April 29

Honors 9th Literature

Portfolios are due TOMORROW (FRIDAY). 

There will be an extra credit opportunity for this category next week.


Honors 9th Lit May 2-6

Planning Your Week


M-W 5/2-4: Georgia Milestones End of Course Assessment; Feel free to review through USA Test Prep—login and choose any game or activity under 9th Literature/Composition EOC

F 5/6: Final portfolio due; Read the rest of The Road. 

 W 5/11: Literary Analysis questions part 2 for The Road. 

Monday, May 2—Wednesday May 4

  1. Georgia Milestones End of Course Assessment; Lab 516


Thursday, May 5 (Substitute/I will proctoring the AP Calculus Exam)

  1. Computer Lab 9129 to finalize portfolios.
  2. Read The Road; work on literary analysis questions for section 2.


Friday, May 6 

  1. Turn in final portfolios; share your work with a peer.
  2. Continue watching Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief.

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