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Honors 9th Literature March 20-24

Honors 9th Lit Honors                                 


Planning Your Week: March 20-24

S 3/19: Membean 45 minutes practice due

T 3/20: Ferdinand & Miranda paragraph due

W 3/21: Finish reading The Night Circus Part II p. 117-239; Literary Analysis Part II due


Learning Goal: Enhance and propel collaborative discussion with relevant questioning, thoughtful responses, and appropriate preparation.

Focus Standards: ELACC9-10SL1: Initiate and participate effectively in a range of collaborative discussions(one-on-one, in groups, and teacher-led) with diverse partners on grades 9–10 topics, texts, and issues, building on others’ ideas and expressing their own clearly and persuasively.


Monday, March 20


  1. Review sections of Act II of The Tempest, comparing/contrasting the film adaption with the original text; analyze the director’s choices and the effects those choices have on the audience’s interpretation of theme. Preview Act III.
  2. Read/analyze The Tempest Act III, focusing on Miranda and Ferdinand’s exchange of private vows.
  • Review their first encounter (Act I Scene 2 Lines 490-613).
  • Consider how Ferdinand and Miranda’s love has or has not evolved from Act I to Act III
  • Write a claim statement (topic sentences) that makes a claim about the growth (or lack thereof) of their love/relationship.
  • Compose the rest of the paragraph using at least four quotes (two from Act I and two from Act III), which support your claim; incorporate at least three vocabulary words from unit 6.

*Homework: Continue reading The Night Circus Part II.


Tuesday, March 21

  1. Read The Night Circus Part II.
  2. Analyze parallel plots with TNC Part II.

*Homework: Read The Night Circus through Part III (quiz next Wednesday).


Wednesday, March 22

  1. Review The Night Circus readings and literary analysis assignment.
  2. View “The Betrayed Duke Prospero,” “Prospero and Miranda,” “Parenting and Gender Roles in The Tempest,” and “Miranda’s Disobedience” (PBS)
  3. Respond to the following:
  4. How do you think having a woman play Prospera impacts the relationship between the main character and Miranda?
  5. In “Miranda’s Disobedience” Professor Marjorie Garber says, “If Miranda didn’t have her moment of disobedience, I would feel much less enthusiastic about her.” Why do you think Garber says that? Do you share Garber’s view? Why or why not?

*Homework: Read Part III of The Night Circus. Review The Tempest and complete theme/character trackers and quotes/questions to prepare for pinwheel discussion Tuesday.


Thursday, March 23

  1. Review elements of characterization Art & Reading ppt; compose a character sketch using STEAL method.
  1. Read/analyze Act IV of The Tempest and review characterization and thematic concepts for pinwheel discussion (next Tuesday)

*Homework: Review The Tempest and complete theme/character trackers to prepare for pinwheel discussion Tuesday. Read Part III of The Night Circus; quiz Wednesday.


Friday, March 24

  1. Read/analyze The Tempest Act V; compare/contrast with film adaptation.
  2. Review elements of characterization and theme in The Tempest; compose questions and quotes for tomorrow’s discussion; synthesize understanding of the play focusing on Shakespeare’s purpose.
  3. Establish groups for The Night Circus project; review the project requirements and choose tents (choose one or two side attractions; identify key quotes that describe your attraction).
  4. Collaborate with circus groups to establish roles and communication: select an attraction and plan the project; find key quotes that describe your attraction; establish roles and communication, reflection on your work style (leader, worker bee, slacker, procrastinator, hard worker with drama/extra-curricular activities, organized, disorganized, pet peeves)
  5. Read/analyze The Night Circus Part III.

*Homework: Review The Tempest and complete theme/character trackers to prepare for pinwheel discussion Tuesday. Read Part III of The Night Circus; quiz Wednesday.

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