Friday- Day 3 of Testing

Happy Friday

After today’s ITBS test we continued to work on our History Standard.  Next week, we will finish testing on Tuesday.   This weekend you should rest and enjoy!

Homework:  None

There will be no help session on Tuesday, September 18 due to me having to pick up testing material prior to student arrival.  We will resume after Fall Break



Today classes 3, 6, and 7 met.  We started the overview of SWA.  The students read, completed a guided reading assignment, and began a set of comprehension questions.

Tomorrow classes 3, 4, and 5, will meet.

Homework: No homework.  Rest and be ready for another morning of testing tomorrow.

CoGAT testing today and ITBS tomorrow

Today in class we started reading an overview of SWA History and completed a guided reading in class  (3rd, 4th and 5th period).

Homework:  Rest and be ready for ITBS

Open House Powerpoint and the ending of our Unit

If you are unable to attend Open House tonight, no worries!   I have posted my powerpoint below for you to read at your convenience.  If you have any questions, please email me.

Today in class we took our SWA Geography Summative Assessment.

Homework: None


Religion Formative and Study Guide

Today students took the Religions of SWA formative assessment and then worked on the study guide given last Tuesday for tomorrow’s test.   Many were already finished and were able to check the study guide in class.

Homework: Study for tomorrow’s Geography of SWA region assessment


Smart Skills Quiz and Religion Notes

Today in class the students took an open notes quiz over the first 4 weeks of Smart Skills.  Afterwards the students took notes over the religions of SWA.  After the notes the students completed a series of True/False statements in which the False statements must be corrected and a Triple Venn Diagram comparing the 3 religions.  You can find the powerpoint in the SWA tab if you didn’t finish in class.

Homework:  Questions and Triple Venn Diagram due and Formative Religion Quiz on Monday.  The Geography Region test will be Tuesday, the study guide went home Tuesday, September 4th.



Religion Homework Due and Quiz taken

Today in class the students had a homework assignment to turn in .  This was given on Friday and due today.  Students then took a quiz over the homework material (review from last year).

Students also worked on their ethnic group coat of arms.  These should be finished.  I will be collecting, but the students should hold until I ask for them.

Students were given their performance tasks back today along with the corrected answers so they (and parents) can see if they would like too.

Homework: It wouldn’t hurt to read 74-80 in the textbook if you never did.  Also, work on your study guide for Tuesday, September 11 Geography Unit Test.

Here is the study guide if you lost yours.

SWA Geography Study Guide


Ethnic Groups

Today we began our lesson over the Ethnic Groups of SWA.  We took notes on an organizer by moving to separate stations.  The text is below if you did not finish your notes or the back of the page (the map and information on the Shia and Sunni split in the Islamic religion).

Homework:  Your textbook work over religions is due Thursday.  There will be a formative over that information on Thursday as well.

Ethnic Group Readings and 1st Page of Organizer

AC-Please check your tab for homework and information about tomorrow


Religion Assignment due September 6

ALL Students:

Today in class students were given the log-in information for the online textbook and allowed to navigate and find the homework assignment due next Thursday.  Students also completed a flowchart of advantages and disadvantages of dams.  After completion of classwork students were able to practice over water and oil on quizizz.

Quizziz Directions

Log in  using code 929230, USE YOUR REAL NAME, play.

Quizizz for Water and Oil

Homework; Read Chapter 4 Pages 74-80 (for the audio start at minute 3:30)

Page 80 #3-6- Answer questions on Notebook Paper

Due September 6

Checkpoint over religion September 6

AC Students please check your tab

Unequal Access to water

Today students worked with a shoulder partner to complete Reviewing the Text questions in class and then we checked and went over them.  Afterwards, students worked on a flowchart listing the advantages and disadvantages of building dams.

Homework: Review notes


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