September 23

Honors World Literature October 3-7

Honors World Literature                            October 3-7  

Planning Your Week:

Early turn in for The Joy Luck Club Literary Analysis Part II and The Joy Luck Club Scholars’ Journal–submit by 4:00 a.m. (Friday night/Saturday morning Sept. 23-4) for extra credit. Otherwise you must submit by 10:00 a.m. Monday, October 3.

No Membean practice required! (Earn extra credit if you choose to do practice this week; you can earn 10 pts each for completing 45 minutes of practice by Sun., Sept. 25 and 45 minutes of practice by Sun., Oct. 2.).

Mon. 10/3—The Joy Luck Club Scholars’ Journal entries (15 entries from 10 chapters) and Literary Analysis Part II. If you did not participate in early turn-in, these must be submitted to by the start of class Monday morning.

Wed. 10/5–The Joy Luck Club Scholars’ article due at the end of class.

PSAT is October 19. Click here for PSAT guide.


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