September 3

Honors World Literature Sept. 6-9

Planning Your Week:

Continue revising your essay due Friday. Keep all drafts and editing notes, and submit to

Sun. 9/4—Membean practice due (make sure your accuracy is 85% or greater to earn full credit).

Wed. 9/7—Bring your 2 poems from the Poetry Out Loud site. Membean vocabulary assessment (must be completed Wednesday afternoon).

Fri. 9/9–Bring a hard copy of your revised, typed essay to class along with your rough draft and editing notes. You should also submit your file to before class.

**Our next unit is on The Joy Luck Club, a novel by Amy Tan. Please obtain a copy (Amazon or Barnes and Noble are similarly priced at $9.52). Contact me if you have any issues with obtaining the book.** Or read online at The Joy Luck Club pdf.


*Vocab. Study Plan: Complete Membean practice in 15 minute increments or less.


Monday, September 5—Labor Day Holiday


Tuesday, September 6

LG: Formulate and share opinions about the immigrant experience and the idea of game play.

  1. IAN: Expand the analogy of the experience of the Uno game to the immigrant experience. Explain the social and cultural importance of games. Use at least three Membean words in your response; highlight each word.
  2. Anticipation Guide: Assess the statements and formulate your opinion; assert yourself and persuade others to see your point of view.
  3. Review reading schedule and dialectical journal assignment for reading.
  4. Read The Joy Luck Club opening prologue and chapter 1: “The Joy Luck Club”; examine the structure of the novel and complete dialectical journal entries.

*Homework: Bring your Poetry Out Loud poems to class tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 7

LG: Apply skills for close reading, gathering evidence, and making inferences to poems.  

  1. IAN: Return to your TPFASST for “Ode on a Grecian Urn”; complete analysis of the poem.
  2. Analyze Chinese poetry for cultural and thematic concepts.
  3. Apply TPFASTT method for analyzing to your Poetry Out Loud poems (mark hard stop punctuation; identify nouns, verbs, modifiers; differentiate between concrete & abstract ideas; look up unfamiliar words; begin analyzing theme).

*Homework: Complete Membean vocabulary assessment.


Thursday, September 8

LG: Develop understanding of another culture’s beliefs and values.

  1. PSAT skills review: read the article “World War II and San Francisco” and answer the questions; review strategies for Reading: Information and Ideas.
  2. Analyze illustrations from Chinese Fables using the Feldman Method of Art Criticism.
  3. Read Chinese myths from Chinese Fables and
  • What do you learn about Chinese customs?
  • What is the position of or attitude towards women?
  • What beliefs or morals are put forth?
  • What mystical or enigmatic elements does each have?
  1. Read/analyze The Joy Luck Club chapter 2-3: “Scar” and “The Red Candle”; complete dialectical journal entries. Consider how emigrating to the United States from China affected people’s values.

*Homework: Finish your essay revisions and submit to; bring a printed copy to turn in to me tomorrow.


Friday, September 9

LG: Understand author’s rhetorical strategies in literary works, focusing on word choices and how they create meaning/tone. 

  1. IAN: List ways in which parents and children embarrass one another. How do cultural and generational differences affect parent/child relationships?
  2. PSAT skills review: read the short story/prose poem “Girl” by Jamaica Kincaid and answer the questions; review strategies for answering Reading: Rhetoric.
  3. Discuss the parent/child relationship in Kincaid’s “Girl,” making connections to other cultures: compare/contrast which elements seem to be universal vs. those that seem to be cultural.
  4. Read/analyze The Joy Luck Club chapter 4: “The Moon Lady”; complete dialectical journal entries.


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