January 15

Honors 9th Lit. January 19-22

9th Lit Honors                          January 19-22, 2016    

 Planning Your Week:

**No new vocab. this week! We will use the unit 1 words in your writing.

W 1/20: Bring Poetry Out Loud (POL) poems to class to finish annotations and TPFASST analysis for both POL poems. You will also practice reciting one of the poems.
Th 1/21:  Poetry Out Loud (POL) recitation presentations

Focus Standard:  ELAGSE9-10RL4: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in the text, including figurative and connotative meanings; analyze the cumulative impact of specific word choices on meaning and tone.

Learning Goals: Analyze and create figurative language; use connotative meanings of words for purposeful effect; demonstrate quality sentence and paragraph structure.


Monday, January 18

MLK, Jr. Holiday


Tuesday, January 19

  1. Review annotating poetry with the “How to Read Poetry” method and TPFASST.
  2. Compose tone paragraph for “When I Am Asked” or “Constantly Risking Absurdity”; incorporate three vocabulary words from unit 1.
  3. Annotate Poetry Out Loud poems and begin TPFASST analysis.
  4. Create parts of speech foldable.
  5. Introduce Daily Grammar Practice (DGP) method for reviewing 6th-8th grade language standards; identify parts of speech.


Wednesday, January 20

  1. Continue sentence analysis with DGP: identify parts of the sentence, including phrases and clauses and punctuate.
  2. Work with small groups to practice POL recitation delivery and revise annotations and TPFASST as needed.
  3. Introduce Where I’m From poem assignment; brainstorm people, places, and memories that can be potential sources for imagery and other figurative language. Model “My Town.”


Thursday, January 21

  1. Poetry Out Loud recitations
  2. Analyze autobiographical poetry using the 13 questions from How to Read Poetry:  “George Gray” and “Fiddler Jones” by Edgar Lee Masters


Friday, January 22

  1. Apply DGP concepts: Imitate the sentence.
  2. Review autobiographical poetry; write a paragraph to answer this question:  How do the figurative language devices and specific diction choices work to create the persona and mood in each poem?  Use at least three vocab unit 1 words and at least one sentence that imitates the DGP sentence structure.
  3. Continue writing Where I’m From poem, working to produce quality figures of speech and sound elements.



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