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Honors 9th Lit Feb. 2-5

9th Lit Honors                          February 1-5, 2016     


Planning Your Week:

T 2/2: Final, polished multimedia presentations of Where I’m From poem due (see Monday’s plan and the Where I’m From Assignment Rev S16); Extra Credit Opportunity: A Midsummer Night’s Dream performance tonight (9th Extra Credit Midsummer Nights Dream sp16).

W 2/3: Bring annotated LearningtoreadbyMalcolmX

F 2/5: Vocab Unit #3 assignment (see Monday’s plan/prompt); compare/contrast paragraph on Malcolm X with reflection due (typed, in MLA format)

Th 2/11: Portfolio Check #1

F 2/12: Nonfiction choice book analysis due (CCS bio autobio mem assignment)


Learning Goal: Use software tools to enhance your “Where I’m From” presentation with transitions, fonts, graphics, photos, sounds, and narration.

Focus Standards: ELAGSEL9-10W6: Use technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing products, taking advantage of technology’s capacity to link to other information and to display information flexibly and dynamically.


Monday, February 1

  1. Introduce vocabulary unit 3; read the opening passage. Compose an answer to the following prompt: Compare and contrast the modern techniques of crime-scene investigation and explain which one you believe provides the most effective evidence for identifying and ultimately prosecuting criminals. Use at least two details (quotes) from the passage (in the vocab. book) and seven unit words to support your view.
  2. Computer Lab: Develop your “Where I’m From” multimedia presentation.
    • Arrange visual elements (photographs, images, words, fonts, colors, transitions)
    • Layer auditory elements (narration/voice-over; music)
  3. Continue composing & typing portfolio materials for Check #1 due Thurs. Feb. 11
    • Cover sheet and binder
    • 5 original pieces
    • 5 reflections on original pieces
    • 2 famous authors’ works (a poem or a passage from a book)
    • 3 reflections on famous authors’ works

HOMEWORK – DUE WEDNESDAY, FEB. 3: Read LearningtoreadbyMalcolmX; annotate the article (define unknown words, write questions about confusing parts, make connections), focusing on Malcolm X’s claim about life and the diction he uses to make his claim. Complete Malcolm X Graphic Organizer


Tuesday, February 2

  1. Computer Lab: “Where I’m From” multimedia presentation—verify all required elements on the rubric, and save as a movie file (portable from computer to computer; it should run by itself when you press play).
  2. Find and print an article to compare to your nonfiction book due Feb. 12.
  3. Continue composing and typing portfolio materials due for Check #1 Feb. 11


Wednesday, February 3

  1. Analyze “Learning to Read” by Malcolm X.  Groups of three complete a nonfiction analysis.
  2. Read excerpts from Rescuing Malcolm X From His Calculated Myths (Rescuing Malcolm X From His Calculated Myths); annotate the piece, noting similarities and differences to the “Learning to Read” biography.
  3. Compare and contrast the two articles using a point-by-point comparison graphic organizer (Malcolm X Point Comparison)


HOMEWORK DUE FRIDAY: Compose a compare/contrast paragraph response to the prompt from the graphic organizer (typed, in MLA format); add three vocabulary words; include a reflection on this original piece for your portfolio.


Thursday, February 4

  1. Present “Where I’m From” poems


Friday, February 5

  1. Turn in Malcolm X comparison assignment & Vocab. Unit 3 prompt (see Monday’s plan).
  2. Turn in A Midsummer Night’s Dream extra credit (optional)
  3. Present “Where I’m From” poems

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