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Honors 9th Literature April 18-22

Honors 9th Lit April 18-22

EOC REVIEW SESSIONS Review Schedule Spring 2016

Planning Your Week

Sun., 4/17: USA Test Prep due (DOMAIN LANGUAGE TEST only—this will appear as a new assignment; you may finish the other assignment, “Grammar Gods & Goddesses” by 4/22 for extra credit)

W 4/20: Mythical mini-me due

Th 4/21: EOC Crossover Prep essay due Article Citations; read to p. 90 in The Road. Link to Full Text Download Full Text (Read through p. 27 in the pdf).

 F 4/22: Complete two practice games and two assignments in USA Test Prep on your weakest language elements (teacher identified).

W 4/27: Read through p. 175 in The Road

Th 4/28: Portfolio Check #3

M-W 5/2-4: Georgia Milestones End of Course Assessment

F 5/6: Final portfolio due; Read the rest of The Road. 


Monday, April 18

  1. Play “Rebuttal Tennis”
  2. Revise counterclaims and refutations with article groups; add lead-ins and plan your essay.
  3. Introduce The Road; view Oprah’s interviews with Cormac McCarthy. Video Link As you watch each interview, takes notes on important elements and insights. What can we learn about writing from McCarthy?
  4. Read the assigned passage and sketch the scene; use text evidence to create a caption for the drawing; combine scenes to develop a storyboard of the opening of the novel.
  5. Distribute Discussion Guide The Road
  6. Read The Road; discuss setting and mood; share class observations.


Tuesday, April 19

  1. View the video: A Long and Difficult Journey, or The Odyssey: Crash Course Literature 201 Video Link
  2. Note the list of characters in The Odyssey on p. 982 of the textbook; read the epic hero notes.
  3. Read the invocation to The Odyssey p. 981 and “I am Laertes’ Son” p.983.
  4. Revisit your mini-me; create a new “you” as an epic hero.


Wednesday, April 20

  1. Share mini-me epic heroes.
  2. Read “Calypso” and “Polyphemus”; compare and contrast setting.
  3. View The Odyssey Part I; compare and contrast the film adaptation with the text. How do the director’s choices influence the audience’s perception of Odysseus, Calypso, and Polyphemus? How does the director emphasize the traits of an epic hero?


Thursday, April 21

  1. Consider what you have read from The Road, make a prediction about the heroism that may occur in the novel.
  2. EOC Prep: Using the 2-trait rubric from the EOC, assess your own argument paper.
    • Study the rubric
    • Read and annotate your writing. Mark what is good, and what could improve.
    • What are you missing?
    • Give yourself a score.
    • Using the language of the rubric (follow example) write a brief explanation for your grade.
    • Consider revising this piece for your portfolio.
  3. Read The Road.


Friday, April 22

  1. View “Survival” episode of Brain Games; connect the ideas from the episode to reading passages from The Odyssey and The Road
  2. Discussion: So far, who seems to be the “better” hero? The Man, or Odysseus? Why?
  3. EOC Prep: Students will write a short response to the following prompt:  The protagonists from The Odyssey and from The Road can be considered “heroes” in their own way. Argue who is the better hero and why. Use quotes from the Odyssey “Invocation,” “Sailing from Troy,” “Calypso,” and “Polyphemus” and from The Road 1-175. Remember to include claims, reasons, and evidence.

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