A great year

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Today the students finished their finals and finished the 7th grade strong!  This class has been one of the very best.  I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching and getting to know each and every one of you.  Don’t forget your summer homework!!  All my love…Mrs. Robinson  *Thank you for all of the sweet gifts, cards, and notes.  <3

  1. Spend time talking with family and friends
  2. Read a book
  3. Swim
  4. Play
  5. Do at least one good deed a day
  6. Smile
  7. Be Safe

Study…Final Exam begins tomorrow

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Tomorrow and Wednesday will be early release days.  We will have all classes.  No book bags or track bags should be carried around during the day.  Do not bring them to school.

You will take 1/2 of your final tomorrow (1-25) and 1/2 on Wednesday (26-50).  This is necessary due to the shorter class periods.  The final will count as a double formative instead of a summative, this was determined by the Social Studies department and I wanted to update the information.  This is still enough to change a grade.  Study, this is all review.  I know you will do fine if you have been putting in some time each evening to review.

Homework: Study!  I strongly encourage you to practice the quizziz posted on Thursday’s blog.

Week of May 21

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We have made it.  Just 3 more days left.

Today the students will finish watching Gandhi and turn in their work from the movie.

Tomorrow students will take the first 1/2 of their final exam.

Wednesday students will take the second 1/2 of their final exam.

Thank you for a great year!  Have a great summer and best of luck in 8th grade.

Cultural Extension

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Today  was our final Cultural Extension day and I hope you enjoyed eating with chop sticks, folding origami, and making fish kites.  My 3rd period will finish their kites on Monday (the fish will be dry then).

Monday we will continue Gandhi.  I will not post a study guide so while you are working on the study guide I gave youo, if you have a question bring it to ask.

Monday is also the last day to use your locker.  Do not bring book bags on the last two (early release) days.

Our final will be given over the last two days of school.  1/2 on Tuesday and 1/2 on Wednesday.  You will see all classes those days.

Homework: Study!  The quizziz review link on Thursday’s blog is still open.

Thursday May 16- Information to Share

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Olympic day yesterday was great!  Tomorrow we will view a movie (all of 7th grade) during connections time while 6th grade has Olympic Activities.  This will take place in homeroom classes.

Today was the retake for the history summative.

Tomorrow is the SLO (data collected, like Milestones, for permanent record/testing records)

Friday Cultural Extension (we still need 3 volunteers)

Monday Retake for Map Test

Tues/Wed- Final Exam (summative…no retakes).  Use notebook you created as a study tool.  Study guide given last week, all past study guides are good to use as well.


Final Blog Post (Possibly)

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I feel that I am posting the same things over and over since we are just wrapping up the year so I am going to post all information and this may possibly be the last post for the year.  Check back however, just in case.

These are the plans as we finish out our last days of the 2017-2018 school year:

Tuesday, May 15 Olympic field day

**If the field day is rained out and we have regular academic classes, those that are needing to take the History Retake will do so (they were told this last week).

Wednesday, May 16 Regular Day

**If the field day is NOT rained out, we will take the History retake in class.  There will also be a retake available for those that failed the Map Assessment.  Those that did not need to retake will watch Gandhi

Thursday, May 17 Regular Day

**Those that need to complete the Map retake will do so. The rest will finish watch Gandhi

Friday, May 18 Cultural Extension Day

**We are still in need of 3 volunteers to help serve during the food tasting portion of the day

Sign-Up Here

Monday, May 21 Regular Day


Tuesday and Wednesday May 22 and 23 (Early Release)

Final Exams….will take 2 days

I will have help session on Tuesday to make up the missed History or Map tests.


Week of May 14-18

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This week is a busy week!  Monday/Map Final Summative AND Hawk Time, Tuesday/Olympic Day, Thursday/Social Studies       S L O test.

Cultural Extension is Friday!

We will also be reviewing for the upcoming SLO and Finals.   Finals are the last two days of school (Early  Release)

This week, help session will be to make up the History Summative from Thursday, 5/10 if necessary and to review.



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Parents:  We are still in need of 3 volunteers for Friday’s Cultural Extension Day.  You can sign up on the link below.

Sign Up Here

KLEENEX!!!  Thank you to the mom that sent in the box on Friday morning!  You always come through.  If anyone else can send in a few boxes of kleenex I would be most grateful!


Today the students watched Gandhi.  If they did not show mastery on the History Test a remediation assignment was given as well as the opportunity to ask me questions.  The retake will be during class next week, Tuesday if the Olympic Field Day is rained out, Wednesday if it is not.  The remediation assignment is posted below if you  were absent.

The past several days I have posted quizziz links to practice for the history AND the map tests.

Map Final over all 3 regions we have studied this year will be taken on Monday.  Practice pages were given yesterday and review links posted on the blog.

Homework: Study for Monday’s Map Assessment.

History Summative Today

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PLEASE DONATE TISSUES!!!  We are completely out.

The History summative was taken and posted today.  Congratulations on doing such a good job.  Those that didn’t make the mark, so much was available to help.  Please prepare!

Monday, Map Final- All students were given a map practice to do.   All maps are in their notebooks

Everyone received a study packet for the SLO and Final Exam.  Also, practice was placed on the blog the other day too.

Homework: Review.  Be ready!

Parents: If you do not want your student to watch Gandhi, please send back the Opt out note.  We will begin the movie tomorrow.