Week of August 12 – 16, 2019

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Wow!  I can’t believe we’re already into the second full week of school.  We have begun to get into the swing of things with our routines each and every day.  We are still learning about each others’ idiosyncrasies, but we are well on our way to a great school year!  Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive and understanding as we learn new routines and expectations.  Please remember to dress appropriately for school.  The information regarding dress code and other student handbook information can be found in the agendas.  If your student comes home complaining that he/she is cold at school, please allow them to bring a jacket.  Sometimes, our room does get chilly and if the students have a jacket or sweatshirt, it makes it a little more bearable.  Also, please remember that if your student is absent, we must have either an email or a note from the parent, within 3 days, explaining the absence.  You are more than welcome to email me at robin.poulos@cobbk12.org and I will print out the note and send it up to the office with the attendance.  If your child is absent and we don’t have the note, he/she may be marked as unexcused and after five “unexcused” absences, you will receive an email from us.  Also, no lunch visitors until after Labor Day, due to getting our routines in order.  Transportation Changes – Please make sure that transportation changes are sent via a handwritten note.  We are not allowed to take emails, because 1) we may not get them in time, 2) we may be absent and not have the ability to send a note to the substitute.  Thank you all for your continued understanding and support!

So far, things have been great!  Please continue to stay in contact with us throughout the year.  We are here for your students and want what’s best for them.  Well, that’s enough about “nuts and bolts,” let’s move on to the exciting stuff – what we’re doing in our class this week.

Grammar – Well, we didn’t get to the mentor sentences that we hoped to get to last week.  So, with that being said, we will be reading the mentor text, The Golden Rule, and will be focusing on adjectives (words that describe nouns), and using correct capitalization.  The students will revisit the same sentence all week long and interact with it throughout the week, then they will take an invitation to edit quiz on Friday.

Writing – This week, we will continue focusing on getting used to the workshop model of writing and working in our writing journals.

Reading – We will begin our “TEAM” groups this week and focusing on strategies that will help us become better readers.  “TEAM” is an acronym that helps us know what station the students will be working at.  “T” stands for Teacher guided – which means one of us will be working on specific strategies.  The “E” stands for “explore” where the students are going to have the opportunity to explore various forms of writing through our GA Studies Weekly Newspapers.  “A” stands for “At teacher’s table.”  This is where one of us will call the students over to the table to discuss what they are reading through reading conferences. Finally, “M” stands for “menu.”  The students will have a menu each week that they are expected to complete and turn in for a grade.  This is what they’ll be doing while the teachers are busy working with other students.  This may be a completely new “beast” to the students, but we will work together to make it work best for us.

Social Studies – We will be continuing to work on map skills this week, with a quiz on land features on Friday. When we have tests, I will also incorporate a study guide in the students’ take home folders at least one (1) week prior to the test.  If for some reason your child comes home and says, “Mrs. Poulos/Mrs. Homer didn’t give me a study guide, you are always more than welcome to come back here to the blog and download another copy.  There will almost always be a copy in the week’s blog post as well as one on the specific page listed across the top.  For example, this week, if your student says that he/she didn’t get a copy of the Map Quiz Study Guide, please feel free to click on the Social Studies tab above and download another copy.  Or you can download one right here.

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Math – This week we will begin working in our guided math groups.  Again we have an acronym to help us remember what each day of the rotation stands for.  The students will be split up into four groups (MATH).  “M” stands for “Math Fact Fluency.”  This is when the students will have an opportunity to work on their fact fluency through programs like Xtra Math (www.xtramath.org) or Prodigy.  Your students should have their log-in information in their homework folder or in their agenda.  “A” stands for “at your seat.”  This means that students in this group will be working independently to complete a math assessment (worksheet) to demonstrate what they’ve learned.  “T” stands for “Teacher” – this means students at the “teacher station” will get some extra help or will be extended, depending on their level of  proficiency.  Finally, “H” stands for “Hands-on.”  This is the center where students will be more “hands-on” and be able to play some math games to reinforce/extend their thinking with the standard we are covering that week.  The students will have at least 45 minutes each day (Monday – Thursday) to complete the expected centers.  Our focus for this week will be place value.




Friday, 8/16 – Ms. Stanley’s Summer Reading Challenge Due  Turn in your “scrapbook” to receive the following:

  • a prize from my prize bag for completing 7 of the 21 activities
  • a $5.00 voucher to buy whatever they want at the fall book fair for completing 14
  • a September CELEBRATION for completing ALL 21 activities

Friday, 8/16 – Test on Map Skills – study guide sent home on Friday, 8/9.  You can also find a copy in the above blog post and on the Social Studies Page.
Friday, 8/16 – Media Center Orientation
Friday, 8/23 – PTSA’s Back to School BBQ and Bingo 6:00-8:00 pm
Wednesday, 8/28 – Early Release at 12:30

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