January 29

AP Literature Feb. 1-5

WEEK 5 (Remember, all documents can be found in Schoology.)

 Monday, February 1

  1. Warm-up: Multiple Choice Monday
  2. Anticipation guide strategy: Assess the given statements, asserting your opinion and persuading others to take your position. (Kahoots! Game and discussion)
  3. Othello introductory scenarios (write, rehearse, & perform a skit to flesh out the given scenario connecting modern situations to themes/events in the play)


 Learning goal(s): Understand a range of themes that will be addressed in Othello.


Tuesday, February 2

  1. Warm-up: Creative Writing Tuesday
  2. Finish writing and perform introductory scenarios (see Monday’s plan).
  3. Distribute play map
  4. Complete a round-robin reading of 1.1.74-160 (Lesson 2 “Zounds, Sir, You’re Robbed”)—
    • students sit in a circle and read a complete thought, stopping at the period, question mark, exclamation mark, or semicolon
    • read part-by-part instead of sentence-by-sentence; jot down notes circling unfamiliar words and writing questions
    • discuss the action:
    • who are Roderigo & Iago? What kind of people are they? What does each seem to want from the other? Who’s in control? What has just happened? Who is Brabantio? What sort of person do you think the Moor is? What about Brabantio’s daughter—how do you picture her? Why is it that neither Othello nor Desdemona is mentioned by name in this scene?
    • What sort of language does Iago use to tell Brabantio of his daughter’s elopement? On what sort of fears and prejudices is Iago playing?
  5. Divide the scene into three sections; cast a different set of actors for each section & have students read in succession. Discuss the differences between the readings & instruct them to try to imagine the voices as they continue reading.)
  6. Act the scene—cast characters; the rest of the class will serve as directors to suggest movement, inflection, & interpretation.
  7. Finish reading 1.1; discuss the following questions:
    • Why do Iago, Roderigo, & Brabantio hate the man they are discussing?
    • What reasons does Iago give for continuing to follow his master?
    • What kind of person do you expect the man they discuss to be? How do you imagine him? Count the number of times the word Moor is used in 1.1. Can you draw any conclusions?


Learning goal(s): Understand a range of themes that will be addressed in Othello.


Wednesday, February 3

  1. FRQ Wednesday
  2. Assign dramaturgy research projects (Lesson 3 “I Am Not What I Am”)
  3. Introduce museum research projects and select novels.

*Homework:  Complete the “Top 3 Novel Choices” survey in Schoology after researching the options for the museum project.

 Learning Goal(s): Use further research to enhance your understanding of a literary text; develop effective presentation skills.


Thursday, February 4

  1. Warm-up: Review Schoology Post ideas
  2. Review Othello 1; complete discussion from Tuesday.

*Homework:  Complete the “Top 3 Novel Choices” survey in Schoology after researching the options for the museum project.

 Learning goal(s): Demonstrate mastery of standards on timed writing assessment.


Friday, February 5

  1. Warm-up: Fun Friday!
  2. Meet with research novel groups to select roles, exchange contact into, and plan a reading schedule.
  3. Present Venice/Cyprus and Moors/Turks dramaturgy.
  4. View the prologue from the BBC and Fishburne versions of the movie; compare & contrast the directors’ choices.
  5. Create hats for the major characters. (Lesson 3 “I Am Not What I Am”)

*Homework:  Read research novels; prepare for group meetings.

Learning Goal(s): Identify a range of interpretations of a play script.


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