August 26

Honors 9th Lit Week 5 8/28 – 9/1

Honors 9th Lit. Week 5

IR=Independent Reading

SB= SpringBoard text

IAN=Interactive Notebook

Planning Your Week: 

Continue practicing vocabulary on the SpringBoard website through Zinc.

Complete independent reading, logging your books and planning a project for the end of the six weeks period; choose one from the menu Alternative Book Report.

Begin looking for a poet and poems you would like to study on Poetry Out Loud. You will need to print two poems from this website and bring them to class next Tuesday, September 5.


Monday, August 28

Opener: Poetry Out Loud – Watch videos from POL website to introduce the contest and quality performances.

Work Session:

  1. IAN: Review skills from Unit 1, moving vocabulary along the QHT chart and skills down the stoplight (complete vocabulary definitions in IAN).
  2. SB: Activity 4.1 Previewing the Unit
  3. IAN: Label QHT for new unit vocabulary p.284; complete a stoplight self-check for skills and knowledge in EA1 p.329-30 and EA2 p.355-6.

Closer: Preview independent reading project menu.


Tuesday, August 29

Opener: Label an index card with side A and side B. Select a quote from the chart p.287 and write it on side A of the card; close read and write an interpretation on side B. Participate in a poetry mixer, walking around and discussing your quote and interpretation with another student (10 min total). Debrief as a whole class: What is poetry?

Work Session:

  1. Read “When I Am Asked” or “Constantly Risking Absurdity” (differentiated for reading levels). Analyze speaker and voice (diction, syntax, imagery); identify anaphora and theme.

Closer: IR: Look through poetry anthologies for poets that appeal to you. List some choices in your reading log.


Wednesday, August 30

Opener: IAN: Write a poem using the template p.290.

Work Session:

  1. SB: Read Pablo Neruda’s “Poetry” p.288, marking the text for imagery, unknown words/phrases, and ideas that might be helpful to a new writer of poetry (small groups). Answer the text dependent questions.
  2. IAN: Revise your poem, adding imagery and repetition

Closer: IR – Begin considering project menu; fill in log.


Thursday, August 31

Opener: IAN – Examine e.e. cummings “l(a)” and write a response.

Work Session:

  1. SB: Read the excerpt from “Poemcrazy” marking unknown words and advice or methods you might find helpful when writing a poem.
  2. Review stanza form and rhyme on p.293; discuss the relationship between imagery and feelings in “gas, food, longing” section.
  3. SB: Complete “Working from the Text”: create a “wordpool” in small groups: brainstorm 10 or more sets of homonyms and an alphabet list of synonyms for “to walk or move”

Closer: Compose another poem, using imagery and repetition and experimenting with free verse.


Friday, September 1

Opener: Memory game

Work Session:

  1. View the Brain Games episode: “Patterns”; discuss how recognizing patterns in literature can aid your interpretation.
  2. SB: Mark QHT for literary devices in “Personal Poetry Glossary”; glue the chart into your IAN and complete definitions (small group).
  3. Create a visual representation for the vocabulary words assigned to your group.


IR: Enjoy!

HOMEWORK: Locate two poems from the POL website and print them to bring to class Tuesday.

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