May 8

Honors 9th Lit May 9-13

Honors 9th Lit May 9-13

Planning Your Week


W 5/11: The Road literary analysis questions due


Monday, May 9

  1. Review The Road part 2 and literary analysis questions.
  2. View Clash of the Gods.

Tuesday, May 10

  1. Read “The Sirens” p. 1071; compare and contrast with Margaret Atwood’s “Siren Song” p.1130-1.
  2. Read “The Cattle of the Sun God” p. 1076-82; review the chronology of Part I.
  3. Review the definition of epic simile on p. 1087.

Wednesday, May 11

  1. Read background for “Part Two: Coming Home” p. 1089
  2. Read “Twenty Years Gone and I am Back Again.” p.1090
  3. View the scene between Odysseus, Eumaeus, Athena, and Telemachus in the film The Odyssey.
  4. Compare the film to the epic.
  5. Read “Argus” pp. 1096-1097
  6. View the painting on p. 1091.
    1. How does Wyeth’s painting convey Eumaeus’ characteristics in the epic?
    2. Compare Wyeth’s portrayal of Eumaeus with Konchalovsky’s in the film.
    3. How does the portrayal of Argus differ in the painting and the film?
  7. Read “The Suitors” and “Penelope” pp. 1097-1103. 

Thursday, May 12

  1. Read “The Challenge” pp. 1103-1105.
  2. Read “Odysseus’ Revenge” pp. 1107-1111.
  3. Read “Penelope’s Test” pp.1111-1114.
  4. View the remainder of the film The Odyssey and compare to the epic.

Friday, May 13 (Substitute/I will be proctoring the AP Human Geography exam)

  1. Continue watching Clash of the Gods.

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