Final Days! 5/20 – 5/22

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Summer break is right around the corner!  We made it!  It has been a great year!  The students have grown so much, both physically as well as socially, emotionally, and educationally!  I hope you all have a great summer!  Be sure to read at least one good book this summer, as well as work on your math skills!  Cobb County has a “Summer Link” that you can access throughout the summer to work on those reading and math skills.  Please click here to access these great summer learning opportunities from the county.  If you read a good book that you think would be great for Mrs. Homer or myself to read to the class, please be sure to email us.

This week will be rather busy!  Monday is a “normal” day.  We will have the opportunity to play the board games you bring in, so please be sure to bring in your board games and or card games.  Make sure you know how to play the games, or include the directions, so that it can be played.  We will also be having pizza and popsicles to celebrate the end of the year.  Also, on Monday, the students will be expected to bring home all of their notebooks and consumable textbooks.  Publix has provided bags for all the students to bring their items home.  Students are not allowed to bring book bags on Tuesday or Wednesday.  On Tuesday, we will have “Sports” day.  Please feel free to wear your “sports” gear, but do not bring any sports equipment.  We will provide you with the equipment we need for the fourth grade kickball tournament.  Wednesday, we will have “movie” day. We will be watching “National Treasure” and possibly something else.  Please remember that Tuesday and Wednesday will be early release days, with dismissal beginning at 12:15.  ASP will remain open until 6:00 each day (Monday – Wednesday).

I hope everyone has a great summer!  Best wishes next year!  I hope you all keep in touch and come back to visit!

Week of 5/12-5/17/19

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!  I hope you all have a wonderful day!  Also, thank you so very much for all the wonderful appreciation gifts, notes, chocolate, and school supplies for Teacher Appreciation week!  Mrs. Homer and I greatly appreciate it!

Well, we’ve made it to the last 8 days of school!  These are going to be very busy.  We have Field Day on Monday, Guidance and The Summer Reading Program from the Cobb County Library system presentation on Tuesday, Kell High School Orchestra on Wednesday, then a normal days Thursday and Friday, followed by our End of the Year activities. For a full list of details and information, please see the end of the year letter that can be found below.

.  We will be having our last spelling test on Friday.  Please be sure you are working on your spelling contract this week!  It’s due Friday.  If you don’t have your copy that was given out during testing, you can download another copy below.

Students who ordered a yearbook, will receive the yearbook on Friday, prior to our autograph day.  If your student did not order a yearbook, we will have an “autograph” book that students can use to get signatures and such on Friday, 5/17.  On Monday, 5/21, your students will be brining home all of their school supplies.  This will include their math books, as well as all their school supplies (pencil boxes, notebooks, etc.)  Publix has provided all the students with some reusable Publix bags that I will be giving to the students to bring their things home in.  On Tuesday and Wednesday, the students will not be allowed to bring book bags.  Please be sure to send their lunches in disposable bags those days.  Also, please be sure that your students know how they are going home on Tuesday and Wednesday, 5/21 and 5/22 (these are early release days with dismissal at 12:30).

Please feel free to email me or Mrs. Homer if you have any questions or concerns.  We have enjoyed working with your students and look forward to hearing how things are going in the future.

Week of 5/6 – 5/10/19

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This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  A letter was sent home with students from the PTSA a week or so ago.  If you have not received this letter, please ask your student about it.  You can also click on the following link to get a list of everything our PTSA has requested this week. Teacher Appreciation Week.

Please remember to check the dress code as well.  As the weather gets warmer, the clothes begin to get shorter.  With that being said, please make sure your child is staying within dress code when coming to school.  In a nutshell, 1) midriffs should be covered, 2) no strapless or spaghetti strap tops should be worn, 3) appropriate length shorts.  If you have any questions related to the dress code, please click here.

Thank you for understanding as we continue to have testing this week.  Only 2 more days!!!  We will be taking two sections of math on Monday and Tuesday of this week.  Please remember that we aren’t allowed to have lunch visitors until Friday, 5/10.  We have a very busy couple of days this week!  Testing resumes tomorrow, finishes on Tuesday, but we will be taking the RI and MI on Wednesday and Thursday, then we have our Career Day and the Color Run.  Monday, 5/13 – will be our Field Day as well.  Please be sure to wear your green 4th grade shirt on Monday.  Be sure to wear sunscreen and you can bring a water bottle/hat to wear while we’re outside.

With all of that being said, let’s get on with what we’ll be covering this week.  We will not be starting our mentor sentences this week.  We’ll pick that up next week.  However, we will be having our last spelling test next week.  The date on the contract says this Friday, but I think we’ll just push it back until next week, 5/17.

Math – we will be working on measurements of both customary and metric units of length.  We discussed capacity last week, with a quick little tale about “King Gallon.”  Be sure to ask your students about “King Gallon.”  Hopefully it will help them remember what we discussed.

Reading – This week we will be working on continuing to read our class novel on The Hope Chest, which is about the 19th amendment.  The students have really enjoyed learning about everything women had to endure in order to win the right to vote.

Writing – The students have been working very hard to type their final masterpieces.  We are using Office 365 to share their stories, as well as grade themselves using a rubric that has been uploaded.  The students have done a great job with their writing this quarter.  I hope they will come back and share their writing in the future.  I would love to see how much they continue to grow throughout next year.

Spelling – Like I mentioned before, spelling contracts were sent home on Friday with a contract due date of Friday, 5/10.  I’m pushing that back to 5/17, so students will have a full 2 weeks to study and practice their spelling words, especially since this is the last spelling test of the year.

Social Studies – we will be continuing to learn about the United States and the various battles associated with the Civil War.  We will also be reading from our Studies Weekly newspaper and taking a quiz on what we’ve read.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email either me or Mrs. Homer.  We have enjoyed getting to know your students this year.  They have come so far and we will definitely miss them next year!  We want to hear about all the great things they are learning and doing next year.