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Honors 9th Literature March 13-17

Honors 9th Lit                                   


Planning Your Week: March 13-17

S 3/12: Membean 45 minutes practice.

M 3/13: Finish reading Part I of The Night Circus (through p. 1-116 in the soft cover; through p. 90 in the hardcover).

T 3/14: Quiz on The Night Circus Part I in class; The Night Circus Literary Analysis Part I due to by 11:59 p.m.

T 3/21: Quiz on The Night Circus Part II in class


Learning Goal: Draw connections between the characters and themes of The Tempest and those of The Night Circus; develop literary analysis skills.

Focus Standards:  ELACC9-10RL1: Cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text.


Monday, March 13

  1. SRI Assessment—Lab 113
  2. Review The Night Circus Part I, completing the study guide.
  3. Analyze characterization of Chandresh and Tsukiko.

*Homework: Review The Night Circus Part I and the study guide.


Tuesday, March 14

  1. Assess reading/analysis of The Night Circus through p.116 (Part I Quiz).
  2. Compose a literary analysis for Part I.
  3. Read/analyze Part II of The Night Circus.

*Homework: Continue reading The Night Circus.


Wednesday, March 15

  1. Quarter 2 Touchstone Assessment—Lab 113
  2. Read/analyze The Tempest Act II, using the study guide. Consider the characters who open Act II: Gonzalo, Adrian, Antonio, Sebastian, Alonso—add characterization and supporting quotes from the text to your character tracker.
  1. Revise your response to the Theme: Utopia prompt; review Gonzalo’s description of a utopia in Act II Scene 1 Lines 152-172 and compare/contrast with your description of a utopia.

*Homework: Continue reading The Night Circus.


Thursday, March 16

  1. Review sections of Act II of The Tempest, comparing/contrasting the film adaption with the original text; analyze the director’s choices and the effects those choices have on the audience’s interpretation of theme. Preview Act III.
  2. Read/analyze The Tempest Act III, focusing on Miranda and Ferdinand’s exchange of private vows.
  • Review their first encounter (Act I Scene 2 Lines 490-613).
  • Consider how Ferdinand and Miranda’s love has or has not evolved from Act I to Act III
  • Write a claim statement (topic sentences) that makes a claim about the growth (or lack thereof) of their love/relationship.
  • Compose the rest of the paragraph using at least four quotes (two from Act I and two from Act III), which support your claim; incorporate at least three vocabulary words from unit 6.

*Homework: Continue reading The Night Circus Part II.


Friday, March 17

  1. Read The Night Circus Part III.
  2. Analyze parallel plots with TNC Part II.

*Homework: Read The Night Circus through Part II (quiz Tuesday); complete literary analysis Part II prompt.

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