Week of 2/25 – 3/1/19

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Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a wonderful break.  I’m sorry for those of you who had to endure all the rain and yuck last week. I’m quite thankful I was out of town and not having to endure all of it. I heard it was gross.  Well, I’m thankful to be back and I’m looking forward to seeing all of our little ducks again tomorrow morning.  Let’s move on to what we have going on this week.

Math – this week, we will be focusing on mixed numbers and adding/subtracting fractions with like denominators.  Be sure to check out the videos on the “Math How-to” tab of our blog.  The students have been working hard on converting improper fractions into mixed numbers and mixed numbers into improper fractions.  Adding/subtracting fractions with like denominators should be an easier concept, since we don’t have to worry about unlike denominators.  We just add or subtract the numerators and transfer the denominators.  If the numerator happens to be larger than the denominator after adding them, the students will be expected to convert the fraction to a mixed number.

Reading – this week, our focus will be on non-fiction text features.  Some of the text features we will be talking about include subheadings, headings, captions, illustrations, and graphs.  The students will begin to use these text features to help improve their reading skills.  It’s important that students begin to notice the captions and illustrations while reading, because some times, answers to various questions can be found in the pictures and or captions.

Writing – we will be working on drafting and typing quick writes.  It’s important that students begin to understand how important it is to be able to get their ideas down on paper and then quickly type their responses.  We won’t be taking the GA Milestones until the end of April, beginning of May, but it’s important that students begin working on their typing skills now.

Spelling – The students will be receiving their new spelling lists this week and the contracts will be due on Friday, 3/8/19.  If for some reason your child does not bring home his/her spelling list, you can download the list and contract here.

Grammar – This week, our mentor sentence comes from the book, George Washington’s Teeth, by Deborah Chandra.  The focus of this week’s mentor sentence is using the correct order of adjectives.  We will be watching a quick video, which can be found here, to help us better understand how to order adjectives correctly.  When we order adjectives, we go from more general to more particular.  For example, from an opinion to size, then condition, followed by age, color and material.  Be sure to check out the video above to help you better understand the correct order of adjectives.

Science – We will begin our unit on light and sound.

If you would like to earn extra credit, your student will need to ask for the extra credit project.  You may choose one activity to complete and it must be turned in by the date.  No late work will be accepted.  Parents can not ask for extra credit for their students.  The students must be the one to ask for the extra credit.




On Tuesday, we have a visit from a puppeteer at 10:10
On Wednesdays, we have a visit from Depew Orthodontics coming for a program at 8:05.

Week of 2/18/19

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I hope every one is enjoying their winter break.  I know I am!  I hope everyone is getting some rest and being able to rejuvenate while they’re home this week.  If you are on vacation, like myself, I hope you all have safe travels!  We’ll see you next Monday!  Enjoy!

Week of February 11, 2019

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Well, we’ve made it to the last 5 days prior to the mid-winter break.  I hope this break gives you a chance to rest, relax, and rejuvenate.  I know I plan on spending some time with my family doing exactly that!  This is going to be a very busy week!  Please remember that although we are having a Valentine’s Day exchange, we are not having a party and we are not allowed to receive deliveries for your students.  Also, please remember that balloons and flower vases are not allowed on the school buses either.  We will not be having a “Party,” just a chance to exchange valentines with our classmates.  Please be sure that you include a valentine for each person in our class.  Valentines don’t have to be purchased, they can be and created.  I sent home a letter in the graded paper folders/with your students with a list of all the students’ names.  If you did not receive this list, you can download the list, as well as the letter below. 

Now, on to what we have to cover in class this week.

Math – we will be working on making improper fractions to mixed numbers and changing mixed numbers to improper fractions.  Fortunately, the process to exchange improper fractions into mixed numbers and mixed numbers into improper fractions are exactly the same as what we learned when we were growing up.  To exchange an improper fraction into a mixed number, the denominator will become the divisor and the numerator becomes the dividend.  Then, you would just divide like normal and the “remainder” would become the numerator and the divisor remains as the denominator.

Reading – We will be continuing to read various Greek myths to determine the meanings of words and phrases as they are used in the text, including those that allude to significant characters found in mythology.

Writing – we will be continuing to work on our sway, as well as working on typing skills.  It will be imperative that students type quickly for the GA Milestones that we will be taking the middle of May.  After Spring Break, we will be spending a lot of time working on how to write for various needs, as well as working on our typing speed.  If your child is bored over the break, please have him/her work on typing.  There are a variety of typing websites that your child can use to help work on their typing/typing speed.  One of these websites is nitrotype.com.  It’s actually a lot of fun.

Spelling – We will be taking our test on sort 11 on Friday.  Please encourage your students to complete the contract and turn it in on Friday.  If your haven’t seen the contract, please feel free to download it below.  

Grammar – This week’s mentor sentence comes from a book titled, Grace for President.  This week’s grammar focus is adverbs.  Adverbs are words that describe the verbs.  For example, in the sentence I am very hungry, the adverb is very.  It describes how I am feeling. Many times, adverbs can end in “ly,” but not always.

Social Studies – we will be finishing up our State Projects, since they are due on Friday, 2/15/19.  If your child has any of their pieces at home, please be sure to send them in this week.  We will begin putting everything together on Friday of this week.  If you are interested in helping with “The State Fair,” please let me know and I will forward your information on to Ms. Stanley.  We have a great time each year and would love for you to come and be a part of it, if you’re able.

Please remember that the Six Flags, Six Hours of Reading logs are due no later than Friday.  I must put them into the computer for your child to receive his/her free ticket to Six Flags.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me or Mrs. Homer.  We hope you all have a great Mid-Winter break.

Week of February 4, 2018

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Wow!  It’s so hard to believe that we’re already into the month of February.  I hat it that the groundhog saw his shadow.  I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of this cold weather!  We have a lot going on during the next couple of weeks.  This week, we need to have our George Washington Carver door completed and ready to be judged on 2/8.  The students have been doing a great job of researching various aspects of George Washington Carver’s life and accomplishments.  If you have any other ideas on how to decorate our door, please feel free to share them with me.  Also, we have our State Fair Projects that need to be completed by 2/15.  The students have been working very hard in class to complete these projects.  Please be sure your students have their information at school each day.  We will also have a Valentine’s exchange.  We will not be having a party, but we will have an opportunity to exchange valentines with our classmates.

Well, that’s enough about what’s to come in the future, let’s get on with what we’re doing this week.

Math – The students have been working very hard to compare fractions with unlike denominators.  When we are comparing fractions with unlike denominators, we must first get like denominators, by finding the least common multiple and then multiplying both the numerator and the denominator by the same number.  After the students have like denominators, they can look at the numerator and determine which is <, >, or =.   This week, we will be focusing on ordering fractions, using benchmark fractions, as well as looking at each of the fractions in a set and then placing them in order from least to greatest.

Reading – This week, we will begin our study on Greek Mythology to describe in depth a character, setting, or event in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text.  The students will have a chance to read a few myths and answer questions about those myths.  Please encourage your students to refer to the text, mark their text, and answer the questions using complete sentences.

Writing – This week, we will continue working on our informational writing masterpieces.  We will continue working on researching and writing our final drafts of our state research.  Ms. Stanley told the students last week how they could use a database called “Culture Grams” to help them get more information about their states, but the students might need your assistance with this, in case the person on the other end of the phone has questions your students may or may not know the answers to.

Spelling – we will be taking our spelling test from Friday for Sort 10 on Tuesday of this next week.  We were so busy working on our state projects last week, that we just kept working and didn’t get to the test.  The students will receive the spelling contract for sort 11 on Monday.  However, if your child doesn’t bring his/hers home, please feel free to download it below.  

Grammar – due to the “Snow Day” last week, we will continue to work on The Day the Crayons Quit.  The students will be expected to classify sentences as being declarative (when you are declaring something), imperative (a command), or exclamatory (exclamation).  The students will be expected to read the sentences and then write a “D” if the sentence is declaring something, “I” if the sentence is commanding something, and “E” if the sentence is exclaiming something.

Social Studies – we will be continuing to work on our structured notes for Westward Expansion.  Last week, we did an overview, but this week, we will be looking at the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark’s expeditions.


Wednesday, 2/6 – Spelling Sort #10 test and severe weather drill
Friday, 2/8 – PTSA Sweetheart Dance (order forms can be found here)
Tuesday, 2/11 – Progress Reports will be coming home
Thursday, 2/14 – Valentine Exchange (download letter here)
Friday, 2/15 – Individual Spring Pictures/Class Picture
Friday, 2/15 – State Projects due
Friday, 2/15 – Six Flags Six Hours of Reading Log for a free Six Flags Ticket due (you must have mom/dad verify that you’ve read for at least 6 hours).  If you need another copy, please email me.
Monday, 2/18 – Friday, 2/22 – No school for students or staff – Mid-Winter break