January 8

Honors 9th Literature January 11-15

9th Lit Honors                          January 11-15, 2016


Planning Your Week:

Monday, Jan. 11: Turn in “Making the Grade” timed writing (limit yourself to about 40 minutes of writing; this should not be a formal, polished paper).

Thursday, Jan. 14: Bring 2 poems printed from the Poetry Out Loud website

Friday, Jan. 15: Vocab Assessment Unit 1


Monday, January 11

LG: Analyze writing to improve skills with claims, evidence, and interpretation.

  1. Introduce Vocab. Unit 1.   (Complete book exercises and have questions ready about words by Wednesday.); demonstrate punctuation key and format of the book; review online access; read the passage at the beginning of the unit; and review etymology and connotations of words.
  2. Model exemplary discussion using peer review from last week’s timed writing.
  3. Introduce portfolio requirements (FAQ, Rubric, Due Date Checklist).


 Tuesday, January 12

LG: Review basic grammar skills and poetry terms.

  1. Continue Vocabulary Unit 1
  2. Create foldables for parts of speech review; assess phrases (pre-test)
  3. Compose a reflection for “Making the Grade” or Mini-me/Character Trait paragraph
  4. POL video   http://www.poetryoutloud.org/poems-and-performance/watch-video/why-pol 
  5. Intro how to find a poem for the Poetry Out Loud Assignment
  6. Hand out terms list and discuss most common literary devices/terms

HOMEWORK: Choose two poems from the www.poetryoutloud.org website. Print poems and bring to class this Thursday.


Wednesday, January 13

LG: Make and support a claim that demonstrates understanding of figurative language and meaning.

  1. Vocabulary Unit 1: Exploring connotation and denotation
  2. Assess sentence modeling. *Differentiation: students are grouped homogeneously based on phrases pre-test
  3. Poetry Analysis: “How to Read Poetry” handout
  4. Imagery Lesson: Groups will analyze passages for different types of imagery.
  5. Students will work in pairs to analyze the one of the following poems according to “How to Read Poetry.”
    • “When I Am Asked” by Lisa Mueler  (Diff: on-target students)
    • “Constantly Risking Absurdity” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti (Diff: challenge-ready students)


Thursday, January 14

LG:  Make and support a claim that demonstrates understanding of figurative language and meaning.

  1. Check Poetry Out Loud poems (two poems printed from the website)
  2. Introduce Killgallon method of sentence chunking (unscramble, combine, imitate)
  3. Continue discussion of Ferlinghetti and Mueller poems
  4. Using your “How To Read Poetry” analysis, write a paragraph that makes a claim about the poem.
    • Title, Author, Genre (TAG) sentence
    • Claim sentence
    • Evidence of claim

Friday, January 15

LG: Write an autobiographical poem using figurative language and a variety of word relationships.

  1. Vocab Unit #1 Assessment
  2. Introduce “Where I’m From”
  3. View several examples of previous “Where I’m From” projects.
  4. Teacher model of “My Town” for Where I’m From Brainstorm


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