December 6

AP Literature Dec. 7-11

Week 17

Monday, December 7

  1. HOD quiz Book 2
  2. Assign Schoology post.
  3. Research directors and films for the director project.

*Homework: HOD Book 3 quiz Wed.; Schoology post Wed., POL performances Fri.

Learning goal(s): Create an engaging, interactive presentation to present your findings to the class.


Tuesday, December 8

  1. Analyze “The Leap” by James Dickey; apply analytical skills to POL poems to complete TPFASTT

*Homework: HOD Book 3 quiz Wed.; Schoology post Wed.; POL performances Fri.

Learning Goal(s): Understand the historical context of the novel; Understand the power of imagery and how language can create that impression.         


Wednesday, December 9

  1. Warm-up: FRQ (HOTs–composition)
  2. Practice POL and research director projects.

*Homework: POL performances Fri.

Learning goal(s): Apply writing feedback to new topics. 


Thursday, December 10

  1. SLO
  2. Research for Director Projects

*Homework: POL performances Fri.

Learning goal(s): View film as a “text”; apply knowledge of how texts are constructed to analyze “author” style and theme.


Friday, December 11

  1. Perform Poetry Out Loud poems
  2. Present director projects


Learning goal(s): Better understand poetry through recitation.

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