April 29

AP Literature May 2-6

Week 16

Monday, May 2

1. Warm-up: MCM Monday Prose/Poetry (2 passages for exam review)

2. Read/analyze HOD Book 3.

*Homework:  HOD Book 3 quiz tomorrow; quotes & questions due.

Tuesday, May 3

1. Warm-up: FRQ Speed Dating (open questions for exam review; last tips for tackling prose & poetry)

2. HOD Book 3 quiz

3. Read/analyze Achebe’s article; prepare for discussion.

*Homework:  AP Exam TOMORROW at Due West UMC South Sanctuary; plan to arrive no later than 7:45 for check-in.


Wednesday, May 4

1. Research directors and plan presentations.



Thursday, May 5

1. Continue researching directors and planning presentations.



Friday, May 6

1. Analyze HOD through Hearts of Darkness documentary.



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