Dinner with Santa

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Good Friday’s eve!  Our room reps, Mrs. Radtke and Mrs. White have put together a letter regarding the Dinner with Santa Classroom Raffle Basket and the letter should be coming home with your student, but we all know how student mail works sometimes, so I’m placing here on the blog as well.  I will also be attaching it to an email later this morning.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email Mrs. Radtke or Mrs. White.  Their email addresses are listed at the bottom of the letter.  Thank you in advance for your continued support!

Week of 11/18-11/22

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Wow!  I can’t believe that we’re only five days from Thanksgiving Break!  This year is totally flying by.  I’ve always heard that “time flies when you’re having fun,” and that is NO Lie!  It’s so hard to believe that we’ve completed the second quarter’s 4.5 weeks!  We will be sending home the progress reports on Wednesday, after our field trip.  Please be sure to sign and return the progress reports on Thursday.  If I don’t have a chance to talk to you or see you before next week’s break, I hope you all have a safe one that is filled with time spent with family and having a chance to reflect on the things you are thankful for.  I know that I’m extremely thankful to all of you that share your wonderfully made kids with us each and every day.  We are so blessed to be able to teach these smiling faces every day.

We will be having our first International Night coming up in the spring (January 30, 2020).  If you are interested in participating, please use the following link to post your interest here.

Don’t forget about that free ticket to Six Flags for just reading six hours between now and April 15, 2019.  A reading log with log-in information was sent home last week (it was a blue sheet).  If you need another copy, please feel free to download another copy below.  I have included both the English version, as well as the Spanish version. Six Flags Reading Log – English/Six Flags Reading Log – Spanish

Well, that’s enough of my sappiness!  Let’s get on with what we’re covering this week.

Grammar – This week, our mentor text is a book called The Great Turkey Race by Steve Metzger.  You can listen to the text read aloud here.  The focus of this week’s text is complex sentences.  A complex sentence is a sentence that contains an independent clause and a subordinating (dependent) clause.  A dependent clause is a sentence (or clause) that can not stand on its own.  I’m including a list of subordinating conjunctions below for your reference. 


Writing – we are continuing our unit on opinion essays.  Unfortunately, last week, we didn’t have a chance to get through all that I had planned, therefore we will be working on taking in opposing opinions into account when we write our opinion essays, including examples to help explain their reasons, as well as knowing when to change paragraphs within opinion essays.

Reading – We will be working on interpreting information from charts and graphs.  We will be answering questions about using various charts and graphs such as timelines.

Social Studies – We are finishing up our units on the American Revolution and The New Nation.  This week, we will be focusing on the War of 1812 and the Articles of the Confederation.  We will be completing a structured notes task, as well as doing some comprehension worksheets related to the War of 1812.

Math – Last week, we started the “Empowerment Express”, where the students change classes based on a pre-test once a week.  We look at their progress and then change the classes based on their progress.  We will still be working on multiplying up to 1 digit by 4 digits and 2 digits by 2 digits.  The students have done a great job working with the “box” method, also known as the “Area” model.  Thank you to all of you that humored us by having your child teach you the area model of multiplication.  I think the students really enjoyed having the opportunity to “give you homework” and then grade you on it.  The looks on their faces when they came back was priceless!  They were so proud of themselves.  This week, we will be focusing on the traditional algorithm, but students will also be allowed to use the “Box” method, if they are more comfortable with that.  We will also be having a “quick” test on Thursday.  I don’t usually send home a study guide for math, but if you would please review prime and composite numbers with them, that would be fabulous.  We will also be working on multiplicative comparison.   Multiplicative comparison is when you say, “my son is 2 times larger than my daughter.  My daughter is 4 feet tall.  How tall is my son?”  The students will need to know how to write an equation for these type of problems.

Wednesday, 11/20/19 – Field trip to Cobb Youth Museum from 11:00-2:00.
Wednesday, 11/20/19 – Second Quarter progress reports to come home with students.
Monday, 11/25 – Friday, 11/29 – No school for students and staff
Friday, 12/6/19 – Classroom Spelling Bee for upcoming school-wide spelling bee.
Friday, 12/6/19 – Dinner with Santa – Flyer came home in your child’s graded paper folder on Friday, 11/15/19
Friday, 12/13/19 – STEAM Day
Thursday, 12/19/19 – Fourth Grade Class Holiday Parties/Early Release – Dismissal at 12:30
Friday, 12/20/19 – Early Release day – Dismissal at 12:30
Monday, 12/23 – Friday, 1/3/20 – Winter Holiday break


Mystery Question! If you can go back through the blog and find the answer to the following question, then write it down on a piece of paper or an index card, you will receive $5 in Pitner Bucks!   But, this is a secret!  Don’t tell anyone!  Just write down your answer to what is a complex sentence and bring it to Mrs. Poulos on Monday.



Week of 11/11-11/15/19

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Thank you to all the veterans out there!  We appreciate your service!  Hopefully, we will see you for the Veteran’s Day celebration, if you received an invitation.  Please remember that your student needs to come down and check-in with the teacher prior to reporting to the cafeteria for the celebration. 

Also, on Friday, 11/15/19 our PTSA will be hosting a Sock Hop in the Cafeteria.  The first hour will be a sensory friendly hour.  If you have a student who would like to come, but has some difficulty with being overstimulated, this would be the perfect opportunity for you and your child.  If you did not receive the flyer that was sent home with your student on Monday, 11/4, you can download another copy of the flyer below.  You can also purchase your Sock Hop tickets here. If you are interested in helping out by volunteering, please click here.  If you are interested in sending in some requested donations, please click here.

We had such a great time at our Day of Awesomeness!  Thank you to all who sent out emails to help us meet our donation goal!  It’s so hard to believe that we are only two (2) shorts weeks from Thanksgiving Break.  We have this week and next week, then we’re off for an entire week.  We have lots of things going on this week and next.  If you have not returned your child’s permission slip for our field trip to the Cobb County Youth Museum, please return them ASAP.  The cost of the field trip is $20 and we go on Wednesday, 11/20/19.  This will be a great culminating activity to our unit on the American Revolution and the New Nation.  Thank you for everyone who helped their student study for the summative assessment on the American Revolution.  We had some really amazing scores!  Hopefully you saw the amazing scores in your child’s graded paper folder this week.  If your child didn’t do an amazing job, we always place a copy of the study guide on the blog, under the tab for that subject.  Well, on to what we’re covering this week.

Grammar – This week, we will be using the mentor text Tikki Tikki Tembo.  You can watch the video here.  Our grammar focus this week will be on compound sentences.  This week we are learning that just because there is a conjunction in the sentence, it doesn’t mean that it’s a compound sentence.  A compound sentence does contain a conjunction, but it also contains two independent clauses that are combined with a comma and a conjunction.  It will be tricky, so students will really want to pay attention to the lessons.

Writing – This week, we continue working on our opinion essays.  Our focus this week will be on writing a good lead, taking into account our audiences – are the reasons good for our audience, thinking about and adding an opposing opinion to our essays, and finally, including an example for each of our reasons.  This is a rather difficult task this week, but hopefully we’ll get a good grip on it and be ready in case they throw us an opinion piece on the GA Milestones in the spring.

Reading – we will be continuing to work on finding the main idea and supporting it with detail from the text.  Along with determining the main idea, we will work on summarizing the information into concise little five sentence paragraphs.  Please encourage your students to give you a summary of what they read each day.  A summary for a fictional text is a little different from that of a nonfiction text.  A summary for a fictional text should provide the following information:  Somebody (main character), Wanted (what the character wanted), But (what was the problem), So (how did they solve the problem), Then (what was the resolution of the story).  For nonfictional text, the main idea usually comes from the title or the subheadings and then you can support your answer with details from the text.

Social Studies – this week, we are continuing our study on “The New Nation.”  We have worked our way through the birth of our country, by declaring and gaining our independence from England, now we have to focus on how are we going to run this new country.  The students already know that George Washington was our first president, but what about all the others?  The students will be participating in a “webquest” in which they use the internet to find out new information about the founding fathers. We attempted to start it on Thursday of last week, but the websites weren’t cooperating, so we’ll try it again this week.  We will also be comparing and contrasting a work of art related to the “Birth of the Nation.”  It should be an interesting, eye opening experience.  Be sure to ask your student who their “Founding Father” was, based on the quiz we took at the beginning of the webquest.

Math – we are moving from 1 digit by 2, 3, and 4 digit multiplication into 2 by 2 digit multiplication.  This week, you will have homework.  On either Tuesday or Wednesday, your child will be bringing home a worksheet that he/she will use to teach you how to multiply using the area (block) method.  Please allow him/her to teach you how to do it and then actually do the worksheet and let them check it to see if you’re correct.  The one doing the talking is the one doing the learning, so we’re hoping that this will help them get a better grasp of area model multiplication.  We will also be teaching the students the traditional algorithm (the way we learned), but the students will be able to choose their preferred method in the end.  This task will be a learning curve for you as a parent, but please bear with us and let your student choose his/her preferred method to solve the multiplication problems.

Monday – 11/11/19 – Veteran’s Day Celebration at 7:50 in the cafeteria.
Friday, 11/15/19 – PTSA’s Sock Hop – please see the links below for more information and donation requests.
Wednesday, 11/20/19 – Field trip to Cobb Youth Museum from 11:00 – 2:00
Wednesday, 11/20/19 – Second Quarter 4 1/2 Week Progress Report sent home
Friday, 11/22/19 – Cobb Watershed (inhouse) field trip
Monday, 11/25 – Friday, 11/29/ 19 – Thanksgiving Holidays – No school for students or staff
Friday, 12/6/19 – Dinner with Santa – Information to come home soon
Thursday, 12/19/19 – Early Release – 12:30 Dismissal – Fourth Grade Holiday Party
Friday, 12/20/19 – Early Release – 12:30 Dismissal
Monday, 12/23/19 – Friday, 1/3/20 – Winter Holiday Break – No school for students.  Staff will report on 1/2/20.



Week of 11/4 – 11/8

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BRRRRRR!  I don’t know how we skipped fall!  I also don’t know how we’re already into November!  This year is flying by!  I’m going to be so sad when this year comes to an end.  We have so enjoyed working with these students this year!  They continue to blow our socks off each and every day with how hard they are working and how much they are improving!  It’s amazing!  They are such a blessing to us!  Thank you for all you do to raise such amazing kids!  This is going to be a very strange, but busy week!  We have a lot of changes this week, so please be aware!  If you think your student would benefit from knowing about the changes this week prior to Monday, please let them know.  We talked about our crazy week on Friday before we left, but I’m sure several have forgotten.  This week, Monday is our only “normal day.”  Tuesday, the students are off from school, due to “Election Day.”  I don’t believe the county has any elections going on, but some of the cities do.  Please be sure to check your polling place and get out there and vote!  Wednesday, we will not have specials, due to various grade levels having what we call “Super Specials.”  Our “Super Specials” day will be Friday, 11/8/19.  Thursday is our redo day of “Day of Awesomeness,” and Friday is our “Super Specials” day.  Wow!  That’s a lot!  Well, let me move on to what you and your child can expect in each subject this week.

Grammar – This week we will not be working on mentor sentences, due to the fact that we would only have 1 day of working on the skill.

Writing – This week we will use what we’ve already learned about writing opinion essays and we will have a choice of what we write on.  The choices for the opinion prompts are:  “School Food” – This is where the students can pick one thing they would change about the school menu and explain why they would change it, “Someday!” – this is where the students can pick being either a race car driver, an astronaut, or president of a country and explain which one they would be and why, or finally “Seasons” – this is where they can pick their favorite season and explain why it’s the best.

Reading – we will be continuing to work on finding the main idea of the passages/stories.  The students have been working hard to determine the main ideas.  They have learned that sometime the main idea comes from just the title of the story, but that they may also have main ideas from different subheadings, as well.  The students will begin to write summaries based on main ideas and details from the passages.

Math – we will continue working on strategies to solve multiplication problems of up to 4 digits by 1 digit and 2 digits by 2 digits.  Please understand that we will be teaching the “box method,” which is also known as the area model, and the traditional algorithm.  The traditional algorithm is the same way we learned.  This week, we will also be asking your students to “teach” you how to use the area model for homework.  Please let your student teach you how to multiply using the area model and do the problem(s) they ask you to do.  It will be a little difficult in the beginning, but it will make sense.  It’s a lot like the FOIL model that we used to use.  The kids will get a huge kick out of “giving you homework” to do.  There are some videos on the Math “How to” tab.  Please feel free to watch them.

Social Studies – we have finished our unit on the American Revolution and will be taking our summative test on Wednesday, 11/6.  The students used the Social Studies text books in class last Wednesday to find the answers to the study guide questions, then we went over all the questions together and the students should have written them down on the study guide.  Please help your student study for this test.  We are going to play Kahoot! on Monday to review.  If for some reason your child doesn’t have a copy of the study guide, you can find one on the Social Studies tab on this blog.  We have talked to the students and tried to explain that the questions will not be in the same order that they were for the study guide.  Please encourage your students to study, but not memorize the answers in the order they are in.

Tuesday, 11/5 – No School for students – Election Day
Wednesday, 11/6 – Summative Assessment on the American Revolution – study guide sent home on 10/30/19.
Thursday, 11/7 – Day of Awesomeness – 8:05-9:35 am
Friday, 11/8 – Super Specials from 8:05 – 9:35 am.
Monday, 11/11 – Veteran’s Day Breakfast and Program – 8:30 a.m.
Wednesday , 11/13 – End of 2nd quarter 4 1/2 week period
Friday, 11/15 – PTSA’s Sock Hop
Wednesday, 11/20 – Cobb County Youth Museum Field Trip and Progress Reports sent home
Friday, 11/22 – Cobb Watershed Program (In-house field trip)
Monday, 11/25 – Friday, 11/29 – Thanksgiving break – no school for students/staff
Friday, 12/6 – Dinner with Santa
Thursday, 12/19 – Early Release at 12:30 pm and Fourth grade Holiday Party
Friday, 12/20 – Early Release at 12:30 pm.