Week of 11/11-11/15/19

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Thank you to all the veterans out there!  We appreciate your service!  Hopefully, we will see you for the Veteran’s Day celebration, if you received an invitation.  Please remember that your student needs to come down and check-in with the teacher prior to reporting to the cafeteria for the celebration. 

Also, on Friday, 11/15/19 our PTSA will be hosting a Sock Hop in the Cafeteria.  The first hour will be a sensory friendly hour.  If you have a student who would like to come, but has some difficulty with being overstimulated, this would be the perfect opportunity for you and your child.  If you did not receive the flyer that was sent home with your student on Monday, 11/4, you can download another copy of the flyer below.  You can also purchase your Sock Hop tickets here. If you are interested in helping out by volunteering, please click here.  If you are interested in sending in some requested donations, please click here.

We had such a great time at our Day of Awesomeness!  Thank you to all who sent out emails to help us meet our donation goal!  It’s so hard to believe that we are only two (2) shorts weeks from Thanksgiving Break.  We have this week and next week, then we’re off for an entire week.  We have lots of things going on this week and next.  If you have not returned your child’s permission slip for our field trip to the Cobb County Youth Museum, please return them ASAP.  The cost of the field trip is $20 and we go on Wednesday, 11/20/19.  This will be a great culminating activity to our unit on the American Revolution and the New Nation.  Thank you for everyone who helped their student study for the summative assessment on the American Revolution.  We had some really amazing scores!  Hopefully you saw the amazing scores in your child’s graded paper folder this week.  If your child didn’t do an amazing job, we always place a copy of the study guide on the blog, under the tab for that subject.  Well, on to what we’re covering this week.

Grammar – This week, we will be using the mentor text Tikki Tikki Tembo.  You can watch the video here.  Our grammar focus this week will be on compound sentences.  This week we are learning that just because there is a conjunction in the sentence, it doesn’t mean that it’s a compound sentence.  A compound sentence does contain a conjunction, but it also contains two independent clauses that are combined with a comma and a conjunction.  It will be tricky, so students will really want to pay attention to the lessons.

Writing – This week, we continue working on our opinion essays.  Our focus this week will be on writing a good lead, taking into account our audiences – are the reasons good for our audience, thinking about and adding an opposing opinion to our essays, and finally, including an example for each of our reasons.  This is a rather difficult task this week, but hopefully we’ll get a good grip on it and be ready in case they throw us an opinion piece on the GA Milestones in the spring.

Reading – we will be continuing to work on finding the main idea and supporting it with detail from the text.  Along with determining the main idea, we will work on summarizing the information into concise little five sentence paragraphs.  Please encourage your students to give you a summary of what they read each day.  A summary for a fictional text is a little different from that of a nonfiction text.  A summary for a fictional text should provide the following information:  Somebody (main character), Wanted (what the character wanted), But (what was the problem), So (how did they solve the problem), Then (what was the resolution of the story).  For nonfictional text, the main idea usually comes from the title or the subheadings and then you can support your answer with details from the text.

Social Studies – this week, we are continuing our study on “The New Nation.”  We have worked our way through the birth of our country, by declaring and gaining our independence from England, now we have to focus on how are we going to run this new country.  The students already know that George Washington was our first president, but what about all the others?  The students will be participating in a “webquest” in which they use the internet to find out new information about the founding fathers. We attempted to start it on Thursday of last week, but the websites weren’t cooperating, so we’ll try it again this week.  We will also be comparing and contrasting a work of art related to the “Birth of the Nation.”  It should be an interesting, eye opening experience.  Be sure to ask your student who their “Founding Father” was, based on the quiz we took at the beginning of the webquest.

Math – we are moving from 1 digit by 2, 3, and 4 digit multiplication into 2 by 2 digit multiplication.  This week, you will have homework.  On either Tuesday or Wednesday, your child will be bringing home a worksheet that he/she will use to teach you how to multiply using the area (block) method.  Please allow him/her to teach you how to do it and then actually do the worksheet and let them check it to see if you’re correct.  The one doing the talking is the one doing the learning, so we’re hoping that this will help them get a better grasp of area model multiplication.  We will also be teaching the students the traditional algorithm (the way we learned), but the students will be able to choose their preferred method in the end.  This task will be a learning curve for you as a parent, but please bear with us and let your student choose his/her preferred method to solve the multiplication problems.

Monday – 11/11/19 – Veteran’s Day Celebration at 7:50 in the cafeteria.
Friday, 11/15/19 – PTSA’s Sock Hop – please see the links below for more information and donation requests.
Wednesday, 11/20/19 – Field trip to Cobb Youth Museum from 11:00 – 2:00
Wednesday, 11/20/19 – Second Quarter 4 1/2 Week Progress Report sent home
Friday, 11/22/19 – Cobb Watershed (inhouse) field trip
Monday, 11/25 – Friday, 11/29/ 19 – Thanksgiving Holidays – No school for students or staff
Friday, 12/6/19 – Dinner with Santa – Information to come home soon
Thursday, 12/19/19 – Early Release – 12:30 Dismissal – Fourth Grade Holiday Party
Friday, 12/20/19 – Early Release – 12:30 Dismissal
Monday, 12/23/19 – Friday, 1/3/20 – Winter Holiday Break – No school for students.  Staff will report on 1/2/20.



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