Homework: Government Vocab DUE 11/16/17

Today in class the majority of students did not have their government vocab sheets completed. All students had to do was write what they thought the 15 Government Terms (which are review terms from last year) mean.

Tomorrow I will be collecting this page at the beginning of class. It needs to be 100% completed, both columns filled out.

I have attached a Quizlet to this BLOG post to help you with the 3 column.

Friday Forecast: 13th – 17th

This week we have a quiz over Modern Conflicts.   We will then begin Government in SWA the rest of the week by reviewing Presidential and Parliamentary Democracy and then with time remaining begin comparing governments of the countries listed in the standard.  Wednesday of this week is performing arts.  If you have not sent in your permission form please bring that in ASAP (donations are accepted NOT required).  Also, our first Cultural Extension will be Friday.

Standards for the Week:

SS7CG3 Compare and contrast various forms of government.

a. Explain citizen participation in autocratic and democratic governments [i.e., the role of citizens in choosing the leaders of Israel (parliamentary democracy), Saudi Arabia (autocratic monarchy), and Turkey (parliamentary democracy)].

b. Describe the two predominant forms of democratic governments: parliamentary and presidential


Summative over Ottoman Empire, Creation of Israel, and Conflict in Israel Palestine.


Located in the Middle East HISTORY Tab on the LEFT side of the BLOG.

Located in Middle East GOV/ECON Tab on the LEFT side of the BLOG.


Mondays and Wednesdays, Mr. Rhodes will be holding the LMS 7th grade Social Studies tutoring  at 8am and all 7th graders are welcome to attend.

SWA History Test Remediation/Retake

Score for the SWA History Test Part 1 have been loaded into Synergy.

If you scored an 75% or lower, you will need to complete the Remediation in class on Wed/Thurs in order to retake on Friday 11/10.

If you scored above a 75%, and would still like the opportunity to retake, you will also need to complete the Remediation work.

You are responsible for classwork missed while Remediating/Retaking.

The Retake will be different from the original test. Remember, you still have your study guides to look at as well.

SWA History Test Part 1 Remediation Quizizz

Game Code: 987728

If you see and “M” in Synergy, that means that the grade is missing. Either you were absent on the day of the summative, or you were absent days leading up to the summative. You do not need to complete remediation in order to take the Summative. See me before school on Wednesday to make-up.