Week of 9/9-9/13/19

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We are 10 quick days from our first “break” of the school year.  We have had a great start to the school year!  Students are working hard on learning how to round, all about the moon, adjectives, correct capitalization of proper nouns, as well as several other things.  This week is no different!  We have a very busy couple of weeks these next two.  Please be sure to check back each week for any and all updates.  Here’s what we are working on this week.  On Friday of this week, we’re asking that your students support their favorite college team.  Mrs. Homer and I will have on our college attire.  If your student doesn’t have any of their college attire, that’s okay.  This is not mandatory, just something “fun” to look forward to at the end of the week.

On Thursday, 9/12/19, our Scholastic Book Fair “Arctic Adventure” will begin.  It will run from Thursday, 9/12/19 through Thursday 9/19/19 from 7:15 – 2:45 each day.  Please consider coming and purchasing some books from the media center.  If you aren’t able to attend the book fair, but would like to purchase a book or two, please feel free to use the following link:  Pitner’s Scholastic Fall Book Fair 2019

Grammar – This week’s mentor sentence will come from the book Spaghettin in a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Dismondy.  We are focusing on punctuating possessives correctly.  When we show possession, we use an apostrophe and a s, or if it the word is already plural, we would just add the apostrophe at the end of the word.  For example, “Have you seen the boy’s backpack?”  Here, we add the apostrophe and the s, because are talking about one boy.  However, if we were talking about more than one boy, we would write “Have you seen the boys’ backpacks?”  Here, we would just add the apostrophe at the end of boys, because we are talking about more than one boy.  We will also need to identify the adjective in the sentence.  An adjective is a word that describes a noun.  For example, Mrs. Poulos wore her red Braves shirt on Sunday.  The words red and Braves would be adjectives that are used to describe the shirt that Mrs. Poulos was wearing.  We will have our “invitation to edit” quiz on Friday, where the students will be expected to identify the adjective in the mentor sentence, then choose the word that correctly fills in the blank (these will be the words that show possession).

Writing – we are continuing to work on our personal narrative. This week, we will finish working on adding sensory details by having a “tasting” session.  Then we will begin working with paragraphs and knowing when to start a new paragraph, how to write a good ending to their story, as well as beginning to edit and publish their writing.  We hope you’ll come by within the next week or so to see their published pieces.

Reading – we are continuing to work on determining the theme of the story, or poem.  This can be a rather difficult task, because it’s generally implied and the author doesn’t come out and tell you what the “lesson” is that they are trying to “teach.”  To determine the theme, you have to infer by using your background knowledge and what you’re reading on the page.  There can be several “themes” within stories/books/poems.  For example, one theme in the story, The Three Little Pigs, someone might say, “the theme of this story is to preserve,” or “hard work pays off.”  The first two pigs didn’t work as hard as the third pig, and they hurried through building their houses.  Well, look what happened to them, they got eaten.  However, the third little pig put forth lots and lots of time and effort to build his house of bricks, and he was able to survive the wolf.  The author didn’t come out and say “the theme of the story of the three little pigs is ‘to persevere,'” but we know by “reading between the lines” and using our background knowledge that his hard work paid off.  We will continue working on determining the theme this week and next.

Science – we will be continuing our unit on the moon and beginning to discuss the planets and stars in our solar system.  We will be continuing to integrate some “STEAM” activities within our unit.  We will be including some information about distances and having the students write some word problems using various distances during Math.

Math – This week, we will begin working on adding and subtracting with larger numbers.  We are going to try something new this year with regrouping.  As you now, there can only be one (1) digit per column in place value.  Therefore, when we have a double digit sum, we would need to “regroup” the extra digit to the next place.  Well, Mrs. Homer and I talked about it and we thought it would be helpful to have the students “regroup” any zeroes (0) to the next place, so that when we get to the point where we have to regroup digits, the students will be in the habit of regrouping.  I know this sounds “different” than the way we learned, but not everyone learns in the same way, or in the same amount of time, so we will be continuing our math groups and working to begin “regrouping” the zeroes, to help us remember to regroup larger digits. 

Monday, 9/9/19 – Step it up Kids Fundraiser Kick-off
Thursday, 9/12/19 – First day of the Fall Book Fair.
Thursday, 9/12/19 – Curriculum Night – come learn about our Literacy and STEAM initiatives

Friday, 9/13 – College Day – wear your favorite college attire!
Wednesday, 9/18 – Friday, 9/20 – the Star Lab will be at Pitner – this is an in school field trip, where we get to go climb into an “igloo” and see the various constellations.
Friday, 9/20 – 80’s Dress-up Day – Wear your best 1980’s outfit!  Bring on the NEON!
Monday, 9/23-Friday, 9/27 – Fall Break – No school for students/teachers
Tuesday, 10/1/19 – Fire Safety Visit from Cobb County Safety Village
Friday, 10/4/19Cape Day for CHOA
Tuesday, 10/8/19 – Field Trip to Cobb County Safety Village
Thursday, 10/10/19 – Early Release – Dismissal begins at 12:30 p.m.


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