January 22

Honors 9th Literature Jan. 25-29

9th Lit Honors                          January 25-29, 2016    


Planning Your Week:

M 1/25: Bring a rough draft of your Where I’m From poem

W 1/27: Final, labeled draft of your Where I’m From poem is due.

F 1/29: Vocab Unit #2 quiz


Monday, January 25

  1. Introduce Vocab. Unit 2
  2. DGP #21: Identify parts of speech, parts of sentence, clauses, and punctuation. Imitate the sentence.
  3. Review “Fiddler Jones/George Gray” paragraph and rubric; diagram the structure, labeling claims, evidence, and interpretation.
  4. Revise “Where I’m From” drafts to meet the requirements and include better figurative language.
  5. Introduce biography/autobiography/memoir choice book assignment; think about your interests (sports, politics, celebrities, history, scientific advancement, inventors, writers, artists, humanitarians, etc.). If you have a book at home (one you purchase or obtain from the public library), bring it to class so I can check it.


Tuesday, January 26

  1. Media Center Orientation
  2. Check out biography/autobiography/memoir choice book.
  3. Complete Vocab Unit 2 antonyms, synonyms, and completing the sentences.
  4. Revise and label your Where I’m From poem.

Wednesday, January 27

  1. Lab 113-Create Where I’m From presentation shells
  2. Revise “George Gray” and “Fiddler Jones” and draft portfolio reflections

 Thursday, January 28

  1. Read “The News” in your textbook on pp. 476-487.  Answer the Reading Check questions in the margins at the bottom of each odd page.  Answer parts a) and b) of “the BIG question” on p. 486:  Is knowledge the same as understanding?
  2. Compose a response to the EOC prompt for “The News.”
  3. Read “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X for tomorrow’s lesson.  Find the main claim. Complete for homework if necessary.

Friday, January 29

  1. Vocab Unit #2  Quiz
  2. Analyze “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X.  Groups of three complete a nonfiction analysis.
  3. Read excerpts from Rescuing Malcolm X From His Calculated Myths; annotate the piece, noting similarities and differences to the “Learning to Read” biography.
  4. Compare and contrast the two articles using a point-by-point comparison graphic organizer.





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