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AP Literature March 27-31


S 3/26—Membean45 min. practice due

M 3/27—Museum Presentations begin.

F 3/31—Film analysis montage presentations.


Monday, March 27

  1. 3rd period—Museum presentation #1
  2. 4th period—Finish reading Othello 1; discuss the following questions:
  • Why do Iago, Roderigo, & Brabantio hate the man they are discussing?
  • What reasons does Iago give for continuing to follow his master?
  • What kind of person do you expect the man they discuss to be? How do you imagine him? Count the number of times the word Moor is used in 1.1. Can you draw any conclusions?
  1. Prepare & rehearse scenes for 1.2; perform if time permits.
  2. Closer—Discuss performances:
  3. We saw Othello for the first time in this scene—is he what you thought he would be? Is he respected by his associates? How do you know?
  4. What contrasts are there between the way Iago, Roderigo, and Brabantio have described Othello and the way he looks and behaves when he actually appears?
  5. Do you notice basic differences in attitude between Cassio and Iago in their short conversation (1.2.60-65) following Othello’s exit?
  6. Why is Brabantio convinced that Othello must have used witchcraft on his daughter? Why does he have difficulty believing his daughter could run to Othello’s “sooty bosom’?



Learning Goal(s): Create an engaging, interactive presentation to present your findings to the class and apply a range of themes found in Othello.



Tuesday, March 28—Thursday, March 30

  1. Present museum research projects.
  2. 3rd period Thursday—see Monday’s plan.



Learning Goal(s): Create an engaging, interactive presentation to present your findings to the class.


Friday, March 31

  1. Warm-up: Fun !
  2. View film montage projects, analyzing style among a variety of directors.
  3. View the prologue from the BBC and Fishburne versions of the movie; compare & contrast the directors’ choices.
  4. Assign dramaturgy research projects (Lesson 3 “I Am Not What I Am”)
  5. Read Act I Scene 3:
  6. Divide into two groups; facing each other, read antiphonally Othello’s speech beginning “Her father loved me . . . “ (1.3.149-96) to end-stops (period, colon, or semicolon)
  7. Read again, with a three-person group miming as the class reads.
  8. “Ring the Changes”—several volunteers should individually read Brabantio’s parting shot (1.3.333-34) focusing on different interpretations.
  9. Close read (handout) 1.3.343-447, analyzing Iago’s persuasive & rhetorical techniques, comparing/contrasting AP Language strategies with AP Literature strategies.

*Homework:  Spring Break!! Enjoy!!


Learning goal(s): Use nonverbal, performance-related aspects of a script to influence the audience’s perception of theme.

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