Thursday PM edition

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Today in class students worked on remediation for the retake if they scored below a 75 on the summative yesterday.  They will retake the test in class tomorrow.  Several need to attend help session tomorrow to complete this remediation.  I will be here at 8:15 for those students only this time.  Regular tutoring/help sessions resume the week we return from break.

Those retaking should still take advantage of the items on the blog posted this morning.

The majority of students worked on the vocabulary preview today.  This was over Gov/Econ of Africa.  This information will remain on the blog for everyone to finish prior to the due date (TBA).

Homework: Review vocabulary and study if taking a retake.

Remediation and Extension

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If you ARE retaking:

  1. Get your Gradecam, copy of the test, and Test Corrections page
  2. Complete the Test Corrections handout.
  3. Quizizz
    • Game Code – 813702
    • Login using your FIRST NAME and LAST INITIAL.
  4. Once you have finished the Quizizz, look at the ones your missed.
    • Count how many IMPERIALISM, INDEPENDENCE, and APARTHEID you missed
    • This will let you know what area you need to study tonight.
  5. African History 2018 Study Guide

If you are NOT retaking:

  1. Get a Government and Economy Vocabulary Page
    • Complete the Definitions and Symbols for each term.
    • Quizlet
  2. Preview Government and Economic of Africa
    • Quizizz
      • Government – 397824
      • Economy – 201986

Apartheid Checkpoint

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Tutoring will be held tomorrow morning in room 708 with Mr. Rhodes at 8am.  All welcome.

Today in class there was a pop vocabulary quiz along with an Apartheid Checkpoint.  This checkpoint was announced by me last week to take place on Friday, February 9.  However, since I was out with the flu the checkpoint was moved to today.  This was posted on my door,  announced, and posted on my blog on Monday evening.  The test that was originally scheduled for today was moved to tomorrow, Wednesday, Feb. 14.

The summative, which is over Africa “History”, will be taken in class tomorrow.  This will cover  Imperialism/Colonization, Independence of Kenya and Nigeria, and Apartheid in South Africa.  I gave the study guide out last week.  Please check Monday’s blog post for additional practice.

Homework: Study for Africa History Test

In class today, time was given to work on anything that students may not have finished during my absence.  We will also have a bit of time tomorrow and Thursday.  The work will be collected Thursday.  Several asked to submit it today, but I have instructed them to hold it since the test is tomorrow and I will collect it all on Thursday.

Monday 2/12/2018

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No help session Feb, 13. Thank you all for being understanding as I have been getting over the flu. Thanks to Mr. Rhodes for all of his help too.

Mrs. Robinson


Mrs. Robinson should be back in class with you tomorrow. Please make sure that you bring all the assignments you have been working on with you to class. The new dates for your upcoming assessments are posted below, along with resources to help you prepare. This was also posted on Mrs. Robinson’s door.

-Mr. Rhodes

  1. Apartheid Check (formative) – Tomorrow 2/13

Quizizz Game Code: 035561

  1. African History Test (summative) – Wednesday 2/14

Quizizz Game Code: 480056

African History 2018 Study Guide

Tuesday February 6, 2018

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Complete the following SRA questions and then go to yesterday’s inquiry blog and pick up where you left off.  Once you finish the powerpoint, there is more to explore.  I added two videos, several links and a podcast.

151. Who was the first president of Kenya?

152. Which country saw an outbreak of war between the Christians in the south and the Muslims in the north after their independence from Great Britain?

Don’t forget, there will be a formative on Friday.



Monday Night Post

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The next help session will take place Wednesday, February 7 in Mr. Rhodes room at 8am.  All work can be done, made up, at that session.  I am not feeling well and I don’t want anyone to come in and me be too sick to come to school.

Today the students worked on an inquiry lesson and we will continue tomorrow.  There will be new additions and everyone should bring earbuds/headphones for the laptops.

Homework:  Review your notes.  You will have a formative on Friday over Apartheid.

Apartheid Inquiry Lesson

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You should copy your homework into your agenda.

You should answer the following two questions onto your SRA Warm-Up Page.

  1. A movement that seeks to bring together and uplift people of African descent is known as __________.
  2. True or False? When African countries became independent from Europe, many governments were taken over by military dictators.

Click on the following link to run the Powerpoint.  Follow all directions and take notes on your organizer.

Apartheid in south Africa

South Africa-Apartheid Overview

South Africa in Images

After working through the powerpoint, continue exploring with the following links and videos.

BBC Video Archives Apartheid

BBC Article Nelson Mandela’s Life and Times

Nelson Mandela Foundation

Video: 46 years in 90 Seconds

Podcast: Stuff you should know- Apartheid

Week of February 5-9

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SS7H1 The student will analyze continuity and change in Africa leading to the 21st century.

This week we will be involved in an Inquiry Lesson over apartheid in South Africa.  There will be a checkpoint over the material at the end of the week.  This will conclude our history standards so watch the blogs and your student agendas for announced test dates.

We are also going to be at the 4 ½ week mark and progress reports will be posted.  If you have been out sick and need to make up an assessments, please make plans to attend a help session to take care of those.

My Tuesday help session is cancelled this week.  The school-wide Social Studies tutoring takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8am in Mr. Rhodes room and you can make up any work there as well.  All are welcome.

Brief Constructed Response

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Today students finished their BCR over Independence in Nigeria and Kenya.  Students also turned in their KIM charts for history (these were given out on January 23rd with class time to work on them.  The information to complete them went on the blog that night.  The students had two weeks to complete this work.  These will be marked and returned on Monday.

Homework:  Review Independence notes.  This will be on the summative over History at the end of the unit.

Bring Earbuds/Headphones to school on Monday for an Inquiry Lesson


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Today we finished our group work and prepared to write a BCR in class tomorrow.  Students completed a description comparison and checked it in class (1st-3rd).  4th had one group that needs to complete that page for homework and 5th period had several that needed to finish.  This should be done for homework if not completed in class (TOC #8).

Homework:  Review notes

SRA collection tomorrow

KIM Chart due Friday