Summer is Here!

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Well, you finally made it to Summer!  I’m so proud of you all!  You have worked so hard with the “digital learning” that we were thrown into!  Thank you so much for all your hard work!  Well, we would like to see that hard work continue by making sure your’re reading and working on your math!  Be sure to check Mrs. Homer’s blog for all the fun things you can do this summer to keep from having that “Summer slide!”  I would love to see everyone participate in Ms. Stanley’s reading challenge this summer!  I’m going to do my best!   We miss you guys and look forward to seeing you soon!  Feel free to take pictures of your adventures and create a video or post them to the notebook!  Don’t forget to take your teachers along for the ride!  Have a great summer Kiddos!  WE love you!







Week of May 18-20, 2020

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Fourth Grade Finale!!

Congratulations on completing fourth grade!  This will always be the year that we made history. We should be proud of our determination and efforts, because we proved that no obstacle will stop us from success.

Now it’s time to Slide into Summer!  We strongly recommend that you continue learning this summer.  Here are some summer challenges:                                       

  1. Read a minimum of 3-4 books this summer and practice your reading strategies. Continue with your class ReadWorks, ReadTheory, or Scholastic for reading comprehension practice.
  2. Make sure that you know all your multiplication and division facts before you enter 5th Play DreamBox.  Practice calculations and problem solving.
  3. Write narrative, opinion, and informational essays.
  4. You will have access to Clever all summer, so continue to use this resource.

Of course, summer is a time to relax and have fun too.  Here are just a few ideas your family can do this summer:

  1. Make an ABC booklet about what you did this summer:

Think about all that you will accomplish over the summer and make a book about it.  First, you will need to make a plan: ABC Planning Page.  Use this attached organizer to start planning out the details for each letter of the alphabet. For this ABC book you can decide to do one out of paper or make a digital option using PowerPoint or Adobe Spark!  The options are endless and we cannot wait to see what you created!

  1. Make a DIY slip & slide:
  2. Make frozen yogurt popsicles:

  1. Rainy Day Activities:

  1. Possibilities are endless!  Enjoy your summer!                   

Personal Item Pick-ups

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Don’t forget that beginning Monday, you can come pick up your items from the classroom.  Mrs. Homer and I have bagged everything up and it’s ready for you to pick up.  Please be sure you follow the schedule below to come and pick up your items at your scheduled time.  If you aren’t able to make your scheduled time, you can come on Tuesday from 11-12.  Please see the information below regarding regulations and pick up times.  If you have a library book, please be sure to bring that with you and drop it off at Station #2. 

Please understand that we have not been notified about yearbooks, as of yet.  Once we know when the yearbooks will arrive, I will forward that information on to you.  Mrs. Homer and I will be at the school to hand out yearbooks, so if you ordered one, or you want to purchase one, we will see you then.  I promise to let you know as soon as we know.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email myself ( or Mrs. Homer (

Parents will drive into the bus port for pickup at designated times. Pick up Stations will be spread out and marked under the Canopy. No one will be allowed out of their cars or into the building

Pick up for Student Belongings at Station 1.   Student Medicine Pick up at Station 2. Library book drop off at Station 3.  Yearbook pick up at Station 4.

Monday May 18th                               Tues May 19th

9-10am- Last name A-F                  9-10am- Last name Q-U

10-11am-Last name G-K                10-11am- Last name V-Z

11-12pm Last name L-P                  11-12pm- Final Pick up , Yearbook Sales

Don’t Forget!

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Don’t forget to complete the PNN application online, no later than Friday, 5/15, if you want an opportunity to be part of the PNN crew next year!  There are lots of positions available!  They need at least 10 anchors, 1 Friday Funnies, 5 producers, 5 camera operators, and several others (sorry, my brain has turned to mush and I can’t remember what else).  We need you!  Please consider being part of the crew!  You would really enjoy it! It’s lots of fun!  You get to work with great people like Mrs. Dean, Mrs. Westbrook, Ms. Stanley, and Ms. Perry.  They even take a trip to the WSB-TV station as well as CNN.  It’s an opportunity you don’t  want to miss!

Last Lunch Bunch with Ms. Perry

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Please plan to join Ms. Perry for the last lunch bunch of the year as fourth graders!  In just a few short days, you’ll all be fifth graders!  Wow!  Can you believe it!?  Where has the time gone?  If you’re interested in joining the lunch bunch on Thursday, the information is posted on the Digital Learning page of the Fascinating Fourth Graders Notebook, under Ms. Perry’s Lunch Bunch!  I will make plans to try to attend as well!  We hope to see you there!

Week of May 11 – 15, 2020

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I hope all the mamas out there had a fabulous Mother’s Day, even under these circumstances.  I know it was a day to remember for me!  I hope your kiddos treated you like the queens you all are! 

Thank you to everyone who made Teacher Appreciation week the best!  We are truly blessed to have such a wonderful class!  I can’t wait until we can get back together, so we can give and receive all those hugs that we’ve been missing out on!

This week, we’ve got a busy week!  Be sure you check out the Fourth Grade blog for your assignments for the week.  Also, this week, we are having our “Virtual College/Career Week.”  Be sure you download the letter from the counselors here. I have posted a copy of the “reminders” below. 

We look forward to seeing you all on the Zoom calls this week.  Unfortunately, this will be our last week.  Next week, on Monday and Tuesday, you’ll have the opportunity to come and pick up your bag of belongings that were left at school.  Your babies are all bagged up and ready to come home to your loving arms!  I will post the pick up times here.  Mrs. Homer and I are hopeful that we can come to the school and help load the cars.  Please remember, you are not allowed to get out of the car.  Mom or Dad will need to just come into the bus port, open their trunk and someone will put the stuff into your car.  Please email us if you have any questions or concerns!

PNN Applications

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Good morning!  If you are interested in participating in PNN next year, please read below.

It is time to recruit next year’s PNN crews!  We hope that you will consider applying for one of the roles. 

Please click on the application link here: 2020-2021 PNN Application.  You must be signed in to your Office 365 account in order to access the application and submit it. If you have forgotten how to log in to Office 365, click here: Office 365 Info Sheet.  If you are applying for an “on-camera” role, you will need to record a short video clip of yourself reading the script in the application.  If you are not applying for an on-camera role, you can skip that portion.

We are only accepting applications through Friday, May 15th.  No late applications will be accepted.

Week of May 4 – 8, 2020

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Welcome!  May the fourth be with you!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I’m super excited to be watching Star Wars again this evening!  It has become a family tradition.  Also, happy 21st birthday to Mrs. Homer’s oldest, Jared!  We hope you have a great day Jared!  This week, we are back to a choice board for daily activities. 

Be sure you check the fourth grade blog for this week’s choice board.  There is one in English and one in Spanish.  Be sure to check back off and on this week for important information from Dr. Hosey.  There are some things in the works for you to be able to pick up your stuff from school, including your babies!  They will be so glad to see you! 

Dr. Hosey will be sending information through the weekly call out, the daily PNN, or give us information to send out to you.  We look forward to seeing you on the daily Zoom call.  The Zoom link will be posted by 8:45 Monday morning, in the notebook.