August 1

Synopsis of the week

S7L2. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information to describe how cell structures, cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems interact to maintain the basic needs of organisms.
a. Develop a model and construct an explanation of how cell structures (specifically the nucleus, cytoplasm, cell membrane, cell wall, chloroplasts, lysosome, and mitochondria) contribute to the function of the cell as a system in obtaining nutrients in order to grow, reproduce, make needed materials, and process waste.  (Clarification statement: The intent is for students to demonstrate how the component structures of the cell interact and work together to allow the cell as a whole carry out various processes. Additional structures, beyond those listed, will be addressed in high school Biology.)

* microscope quiz
*Ed Helper- How Microscopes Work

Resources: How to Use a Microscope-wgkc7c

Quizizz Game 

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**More info on my week post below!! 

August 13

Week of August 13th- 17th

**Standards, Grades, and Resources are in my synopsis post at the top of my blog. This post just gives a daily look at the week.

Monday 8/13: 
*Students finished the Grand Challenge start up- students have several good things to share in their Grand Challenge notebook.s *Please send a composition notebook with your child if you have not already done so for this Challenge that we will complete all year. Details in pp below.
*Students completed Ed Helper about Microscopes. Students will finish for homework if they did not complete it in class. Due tomorrow 8/14

Tuesday 8/14: 
*Students took notes and observed microscopes today in class. PP is below
*Students have QUIZ tomorrow over microscope notes!

*Extra Practice!
Quizizz Game

Wednesday 8/15
*Students took Microscope Quiz today. Grades will be available tomorrow.
*Students read 84-85 in new interactive textbook and completed the intro on eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells

August 6

Week of August 6th-10th

Monday 8/6: Students worked on day one of science safety stations lab. Students went around to various stations to learn about lab safety. Link to a video is below.

Tuesday 8/7: 
*Students finished lab safety stations.
*Students will have a mini quiz over lab safety rules- they can use their lab sheets to study! Very short and simple quiz.
*Students received their lab contract today. I NEED THESE BACK SIGNED BY A PARENT!

Wednesday 8/8: 
*Students took notes on 8 Characteristics of Living Things. (Notes will be posted as soon as Office 365 lets me back in to my folder :))
*Students will have lab safety/characteristics of living things quiz on Friday. STUDY NOTES

Thursday 8/9: 
*Students did quick lab ” Is the clock Alive” in lab groups today
*Students took a “Living and nonliving things walk” to observe and distinguish living and nonliving things.

August 2

Week of August 1st-3rd

Wednesday 8/1: 

*Happy first day back! 
*Students filled out ten things I need to know about them sheet
*3 &4 period did bioglyphs that we will investigate on Friday
*period 5-7 did a team building exercise with notecards.
*We went through some rules and procedures of class

Thursday 8/2:

*Students took course pretest through CTLS
*Students worked on lab safety worksheet