CCSD ELA Touchstone this week.  We will be taking this on Tuesday, during reading time.  The students will be expected to read a passage or two and answer questions regarding the passages.  The students will be taking this test on the computers, much like they will have to do with the GA Milestones later in the spring.  We will also be working on identifying if passages are first or second hand accounts.  An example of a first hand account would be a photograph, a diary entry, or a letter from someone who was actually there at the event.  A second hand account would be like our textbooks, encyclopedias, etc.  The people who write the textbooks, encyclopedias, etc. were generally not there at the time of the event (especially our historical events).

Writing – we have begun to type our final drafts of our opinion masterpieces.  We have been working hard to get everything corrected, edited, revised, and perfect.  The students will have this week to complete their masterpieces.  After the break, the students will be writing another opinion masterpiece that will be sent off to be graded.  The information that we get back from this will help us work know what to work on before the GA Milestones in the spring.  Please be sure to ask your students about how the typing is going.  If they have saved their typing into office 365, they should be able to pull it up for you to read at home.

Language Arts – This week, our mentor text comes from the book called, The Snow Globe Family, written by Jane O’Connor.  The grammar focus for this week is comparative adjectives.  For example, when you are comparing two things, you would say, “My son is taller than your son.”  When you are comparing two things, you would use the suffix -er.  When you are comparing more than two, you would use the suffix -est.  With the invitation to edit, the students will also be expected to circle the simple subjects (the noun) and underline the simple predicates (the verb).  We will be identifying the predicates and subjects in several sentences.

Spelling – this week will be our last spelling test of the calendar year.  Please be sure your students are completing their spelling contract to help them study for their test on Friday.  I’m attaching the list/contract in case your child has lost his/her copy.

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Social Studies – we will be working with some augmented reality, where we will be using Chatterpix to engage the students.  I’m looking forward to what they come up with.  Please be sure to check back and ask your students about their Chatterpix.  Also, a huge “THANK YOU!” to Mrs. Homer for brining in the great items that your family owns from the colonial times.  I think the kids really enjoyed seeing and holding some things that were used back during the Colonial Times.




Holiday Shoppe Monday, 12/10/18 – Friday, 12/21/18
Final Spelling test of this calendar year – Friday, 12/14/18
ELA Touchstone – Tuesday, 12/11/18
Reading Inventory – Wednesday, 12/12/18
Math Touchstone – Thursday, 12/13/18
Media Center for Lesson/Check-out – Friday, 12/14/18
Holiday Character Day – Monday, 12/17/18
Funny Holiday Sweater Day – Tuesday, 12/18/18
Holiday Hat Day – Wednesday, 12/19/18
Candy Stripe Day/Early Release @ 12:30 p.m. – Thursday, 12/20/18
Holiday Sing-A-Long/Early Release @ 12:30 pm. – Friday, 12/21/18
Class Winter Holiday Party – Wednesday, 12/19/18

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