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Honors 9th Literature February 29-March 1

9th Lit Honors                                   


Planning Your Week: February 29-March 1

M 2/29: Quiz on The Night Circus Part I p. 1-116.

W 3/2: Due: reading of The Tempest Act II Scenes 1-2 with character tracker & theme tracker. No Fear Tempest

Th 3/3: Registration (bring your documents to class)

F 3/4: Vocab. Unit 5 Quiz; Khan Academy extra credit due (PSAT practice)


Learning Goal: Draw connections between the characters and themes of The Tempest and those of The Night Circus; develop literary analysis skills.

Focus Standards:  ELACC9-10RL1: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.


Monday, February 29

  1. Introduce vocabulary unit 5 (reading passage and word slide show).
  1. Assess reading/analysis of The Night Circus through p.116 (Part I Quiz).
  2. Compose a literary analysis for Part I.

*Homework: Review The Tempest Act I.


Tuesday, March 1

  1. Finish performing group scenes for Act I Scene 2.
  2. Read/analyze The Tempest Act II, using the study guide. Consider the characters who open Act II: Gonzalo, Adrian, Antonio, Sebastian, Alonso—add characterization and supporting quotes from the text to your character tracker.

*Homework: Finish reading Act II Scenes 1-2; fill in character tracker and complete the Socratic seminar questions.


Wednesday, March 2

  1. Review sections of Act II of The Tempest, comparing/contrasting the film adaption with the original text; analyze the director’s choices and the effects those choices have on the audience’s interpretation of theme. Preview Act III.
  2. Compose a response to the Theme: Utopia prompt; review Gonzalo’s description of a utopia in Act II Scene 1 Lines 152-172 and compare/contrast with your description of a utopia.
  3. View registration video.

*Homework: Bring registration materials to class tomorrow.


Thursday, March 3

  1. Register for next year’s classes.
  2. Read/analyze The Tempest, focusing on Miranda and Ferdinand’s exchange of private vows.
  • Review their first encounter (Act I Scene 2 Lines 490-613).
  • Consider how Ferdinand and Miranda’s love has or has not evolved from Act I to Act III
  • Write a claim statement (topic sentences) that makes a claim about the growth (or lack thereof) of their love/relationship.
  • Compose the rest of the paragraph using at least four quotes (two from Act I and two from Act III), which support your claim; incorporate at least three vocabulary words from unit 6.

*Homework: Study for vocab quiz unit 5.


Friday, March 4

  1. Assess unit 5.
  2. Read Act III, complete discussion questions & fill in theme/character tracker
  3. Respond to Reader Response quote 1 & 2

*Homework: Read The Night Circus through Part II (quiz Wednesday).

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