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Honors 9th Literature Jan. 30-Feb. 3

Honors 9th Lit                          January 30—February 3, 2017


Planning Your Week:
S 1/29: Membean 45 min. practice

T 1/31: Bring rough draft of “I Remember You” poem

Th 2/2: Final draft of “I Remember You” poem due; bring digital images and audio files to incorporate into your presentation.

S 2/5: Membean 45 min. practice


Monday, January 30

LG: Write an autobiographical poem using figurative language and a variety of word relationships. ELAGSE9-10L5: Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

  1. Killgallon: Sentence combining & unscrambling; connect to PSAT style questions
  2. Review persona, mood, and diction in “George Gray” and “Fiddler Jones”; discuss feedback from EOC prompt
  3. Review “I Remember You” assignment and continue drafting poem
  4. Read nonfiction book and work on scholar’s journal


Tuesday, January 31

  1. Create parts of speech and noun review foldables; connect to PSAT style questions
  2. Read “The News” p. 476—487; answer the Reading Check questions in the margins at the bottom of each odd page. Answer parts a) and b) of “the BIG question” on p. 486: Is knowledge the same as understanding?
  3. Peer review of “I Remember You” poem


Wednesday, February 1

  1. Read articles (choose Princess Diana, Madonna, or Tom Brady); analyze diction, tone, and claim, focusing on rhetorical strategies; compare/contrast persona in both articles.
  2. Revise “I Remember You” poem and work on nonfiction scholar’s journal.


Thursday, February 2

  1. Read “The Sniper”; analyze diction, mood, and character development.
  2. Compose a response to the EOC narrative prompt for “The Sniper.”


Friday, February 3

  1. Create presentation shells for “I Remember You” poems; add images and sound.
  2. Work on scholar’s journal and portfolio.

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