Map Test was Friday and Today…Biomes

Today we  will be looking at the Sahara/Sahel and the Savanna by watching two Africa’s Child Videos.  After each video, we reviewed the question and the similarities and differences of this area to our everyday life.

Homework: Review today’s work.  There will be a quiz over this material next week.

USA Test Prep work:  Africa should be finished by 12/13, Government by 12/7, and Economics by 12/20. Many students have already finished all of this work.  If not, make sure you finish by the due dates.

I was out Wednesday, Test moved to Friday

I was out sick on Wednesday, fighting off a chest cold or something.  Therefore, the test scheduled for today will be given tomorrow.  The students will finish up work and review in class today.

USA Test Prep assignment for Africa and Government should be being worked on.  There will be a due date for these assignments announced soon.

Homework: Study for the Map Summative.

Africa Maps Finished

Today we finished creating our Africa Maps and each group had a specific assignment to complete.  Each group should be finished when they come to class tomorrow.  We will complete another activity using our maps and textbook tomorrow and the Summative over Africa will be Thursday.

Don’t forget to use USA Test Prep to practice for Africa Geography as well as government.  There will be government questions on Thursday’s test like I have been telling you to prepare for.

Homework: Study for Thursday’s test and make sure that your classwork is finished.

African Geography Map

African Geography Map with Bonus Questions


African Geography

Today the students worked on completing a political and physical map of Africa.  There will be a summative over these maps on Thursday.  Start reviewing NOW.

Homework:  Review maps and work on USA Test Prep African Geography

Finishing up SWA Economics

Today the students used their notes from yesterday to complete and activity and this closes the chapter (for now) on our study of SWA.  We will begin the geography of Africa on Monday.

Students preview read in class today pages 186-187.  If they worked too long on their other activity they may not have read in class and should do so at home.


Economies of Turkey, Israel, and Saudi Arabia

Today the students were given time to visit 3 different country stations and gather information about the economies within these countries.    The students started reading about these countries (and answering questions) in class yesterday.

Today 1/2 the class worked on yesterday’s assignment and the other’s visited the country stations.  Then the groups switched places.

Anything not finished was allowed to go home to complete.

Students were also given a “study guide” for tomorrow’s activity which is due tomorrow.   We are not taking a quiz as formerly planned on Friday, but the students will complete an assignment that will be graded.

It has been a good week at Lovinggood.  The Color Battle has been postponed until December 10th due to the weather.  We will continue fundraising through next week.

We will begin African Geography next week.

Homework: Finish any work not completed in class today.

Economic Checkpoint

Today the students took their Economic Checkpoint according to their pretest and tiered activities.  Afterward, the students began reading to prepare for our activity tomorrow.

Homework tonight: Review the work you did after the quiz. If you did not read anything in class, I will put the pages  here for you to review tonight. 

  • Read Pages 112-115
  • Read Pages 139-142
  • Read Pages 168-172

As announced in class this week, we will finish SWA this week and start African Geography on Monday.  There will be a map summative over the information we learn next week on December the 6th.


Back on Tuesday

I apologize, Brady and I were under the weather yesterday.  Today we were supposed to take a checkpoint over the work done the week prior to the holiday.  We did a tiered/differentiated review of Economics (Basics).  That checkpoint was pushed to tomorrow since I was not here.

Today the students practiced with questions from the book (that they should have completed during the task completion).  They were able to see what they missed and check over it so they could prepare for tomorrow.  3rd period didn’t have as long and will get to review some tomorrow due to the extended time in class (lunch class).

If students showed mastery on the pretest, they will be able to keep that score on the checkpoint.

Homework: Review.  The questions are in the resource tab for SWA Gov/Econ so you can see them again.



The students were given another work day and most are finished with their assigned tasks.  A few that were absent or making up work may still have a bit to do and were instructed to work on it at home.  Those with just a bit will have time to finish before I collect it on Monday.

There will be a checkpoint over Vocabulary on Tuesday and a formative on Friday of all Economics.

Homework: Have a great holiday and be safe


Work Session Today

Today, all students worked on their differentiated assignment.  The students are reviewing the areas that the did not remember from last year.  Tomorrow will be another chance to work and complete.  We will have a checkpoint after the holiday break.

Homework:  You know what you need to work on for the assignment.  If you just need to review vocabulary, spend 10-15 min on it.

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