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Honors 9th Lit. Week 6 9/4-9/8

Honors 9th Lit. Week 6

Planning Your Week

T 9/5 – Bring two poems printed from the Poetry Out Loud website. We will work with them through this unit, so choose wisely.

Th 9/7 – IR project due for presentation; choose one from the menu Alternative Book Report.

Continue practicing grammar/EOC/PSAT concepts through No Red Ink website.  Assignment due Thurs., Sept. 21, 11:59 p.m.

Continue practicing vocabulary on the SpringBoard website through Zinc. The next due date is Friday, 10/6. 


Monday, 9/4–Labor Day


Tuesday, 9/5

Opener: IAN–Revisit the poetry glossary and complete QHT for each word; fill in the next set of definitions, textual examples, and original examples.

Work Session:

  1. Check POL poems; mark hard stops and words you don’t know.
  2. Model marking nouns and verbs with “Constantly Risking Absurdity”; mark in POL poems, looking for categories of meaning.
  3. IAN: Create individual wordpool.
  4. Write a free verse poem/focus on imagery and repetition.

Closer: Examine “Dear Reader” letter and sample reflections for poetry anthology. Compose reflections for your template poem (last week, p.290) and your free verse poem (written today).


Wednesday, 9/6

Opener: IAN–Activity 4.4 (SB) Brainstorm childhood memories.

Work Session:

  1. SB: Read the catalog poem “Nikki-Rosa”; answer text dependent questions. Complete “Working from the Text” on an index card; exchange and respond, then discuss.
  2. Examine “Every Ghetto, Every City“ by Lauryn Hill and “I Hear America Singing” by Walt Whitman as examples; write a catalog poem (focusing on imagery, repetition, order of the catalog).

Closer: Reflect on your catalog poem.


Thursday, 9/7

Opener: Present IR projects; IAN: Create a list of books you’d like to read based on student presentations.

Work Session:

  1. SB: Continue 4.4; read “We Real Cool,” answer text dependent questions, then  compare with the painting The Pool Game by Jacob Lawrence using a Venn diagram (modified “George Gray” graphic organizer)
  2. SB: Create manipulatives to rearrange “We Real Cool”
  3. SB: Respond to EOC Prompt: p.306 “We Real Cool”

Closer: Polish reflections for the three poems you have written.


Friday, 9/8

Opener: Present IR projects; IAN: Create a list of books you’d like to read based on student presentations.

Work Session:

  1. Finish EOC prompt and drafting poems
  2. Compose reflections for the poems you have completed so far.

Closer: IR–Enjoy! and/or continue composing poems and reflecting on your writing.

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