Geography Bee and Vocabulary Crossword

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Today we started the Geography Bee in class and will finish up tomorrow.  Students worked on a crossword puzzle to review government vocabulary.  These will be collected at the end of class tomorrow.  The current events are due tomorrow and most have finished them.  I am including the article here if you are not finished (they were also under the desks in class today for anyone that needed one).

Pal_Israli Peace Effort Current Event-18617ms

Homework:  Review Vocabulary and Complete your current event if you need too

Friday is Cultural Extension Day.  Part of that day will include food sampling.  The food is being catered by The Jerusalem Bakery on 1175 Franklin Gateway, Marietta 30067.  We will serve hummus, pita, and chicken shawarma.  The chicken is prepared using the Levantine method.  Here is the number for the restaurant 770-419-1666 and their website is

2 Democracies

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Today in class we reviewed the two democracies.  We will go over this in class tomorrow.  You should review your government vocabulary tonight, we will work with it tomorrow.  If you didn’t finish the vocabulary (Yellow page) today, the information is on the government resource tab.

Homework:  Study Government Vocabulary.

Performing Arts tomorrow during 4th Period.  Cultural Extension is Friday!

I will have to put the Current Event article on tomorrow’s blog.  I cannot find it electronically.


Modern Conflicts quiz

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Shout out to all those 100’s and A’s on the Modern Conflicts quiz!!! Woohooo!  Nice work.  Effort pays off.  If you didn’t score what you would have liked too, what did you do to prepare?  Did you do all of  your classwork on time last week?  Review each night?  If you were absent today or Friday and didn’t take today’s quiz, you should come to help session tomorrow at 8:15.

Note to parents: Progress reports go out near the end of this week and that reflects any assignment done prior to November 10, the grades in synergy are not the same because I am recording grades this week.  

In class today the students reviewed and then took the Modern Conflicts quiz.  Afterward, they worked on a review of Government Vocabulary from last year.

Homework:  Review the Government Vocabulary page

Week 15 November 13-17

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SS7CG3 Compare and contrast various forms of government. a. Explain citizen participation in autocratic and democratic governments [i.e., the role of citizens in choosing the leaders of Israel (parliamentary democracy), Saudi Arabia (autocratic monarchy), and Turkey (parliamentary democracy)]. b. Describe the two predominant forms of democratic governments: parliamentary and presidential


This week we have a quiz over Modern Conflicts.   We will then begin Government in SWA the rest of the week by reviewing Presidential and Parliamentary Democracy and then with time remaining begin comparing governments of the countries listed in the standard.  Wednesday of this week is performing arts.  If you have not sent in your permission form please bring that in ASAP (donations are accepted NOT required).  Also, our first Cultural Extension will be Friday.

*As always, resources can be found on the resource page of the blog.

Mondays and Wednesdays, Mr. Rhodes will be holding the LMS 7th grade Social Studies tutoring  at 8am and all 7th graders are welcome to attend.  I will still hold my help session on Tuesdays.

1st Two Conflicts (Persian Gulf War & September 11)

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Today in class we went over the notes from yesterday. I am placing these in the resource tab for those that may have been absent.

The students then completed a True/False page to add to the notes.  Students were able to check this in class as well.

Tonight, if students did not finish the back of the organizer, they can use the text on the blog to complete the other two conflict’s notes.

Remember, there is an assessment on Monday over the conflicts.  Also, those that are choosing to retake the History Part 1 test will take it during class tomorrow.

Homework:  Review today’s notes for Monday’s quiz.  (Those of you who came to class unprepared today have much more to finish.)

Modern Conflicts and Test Remediation

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Today students used a graphic organizer and read about 4 modern conflicts of SWA and how the U.S. was involved.  I am placing the text reading on the resource tab for anyone that needs to finish this tonight.

Students scoring 74 or below met with me briefly to go over a remediation assignment.  This should be worked on tonight so that students can ask questions tomorrow before the retake on Friday.  Others can opt for the retake as well on Friday.  Any classwork missed during these times must be done at home.

There will be an assessment over the Modern Conflicts on Monday.

Homework: Review the Persian Gulf War and Sept. 11 attacks for tomorrow’s activity.

2nd Summative- Why is there conflict in Israel-Palestine?

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Yesterday I updated synergy with a summative (test) and a formative (SRA) grade.  Today I am putting in the writing as a Summative.  The amount of notes, time, research and the rubric warrants this as a summative grade.  I hope to have them all in today but definitely by the end of the week for Progress Reports.

Again…great job on the Test yesterday!  I was proud of the work you put in to prepare…just  remember it will be easier next time to do a little every night.

Enjoy your day off.  I will see you all tomorrow.

If you  were absent for the writing of this assignment, make sure you  have finished your research, the information is in the history tab on the blog.  I have help session tomorrow at 8:15 and you  should come to write if you were absent.  Many of you  already made this up but if you didn’t, you need to prior to progress reports.

History Test today

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Way to go!  Each class today had a B average on the history test with 20 people scoring a perfect 100%.  I am glad you all learned that studying will pay off, but let’s work a bit each day and take some stress off yourself (and your parents) for the rest of the year ok?

After the test we worked on a current event assignment.  That will be turned in on Friday.

Remember there is no school for students tomorrow.

Tonight there is no homework.