August 18

Honors 9th Literature Week 4 Aug. 21-25

Honors 9th Lit. Week 4

IR=Independent Reading

SB= SpringBoard text

IAN=Interactive Notebook

Planning Your Week: 

Continue practicing vocabulary on the SpringBoard website through Zinc.

Sun. 8/20 (before the start of class Monday) – submit narrative transcript and narrative interview (all in one document) to Print a hard copy and complete your EA1 Interview Narrative Editing to turn in during class (Monday or Tuesday if you are absent for the eclipse).

Thurs. 8/24 – PTSA Open House



Monday, August 21

Opener: Turn in EA1 Narrative Interview hard copy (electronic copy on; Read informational text on solar eclipses in folklore and literature.

Work Session:

  1. View Moana, analyzing the way her culture explains the sun and natural phenomena (Maui’s character).
  2. Illustrate a sun-shadow character mandala.
  3. Compose a narrative based on the real experience.

Closer: Reflect on the experience of anticipating and viewing the solar eclipse.


Tuesday, August 22

Opener: Turn in EA1 Narrative Interview hard copy (students absent yesterday).

Work Session:

  1. Participate in orientation to the learning commons (Sanford & Charrette) and USA Test Prep (Walter lab 113).
  2. Demonstrate Q1 skills with Touchstone assessment.

Closer: Practice vocabulary skills, acquiring new words via Zinc.


Wednesday, August 23

Opener: Review prompt and rubric from “Marigolds” EOC responses.

Work Session:

  1. Evolve a response to the “Marigolds” prompt.

Closer: IR– Begin considering project menu; fill in log.


Thursday, August 24–PTSA Open House

Opener: IAN: Create grammar basics foldables (parts of speech 8 page book, nouns waterfall, parallelism French door)

Work Session:

  1. Review grammar skills (bootcamp)
  2. View the ppt notes for nouns and parts of speech
  3. Take notes on the grammar review lecture
  4. Complete the EOC grammar pre-assessment and apply background knowledge to examples

Closer: IR: Find an interesting example of one of the grammar topics covered today as it appears in your book. Log it and then enjoy the remainder of your reading.!


Friday, August 25


POL: Watch videos from POL website to introduce the contest and quality performances.

Work Session:

  1. IAN: Review skills from Unit 1, moving vocabulary along the QHT chart and skills down the stoplight.
  2. IAN: Label QHT for new unit vocabulary p.284; complete a stoplight self-check for skills and knowledge in EA1 and EA2
  3. SB: Activity 4.1 Previewing the Unit


IR: Enjoy!

HOMEWORK: Locate two poems from the POL website and print them to bring to class Monday.


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