September 11

AP Literature Week 7 9/11-9/15

Week 7

Planning Your Week

W 9/13–POL presentations; TPCASST for both poems due in class; explication for the poem you recite is due to before class.

F 9/15–Group meetings for EPCOT projects/research novels. Leaders should provide agendas; reading coaches should provide reading questions.


Monday, 9/11 and Tuesday, 9/12–Schools closed due to weather conditions from Hurrican Irma. 


Wednesday, 9/13

Opener: Turn in TPCASST and poetry explications.

Work Session:

  1. Present POL.
  2. Discuss Othello anticipation guide.
  3. Watch PBS Othello video (Who Is Othello?); answer discussion questions.


Closer: Post theme statements on posters to create webs of texts we have studied.

*Homework: Read EPCOT/research novels and prepare for group meetings Friday.

Learning Goal(s): Present poetry to demonstrate analysis; begin connecting to themes in Othello and comparing to themes from other works.


Thursday, 9/14

Opener: Round robin reading of 1.1 (slightly cut script)

Work Session:

  1. Analyze 1.1 Slightly Cut Script
  2. Audition, cast, and rehearse actors for 1.1, opening scene
  3. Compare/contrast our performance with professional performances

Closer: Reminders for group meetings tomorrow (leaders provide agendas; reading coaches provide discussion questions).


Friday, 9/15

Opener: Review project requirements, focus for reading; build community with groups (leader brings activity).

Work Session:

  1. 3rd EPCOT novel group meeting (45 minutes) discuss questions established by the reading coach cast member, set action items for next week’s meeting
  2. Rehearse and perform group scenes 1.2.
  3. Read 1.3; analyze Iago’s rhetoric in 1.3.

Closer: Read EPCOT/research novels.


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